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Part of E3 (a parody of Part of Your World)
Part of E3 (a parody of Part of Your World)

I live really close to where E3 is hosted and each year I see attendees proudly walking around with their badges. So in my pain I wrote this parody. 


look at this stuff, isn’t it neat! Don’t you think my game collection is complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl… the girl that has everything. Look at this game, plots unfold, How many cases can this one cabinet hold? Lookin’ around here you’d think Sure, she’s got everything. I’ve got Wii-motes and nunchucks aplenty. I’ve got addons and DLC galore. Want expansion packs? I’ve got 20. But who cares?No big deal I want mooooorreeeee! I wanna be where the people are,I wanna see, I wanna see them gaming~ waiting around in those… what are they called? Oh right, lllliiiiinnneeess!! Watching trailers will get you so far. Tickets are required for playing, dancing. Strolling around down a, what’s that word again? Hallllll. Up where they talk. Up where they geek. Up where they pitch their games all day in the cooonnnn~ wish I could be part of E33333. What would I pay to spend a day browsing the standssss. Sick of waiting, reading to gaaaaammmeee~ And ready to know what the people know. Ask ‘em my questions and get some answers. What’s the frame rate and how does it runnnnn? When’s it my turn? Wouldn’t I love, love to explore those halls up above? Out of my room. Wish I could be, part of E33333333~  

Hamilton characters playing Super Smash Bros:
  • Hamilton: Is actually insanely good at this game. Will chain hella long combos on your ass. Gets really cocky every time he wins. Ends up winning too much, so he's put in the corner with a 3DS and is hesitantly playing Smash Run over and over. He mains Diddy Kong and Little Mac.
  • Laurens: Plays for fun. Wanted to see what Hamilton was playing so much, and chose Mario the first time he tried it. Not the best but Hamilton gives him pointers. He mains Fox or Toon Link.
  • Lafayette: Picked up the controller once and was instantly a pro. No one knows how or why. He wants to play with items on cause he really likes using the hammer to piss Hamilton off (who is still pissed off that Final Destination isn't the stage.). Still not as good as Hamilton, but he only plays casually. He mains Marth and Pit.
  • Mulligan: SPAMS PEACH'S SIDE SPECIAL. HACHAA HACHAA MOTHERFUCKERS.He mains Peach. It's always Peach.
  • Washington: Plays as Mario. Doesn't really get what's happening. All he knows is that if you press a button, Mario shoots a fireball. That's how he plays. Fireballs. He mains Mario.
  • Jefferson: Is the asshat to spam Bowser's side special off the stage. He still has plenty of stock left, and other people do too. He just wants to make everyone S U F F E R. He mains King Dedede and Bowser.
  • Maddison: Too violent. He just watches.
  • Burr: Brings his copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl along with his Wii remote and nunchuck and gets kicked out of the house.

_electronic.spellbook/ upgraded to 「 beamgun 」。
(Mixed media, 2015)

# wearable graphic beamgun
# action mapping device
# videograffiti unit