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Amiibos are not region locked, I have a japanese greninja that works a-okay with my american Wii u. And everyone imports their amiibos all the time where america would easily sold out on exclusive amibos

Thanks for that. I’ve just been hearing it through the grape vine. Now that I know they are not locked I can pick some up from the store

In Mario Kart Wii, Wario managed to strike it rich with his gold mine, and naturally one assumes he would go and buy himself a sprawling mega-mansion with all that cash, being the greedy slug that Mario and co. make him out to be.

But no, he proved us all wrong. Dead wrong.

He opened a Water Park.

Wario–a true voice for the people.

Back 2 english cuz i know that fluent
Wii shop channel, what am i doing
Being a queen, cuz I’m yung g
Look @ me, i’m kawaii
And if u don’t agree, it doesn’t bother me
I jus do g, gemmy das me
Nearly 17, makin sick beatz
Struggle in da streets, never in da sheets
Wearin all pink, shoutout lil b
I’m kinda getting sleepy, finna catch Zs
Cutie in a hood, edward kenway
Gemmy puts the ass in assassins creed
But look at me, I’m still a good kid
But i ain’t gettin money, I’m eating ramen
Swiper no swiping and i said aw man
Thank you basedgod, and thats a amen
- YUNG GEMMY ( Wii Shop Channel )

Oh my God!!! Look at this, look at this horrible piece of crap sketch i did.

My first time drawing Bayonetta, You guys!!! Yay………. 

This is a quick sketch i did that i was trying my best to get the details of her Bayonetta 2 outfit. 

Man, she’s hard to draw, She had this gorgeous outfit and her looks that makes me wanting to draw her badly, but i never get my butt off the couch or the bed, probably school work, or maybe i was god damn lazy…. to sketch this since Bayonetta 2 comes out and my idea pops up of drawing her.

I may not be the best artist, but i tried thou. Bruh, i feel like i draw her chin super pointy as a sharp blade… LOL

I’m not sure if I’m proud of my Bayonetta Sketch.

What do you guys think?


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End of day

My hair looks lovely tonight. Why is it obviously too much to ask that Al notice? Wiener.
I chose tea instead of cookies this evening. Actually said no to myself. Intuitive I think?
Is that Support account legit/official?
I forgot I bought Just Dance. Literally forgot til I was rooting around in my magazine/book/notebook/remote control pile. “Wii controller! Oh yeah! I should do that! Despite dancing like a tight ass honky!”
(P.s. that is yet another quote from my dad, though referring to my brother not me for a change)


(vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQlrqrbs1DA)

Tagging Game

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FAVORITE ANIME: Honestly none really

FAVORITE GAMES: Lately it’s been New Super Mario Bros Wii lmao

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Worthless - Bullet For My Valentine <3

OCCUPATION/ JOB YOU WISH TO DO?: That I really don’t know. I’m everywhere where what I want to do is concerns lmao

THEIR BONUS QUESTION : FAVORITE THING YOU DO WHEN YOUR UPSET? Depends on how upset I am. I tend overthink a lot of things though :-/

MY BONUS QUESTION: ARE YOU A CAT OR DOG PERSON?  To be honest neither which is funny considering I have a cat named Lunatic but I call her Luna for short lol

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Smash Wii U - Mejor Pelea de 6 Players #5 (28/01/16)

Ryu (Brii), Roy (Django), Fox (007), Charizard (Prl), Meta Knight (REW), Little Mac (Raja)