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Just the Way You Are

Happy Valentine’s Day! There’s no love sweeter than young love.

On a less sappy note, here is how I spend my Valentine’s Days.

Have a wonderful day and make sure you let that special someone know you care.



Get Ripped like Little Mac, Jump Rope | Tough Like The Toonz: EP 7

Shout out to @realanimetraining for rope tips haha Here’s a Little Mac Routine to help ya get in summer shape to “smash” ;). 

Not A full boxing routine since my shoulder is still mending but I can Skip Rope like a Muhfugga so why not and help ya get toned for summer.


Communication Error

So begins our new schedule of one comic every Tuesday Monday night!

Well, now we know why Charizard appears by himself in the most recent installment. But something tells me this isn’t the last we’ll see of this Pokémon trainer (in the comic, at least).

By the way, those are some goofy-looking Charizards. Who knew he would be so fun to draw?