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Friends (The Heirs! Youngdo) Pt5

Type: Angst Fluff

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Request: Part 5 for Friends on which Rachel has been annoying af about Youngdo’s relationship with Y/N, so Y/N confronts her and says that she loves him when Rachel acusses her for being wih him for the money and Youngdo hears it but doesn’t tell her until he takes her home

~changing it slightly. Hope you don’t mind~

“Stop buying me stuff” you told him as you looked at the over priced bracelet he put infront of you. He raised a brow before he took it “this is a gift for your mother’s birthday” he says “assuming I’m gonna spoil you…” he continues “is correct” he finishes sitting next to you. He put a box onto your lap with a smile “jewelry is pointless with you but I know these are not” he coos as he laughs “go on open it” he says as you roll your eyes and pull the paper off of the box and your eyes went wide. “MCM special additions” he says holding up the overpriced Beats box up. “Why?” you asked him “your brothers broke your old pair” he says “and I hate the cheap ones you use” he told. You smacked his chest as he just smiles “I should be allowed to spoil you. You’re my girlfriend” he whispered as he brings you in for a loving kiss. You kissed him back deeply, he pulled back shocked “a pair of Beats gets me tongue what will one of those laptops you’re always looking at get me?” he teases “a busted lip” you respond as he chuckles.

“Lets get this box open” he says as he grabs scissors cutting the tape on the box off and opening it. He picked up your phone and unlocked it, he knew your password and you knew his. He plugged it in. He smiled as he slid them onto your head playing some random song from your playlist. “You’re cute” he says as you really couldn’t hear him you made a face not understanding. He took a deep breath “I love you” he says thinking you couldn’t hear him but you had actually paused the music at the right time to hear him. You froze momentarily before sliding them off. “You love me?” you asked him as his eyes went wide. 

His cheeks turned red as he cleared his throat. You smiled “I love you too” you tell him. You felt his arms wrap around you tugging you lightly into his lap. “Say it again” he said “I love you” you tell him as he laughs. He nibbled on his lip as you two stared at one another. “Good” he tells as he pulls you down for a kiss.


“You’re buying a place for the two of you?” Rachel asks Youngdo who was looking at apartments “it’s none of your business” he says as he closes the browser on his phone. “Why would you want to move in with her?” she asked him “because we’re happy together” he informs. “You’ve been dating what a year? Why are you rushing to move in?” she asked him “it’s none of your business” he repeats “you’re going to ask her to marry you” she realizes as he tenses up. “So what? It’s not going to affect you any” he says as she rolls her eyes “she’s not worth it” “she’s not worth it?” he repeats as he scoff. “You’re not worth my time” he tells her “stay out of my relationship” he told her before he took off. 


You were reading some English novel as it was ripped from your hands leaving rather deep paper cuts.  You hissed lightly as you looked up to see Rachel “what do you want?” you ask her taking the book from her. “Did Youngdo buy you those?” she asked pointing to the headphones around you neck. “Yeah” you say unsure “that?” she then asked pointing to the expensive necklace “yeah” you say again more quiet.  “How much do you plan on taking before you leave him?” she asked “what?” you asked in shock. “You obviously want more from him than affection. So it has to be money-” “is that all you rich fools think? Everyone wants your money. Unlike you, I don’t need mommy’s money to go places in life. I don’t need Youngdo’s money either. I want his love and support. Maybe if you were capable of keeping someone interested in you, you might have the same feelings” you tell her as you get up from your spot. “You can’t talk to me like that” “I think I just did” you tell her as you begin walking away. As you walked away you realized that Youngdo sassy and sarcastic attitude was rubbing off onto you. 

You continued walking before you came face to face with Youngdo’s chest as he caught you “come on. I’m taking you home” he says as he takes your hand into his. “Thank you” you tell him as he nods “why are you all smiley?” you asked him “I can’t smile at my girlfriend” he says but honestly he was happy with your conversation with Rachel. He tapped his pocket in the other pocket as he was going to make his move. 


He pulled up to your house and helped you off the bike as he smiled again. He tugged you close as you tried to walk away “I will love and support you in whatever you do” he spoke as you looked confused. “How are your hands?” he asked as he pulled your hands into the view of the porch light “how did you know?” you asked. “I was coming to get you when Rachel came by” he says as he brings your hands up to his lips and pressed a kiss onto them. He reached into his pocket and grabbed the black box “my mom’s birthday is two days from now” you tell him “I know. This is for you-” “Youngdo-” “shut up” he says as he gets down on one knee “Youngdo” you say in shock as he opened the box revealing a simple yet large stoned ring. 

“You and me, what do you say?” he asks as he looks up at you nervously. You bent down and grabbed his face standing him back up. He didn’t think it was going to end well. Pulling his hands close you pulled the ring from the box and slid it onto your finger. He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and smiled “don’t do that to me” he told you as you laugh. “Taking a page out of your book” you tell him as you brought him in for a kiss “are you sure?” you asked him as he nodded. “I don’t want anyone else lecturing me for the rest of my life” he whispered to you. 

