my history with animal crossing 🌱 *warning, long post*

1. i was 6 years old and playing gamecube with my sis on xmas. my dad silently walked into the living room, sat a game on the floor and stood aside. we were stoked to get a new game and immediately started playing. we each got a memory card so we could have our own towns. this game taught me how to read better and this is something i often advocate about video games: the right ones can teach kids so much.

2. at 10 years old i was the first in my family to get a ds. i wrote on my xmas list that year that i wanted wild world. my sis ended up getting a ds for xmas and i begged her to go buy wild world w her gift money. i have countless memories of us playing online together to the point we’d fall asleep.

3. 3 years later, we had a wii and this is also my first memory of e3. animal crossing for wii was announced. i was too excited and once again, begged for it for xmas. my sis has never liked the wii so i got city folk all to myself. my bff in middle school also had it so we played it together non-stop.

4. i was also the first in my family to get a 3ds. tbh my mom wanted to get “the family” one for xmas so we could play ocarina but i picked out the pink & white one and it just became mine. it was the summer after i graduated high school that new leaf came out and i downloaded it at midnight. i cannot express enough how much this game helped me get through. college was very rough for me but i always had animal crossing to look forward to. i’ve logged 752 hours on this game. i play(ed) w my sis all the time, too.

5. after how incredible new leaf changed in terms of home design, you can bet i was stoked for happy home designer to come out. i also downloaded this at midnight and played it non-stop in college. it got me into amiibos which got me into collecting memorabilia.

6. i haven’t played much of amiibo festival and i think we all know why. it fell short but i loved the mini games and was super happy when welcome amiibo added desert island escape.

7. lastly, not pictured is pocket camp. of course, i was also super excited for this to come out and have played every single day since. 🖤

extra note:

i have the japanese versions of new leaf and happy home designer because i studied abroad in japan in 2016. as usual, i wanted to do my school projects on video games, mostly nintendo, and how they act as great teachers: improve hand-eye coordination, increase focus while reducing distraction, (conversational) reading, music score appreciation, learn culture, and more. i bought a 3ds there and my friend and i got the animal crossing games. we would stay up late at night playing and translating as we went. we learned a lot of random japanese words and grammar that way. it’s amazing that video games can be a fun way to learn! we bought plenty more games but animal crossing was the best because it has sooo much personal/friendship conversations as well as the vocab: furniture, day-to-day life, creatures, names, environment. i actually did an entire speech in japanese at a competition the fall after i got back from the study abroad about all this, specifically using animal crossing!


Nintendo Consoles Through the Generations 

Had the idea of “what if I did models of the Nintendo consoles as if they were rendered on themselves?” and I did just that!

I plan on uploading timelapses of the process for each one. I have other timelapses on my youtube channel right now! Check it out, if you’d like!  

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