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Giveaway time!

I have it in mind since a long time (I reached the 500 long time ago, but was overwelhmed IRL aaand well…). But I still wanted to do one, so what’s best than using my birthday as an excuse?

Birthday’s gift are supposed to make the person happy, so giving you something makes me happy (it’s my gift to me in a weird way? Ahaha!)
It’s also a way to thank you guys for your support and everything.

You can either win one of these :

  • A character sheet of your Eldarya OC (Fullbody with expressions and close-up details. Can also come with text descriptions in it)
  • An outfit for your character based on the sprite base
  • An halfbody sketch couple


-The characters must be Eldarya related (since it’s a blog related to this fandom)
-Only one reblog counts (but you can like and reblog as much as you want)
-Being a follower is greatly appreciated, but not mendatory (since some might have multiple blog with one accounts, like me)
-Please, no giveaway blogs
-Winners will be randomly generated
-Keep your ask box open, so tha tI can contact you if you win ^^
-If a winner doesn’t reply in 3 days, I’ll randomly pick a new one

The giveaway ends on the 28th February, 23h59 (french time). On my birthday, of course!


From SKayLanphear’s fanfic Serendipitous Fate, Chapter 22:

“As the water was pulled forcibly from her body, the skin around her eye began to pale. It turned a papery white, each centimeter of water that was drawn out only spurring the pallor to spread outward across the rest of her face. Until all the color was gone, leaving behind darkened, shriveled veins sprouting visibly beneath translucent flesh.”

I’m usually not that interested in drawing fanart of fanfics, but Skaylanphears writing is just SO fantastic, and this last chapter contained so many inspiring moments that I just had to draw something! Ended up drawing this scene with Volpina, which was both terrifying and awesome. I feel so bad for the poor girl behind the mask…

If you’re not already reading this fanfic, then I strongly recommend it!!!

Leoprintlevel over 9000 

So Yuri on Ice is over, and 2016 is about to end, too. This year has by far been the worst for me, especially healthwise and that may sound a bit cheesy but yoi kinda helped me to keep going lmao? Motivated me to draw after YEARS? I’m still not a 100% back to my old self but I hope 2017 will be better. Also artwise I hope, since I still have zero confidence in my art (ok sorry this is getting too personal BYE). Anyways I love the yoi fandom it has been by far the best and I’m looking forward to season two! And I wish you all a happy new year!

Btw, I’m kinda having an artblock rn, so feel free to drop me an ask with suggestions of what I could draw next (yoi of course!!)?? Thank  ♡

Sex with the Avengers

Request: In your opinion, what is the favorite sexual position of each guy (Steve, Bucky, Pietro, Clint, Bruce, Tony) with a female partner? And for Natasha and Wanda (ONLY if you’re comfortable with)? I’M IN LOVE WIH YOUR BLOG! -Anon

A/N: Oops, I planned to write this quickly -like just tell you the positions, but now here I am, four hours later and all of the descriptions aren’t even containing one exact position. Sorry, I hope you like these anyway haha x AND THANK YOU DOLL ♥

Ps. Gosh, I’m such a trash for Steve.

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Keyword: His speed. Oh god, that speed. He would take time to have sex with you, but he would use his speed while teasing you –first, he’s kissing you against the wall and before you even realize, you are laying naked underneath him, his mouth devouring your dripping wet core, causing you to scream his name from the sudden contact.

Pietro would love to be on top; pressing you against the mattress, kissing your lips or sucking your neck demandingly. This position gives him everything he wants; chance to see your expressions, eventuality to touch you and the oh so good possibility to use his speed on you, fucking you hard while you tangle your fingers to his hair or dig your nails to his back, leaving marks he loves to see at the morning after your heated night together.

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Geoff: “Total. Control.”

COLLAAABBBBBBB//!!!! me and @atizay-se-lavi

she did the awesome lines 

and i colored it and wrote the extra dialouge bits!!

and it was SO fun doing this and i love it and @atizay-se-lavi is totally awesome and you should follow her and like collab wih her and all that good jazz


  • People : do you have any example of young man with great Emotional Quotient and beautiful personality?
  • Me : Yuzuru Hanyu. He is polite and respects everyone in his sports field. Eventhough some people insulted him (e.g Alexei Mishin, Nikolai Morozov, etc) , Yuzuru still greets them politely and shakes hands with them. How splendid is that!

“Dek, tau Tesla ngga?”



“wkwkwkwkwkwk. tau tau Mas.” Padahal aku taunya Tesla nama penemu, ternyata maksudnya Mas nama perusahaan.

“Perusahaan teknologi di Amerika itu lho. Kamu suka baca berita teknologi nggak sih?”

“Engga, kalau berita artis aku suka.” jangan ditiru, aku sudah belajar mengurangi hahahaha.

“Hadehhh. Jadi Tesla itu sekarang lagi neliti gimana caranya bikin roket yang ketika dia sudah meluncur bisa mendarat tapi mendaratnya jalan mundur.”

“Wih! Bisa ya!”

“Keren kan? Dia juga bikin mobil yang bisa self-driving. Kamu tinggal tidur dia sudah sampe rumah.”


“Mereka mikir sudah sampai kesitu ya dek. Negara kita belom.”

“Negara kita masih bingung buat fitnah-fitnah dan berita hoax mas.”

