Stay Fresh: A Splatoon Fashion Fanzine ⊟ 

This looks amazing! The full-color fanzine we’ll feature 64 pages of content, including illustrations from more than 30 artists! Unfortunately, preorders are sold out for bundles that included bonuses like sticker sets, charms, and dress-up doll postcards, but you can still reserve the $20 zine + bookmark.

Preorders end on September 13 or when the expected stock runs out, so throw your money at this quick if you need more squid fashion in your life.

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Nintendo makes me smile.

See, they have the Instruction Manual for Mario Maker, right? But, they actually did some neat things with it to make it more like a fun side bit than a color-by-numbers instruction booklet.

See Exhibit A…

Having a bad day? Check out the next one..

And of course, have my personal favorite:

I love you, Nintendo. Please don’t ever change.

Sourcing the screenshots from the article I’d read, at Kotaku. Link included!


My Mario Maker: “Bullet Test” ⊟ 

My wife asked the other day what would happen to my Super Mario Maker levels when the servers for the media version (for those reviewing the game) went down. “Oh, they’ll disappear forever.” She looked at me kind of horrified, then suggested I capture video so I can remake them later and share them with you all. It’s a great idea that for some reason had not occurred to me!

I’ll post videos in chronological order over the next week or so leading up to the game’s release. That means that the levels will get more complex as they integrate newly unlocked items, and a little better as I figure out what I’m doing. Seriously, my more recent levels are much more interesting than these early ones.

This one, “bullet test,” is just… me messing around with cannons to see what I can do with them. I had the idea to use a P-switch to turn a coin cannon into a block cannon, but sadly only stationary coins transform!

A few things to look out for: 

  • The ?-block costume from the Mystery Mushroom!
  • The cannons that shoot stars into a pit. I just thought that was funny.
  • Those same cannons also prevent Mario from entering the castle. He automatically turns around dejectedly when this happens. This has become a theme in my Super Mario Maker levels…

Come back tomorrow! They get better/weirder.

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Yarn Stitched Mario Maker Patches!!

It says that they’re going to do all the Mario Maker Sprites, in that case I’m getting all my Smash Mains!

Source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/245834824/nintendo-8-bit-yarn-patch-choose-from-15


Mighty No. 9 (3DS, Wii U)

VS. Excitebike on Wii U VC today ⊟ 

I guess you guys built enough stuff in Mario vs. Donkey Kong or whatever! Nintendo will release the Famicom Disk System-exclusive VS. Excitebike today. Ever wondered what it would be like to play Excitebike with someone else? Or what it would be like to build a track and not have it go down the memory hole? Find out today! Imma excite buy it!


1K Subs! Already close to 2K by the time I uploaded this! In light of this, it’s Q&A time! Ask me a question either via Tumblr or through the YouTube comments and I’ll answer them in a video a week from now!