02/10/16 This is the stuff that I got today! Went around noon pretty late to the wednesday fleamarket. Sellers were getting ready to leave. So I got some stuff on the cheap! Starwars Shadows of the Empire strategy guide $2.00. An OG xbox console only $10. Then for $5.00 I got Extreme G N64 and Nightmare Before Christmas Xbox. Found more cheapie stuffs. That superman 2 DVD for a dollar, a wiimote cover for 25 cents and a ps1 controller for $1.00. I got a bit excited when I found SSX and Madden for PS3 for a dollar each. But that ended when I hit up the next stall. Looking through some boxes full of music cds and other discs. I grabbed a copy of Enter the Matrix and then I saw a cd binder. Inside of it there was some random discs but there was some wii games in them too. I plucked them out and took them to the seller: Smash brothers Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Elebits and Mario Party 8. Once I gave it to him, he looked calmly at them and the matrix game and politely said $3.00! No complaints here! The last place I got two PS1 games Diehard Trilogy and Dave Mirra $2.00 each. And since this post is getting quite long The second pic is all from a seller that had a bunch of random junk. But I filled  it with things that seemed interesting and for $2.00 it was well worth it. Movies, UMDS, hotwheels cars, cables, blank cds and a special Cypress hill CD with beanie inside it! So even though I went late Wednesday, I still have the luck of the gaming gods with me! Yay!


When you have an epic Super Smash Bros. tournament at work… you HAVE to make an epic video.

I don’t know why there are Opoona LINE stickers ⊟

But I can accept this development. Artepiazza, developer of the 2008 Wii RPG, released this set of stickers featuring new art on the LINE messaging service. They are very cute.

I’m glad, at least, that Artepiazza has found a way to generate revenue from this old character it had knocking around. Via Japanese Nintendo.