Dari percakapan barusan, aku jadi mikir, soal pemanfaatan waktu dan semangat kita untuk menuntut ilmu. Kerasa jauh banget dari kata maksimal. Udah dibuat apa aja waktu kita? Udah beramal apa aja?

Ah, pemuda-pemudi di negara lain sudah pada keren-keren dengan karyanya. Tapi masa iya kita nyalahin negara, semuanya kan berangkat dari masing-masing individu.

Waktu beda sama roket, meski sama melesatnya. Waktu nggak bisa jalan mundur, nggak bisa kembali. Yang ada harus lebih bijak memanfaatkan.

Disaat kita nggak bisa move on, mendramatisir perasaan, atau membiru gegara sakit hati, pemuda di belahan dunia lain sedang memburu ilmu pengetahuan dan tekonologi.

Disaat kita empat tahun lamanya nungguin seseorang, yang lain ternyata menggunakan waktu empat tahun yang sama buat bikin start up.

Disaat kita sedang sibuk berperang melawan kemalasan, para pemuda lain bahkan sudah andil berperang dalam medan tempur sebenarnya. Menempa fisik dan mental mereka.

Disaat kita sibuk menggunjing satu sama lain, pemuda-pemudi produktif sibuk mengguncang langit dengan doa dan ide-ide mereka.

Tidak bergeser kaki kedua kaki seorang hamba pada hari kiamat, hingga ditanya tentang empat perkara, tentang umurnya untuk apa dihabiskan, ilmunya bagaimana dia amalkan, hartanya dari mana ia dapatkan dan untuk apa ia belanjakan dan tentang tubuhnya bagaimana dia memanfaatkanya.” (HR. at-Tirmidzi)

Semoga kita selalu diberi kekuatan untuk memanfaatkan waktu dan mencari ilmu dengan baik.


So after many failed attempts and a lot of swearing I finally found a way to make a template that works! Feel free to use it you should be able to adjust it fairly easily. The dots are all 1 inch apart.
• I made the paper myself by laying it over my handy cutting board which has a grid on it each line is exactly an inch apart. My first couple of tries I was drawing the full line onto my paper but that was very confusing and hard to sort out so I just marked the 1 inch intervals wih dots which worked a lot better. You can also do this using a ruler it just might not be as precise but that’s ok.
•I highly recommend you make a paper mock up tape it together and try that on to make sure it’s going to fit you before you cut into your materials.
• I used EVA foam to make my armour. I was able to get a huge roll of the stuff at canadian tire in their carpet and rug section. When cutting EVA foam if you mess up a line don’t try recutting it just sand it down with a bit of sandpaper otherwise it ends up looking choppy and really rough around the edges. I used contact cement to glue everything together.
• I had to put elastic on the back edge of the side panels to attach it to the back panel so I could fit it over my shoulders without ripping it. This seems to work pretty well so far.

If you have any questions let me know I’ll be happy to help you out if I can! Good luck

I am perpetually obsessed wih the idea of Cas and Dean being the cool kids in high school.

They walk the halls with that air of confidence and everyone wants to be their best friend and they kinda are ‘cause ’Cas and Dean’ are so nice to Everyone, but also they sit together at lunch with their group of cool kids and as Charlie tells stories and Benny laughs, Dean leans in and whispers something in Cas’ ear. Cas stops mid-bite and kinda stares into nothing as he listens carefully to whatever Dean is saying and as a smile slowly forms on his face he accidentally makes eye contact with someone who was staring at them (probably me ‘cause they’re both so beautiful and I die because that smile gives heart attacks) and then he turns the smile full on Dean to show him his reaction and their faces are so close and they look beautiful, both on their own and as a whole, but everyone is used to this.

So it’s no surprise when they finally start dating and become the hottest couple in school and all eyes are on them, people want to know what Dean is getting Cas for Christmas and what Cas is doing for Valentine’s.

When Cas doesn’t know a class answer and their irrational calculus teacher asks “Didn’t you study, Castiel?” with a disapproving look even though they’re not even close to quiz dates or anything like that, Dean says “Cut him some slack, he was too busy being pretty” Cas blushes bright red and has to cover his mouth to hide his grin. They sit next to each other when they can, leaning against the other with their hands joined or affectionaly rubbing a thigh, and they pass notes when they can’t. When Dean misses a class to go to a match and the next class the teacher ‘who doesn’t believe in sports’ showers Dean with questions he obviously doesn’t have an answer to and then attempts to give him detention for it, Cas gives a speech. It starts with Cas sitting, asking why the teacher is asking specifically Dean, it goes on with Cas getting mad at having no answer and getting up on his feet to provide the answer himself, and it ends with Cas sitting back down having effectively shut the teacher up, mumbling ‘you can give me detention if you want’ and Dean placing a sweet kiss on Cas’ cheek.

The school band helps Dean with his aniversary gift, Cas and Anna convince the cheerleader team to dedicate a special cheer for Dean in a very important game, Cas stars in the school play and Dean throws roses at the stage, they shut down anyone who dares discriminate any kid for any reason, they run an equality club, they are *so involved* in the planning of prom even though they’re not on the comittee.

They buy their outfits for prom night together, saying hi to every kid from school they run into at the mall. They take pictures that night and on the day of their graduation they cheer the loudest for each other. That day several of their teachers approach them to tell them they have something beautiful and even though they used to interrupt class with it they should fight to keep it, they smile and hold hands the whole time and just ugh, Cas and Dean being cool kids that are so cute and in love.