I was digging through my inactive DA for something to redraw to help get over my temporary art slump and found this. I think this still looks pretty nice despite having been done an extremely long time ago. Not really anything special but still.
Also, I’m thinking about making a dedicated primary blog for my art, since this is just a stupid “secondary blog” that can’t be delinked from my main personal blog, escapefromdawn
I dunno. Keep an eye out, and thanks.

splatoon asks!!
  • i didn't see any of these so send the reblogger a number or multiple numbers and have them answer!!
  • 1:what do you main?
  • 2:do you prefer the boy inkling or girl inkling? why?
  • 3:what do you think of roller users?
  • 4:favourite shop? whjy?
  • 5:favourite npc? why?
  • 6:do you find the squid scrolls interesting?
  • 7:what is your favourite game mode?
  • 8:do you have an opinion on octarians?
  • 9:do you own or want an amiibo?
  • 10:which squid sister - callie or marie? why?
  • 11:what's your favourite stage?
  • 12:out of the current splatfests, which sides did you take?
  • 13:do you have any ideas for splatfest polls/choices?
  • 14:what ink colour do you like best?
  • 15:do you take your losses well?
  • 16:do you care more about level or coin?
  • 17:least favourite weapon?
  • 18:do you play with friends often?
  • 19:do you have a splatsona? if not what do you think of them? do you want one?
  • 20:does your inkling share your name? why or why not?
  • 21:what's your opinion on the miiverse?
  • 22:do you post very much on miiverse?
  • 23:do you take judd's advice very often?
  • 22:do you use spyke's services?
  • 23:do you visit the splatoon wikia?
  • 24:were your cited when you heard about splatoon?
  • 25:what's your preferred special?