So this is a pretty fun series. Do you think it can keep going? Idk what to write next but that’s up to you guys because they’re all your ideas xD 


Created By Leah Lillith

LeahLillith Scarlett Hair

Created for: The Sims 4

Scarlett Hair
All LODs
smooth bones
works wih hats

To enjoy the hair properly in game:
+set the sims details to very high
+make sure you’ve updated your game to the latest patch
+turn laptop mode off


Why do people think Lena will be evil? Of all the Lena Luthor versions just one is really a villain

Why do people always say that Lena has to be evil if they follow the Comics when she isn’t evil in most of them? And she isn’t evil in other TV appareances either. Let’s see what we have here:

In the comics

First version

Was first introduced in Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane #23. This version of her has psychic abilities thanks to one of Lex’s experiments. She wants to work wih the FBI but they don’t let her because of her past. She joins a band of criminals only to bring them back to justice and after Supergirl discovers this she tries to get her that job with the FBI. She’s good and she loses her abilities later.

Second version

She first appears in Superman: Secret Origin and then in Adventure Comics. This version of Lena is paralyzed after an accident. She’s a single mom, she has a daughter, Lori Luthor.  Lex cures Lena but then uncures her and  won’t reveal how he did it until Superman is dead. She’s not evil in this version either.

Third Version

She’s in The New 52 era of the DC comics. This version of Lena suffered from G.B. syndrome and when Lex tried to cure her faster he left her paralyzed. She works in the labs of Lexcorp and she helps it become a global powerhouse. After a lot of stuff happens she turns against Lex and becomes a supervillian, Ultrawoman. She gains powers in this version too.

Fourth version

She’s from Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade. She’s Linda (Kara)’s best friend. They attend the same boarding school. She’s 13 and she’s super smart. She’s actually really nice and a really good friend, she’s a little antagonistic, not really a villain though. She blames Supergirl for what happened to Lex but after some things happen she changes her mind.


I don’t think Lex’s daugther, Lena Luthor II, counts because that’s not really the same character. In that universe Lex did have a sister named Lena, who was killed by their foster father, and he named his daughter after her. His daughter, Lena, was controlled by Brainiac. 

In TV shows

First Version

She was in Superboy, a TV show from 1988. Lex and Lena were abused by their father all the time when they were kids. Lex kills their parents and some years later Lena fakes her death to escape the Luthor name. When Lex finds out she “died” he tries to destroy the planet but Lena, who was found by Clark and Lana, stops him. She was good.

Second Version

She appeared in Smallville initially as Tess Mercer, who later discovers she’s Lutessa Lena Luthor. She’s the illegitimate daughter of Lionel and was left in an orphanage when she was five. She works a lot with Clark and is part of the Checkmate organization. She seemed antagonistic at first but she was good.

And then, we have our Lena and so far she seems to be nothing but good, and Katie has said so, she’s genuine and honest, what you see is what you get. So I don’t really think they will turn her into a villain

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Giveaway time!

I have it in mind since a long time (I reached the 500 long time ago, but was overwelhmed IRL aaand well…). But I still wanted to do one, so what’s best than using my birthday as an excuse?

Birthday’s gift are supposed to make the person happy, so giving you something makes me happy (it’s my gift to me in a weird way? Ahaha!)
It’s also a way to thank you guys for your support and everything.

You can either win one of these :

  • A character sheet of your Eldarya OC (Fullbody with expressions and close-up details. Can also come with text descriptions in it)
  • An outfit for your character based on the sprite base
  • An halfbody sketch couple


-The characters must be Eldarya related (since it’s a blog related to this fandom)
-Only one reblog counts (but you can like and reblog as much as you want)
-Being a follower is greatly appreciated, but not mendatory (since some might have multiple blog with one accounts, like me)
-Please, no giveaway blogs
-Winners will be randomly generated
-Keep your ask box open, so tha tI can contact you if you win ^^
-If a winner doesn’t reply in 3 days, I’ll randomly pick a new one

The giveaway ends on the 28th February, 23h59 (french time). On my birthday, of course!

Jehan and Montparnasse go on the strangest dates.

And I’m not just talking about the cemetery ones, though they do occur. I’m talking about them going to small local cinemas to see foreign horror movies no one has heard of. They leant against each other in the dark room and laugh at the fake blood and overacting, and talk about their favourite bits on the way home.

They stroll in public parks at night, when it’s empty and dark, as the moon transforms the grass into a silver sea. They sit on the horses of the sleeping carousel and talk, kiss, or just listen to the heart of Paris beating nearby, unseen yet right there, withing reach.

Montparnasse finds abandoned buildings and brings Jehan there. They light candles and relish the eerie atmosphere. They imagine the lives of those who stood where they’re standing. They light a joint, sometimes, and Jehan recites poetry in a slow, melodious voice, while Montparnasse listens, his head on their lap.


Make Me Choose

  • Anon Asked: Kenny Omega or AJ Styles 
Sex with the Avengers

Request: In your opinion, what is the favorite sexual position of each guy (Steve, Bucky, Pietro, Clint, Bruce, Tony) with a female partner? And for Natasha and Wanda (ONLY if you’re comfortable with)? I’M IN LOVE WIH YOUR BLOG! -Anon

A/N: Oops, I planned to write this quickly -like just tell you the positions, but now here I am, four hours later and all of the descriptions aren’t even containing one exact position. Sorry, I hope you like these anyway haha x AND THANK YOU DOLL ♥

Ps. Gosh, I’m such a trash for Steve.

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Keyword: His speed. Oh god, that speed. He would take time to have sex with you, but he would use his speed while teasing you –first, he’s kissing you against the wall and before you even realize, you are laying naked underneath him, his mouth devouring your dripping wet core, causing you to scream his name from the sudden contact.

Pietro would love to be on top; pressing you against the mattress, kissing your lips or sucking your neck demandingly. This position gives him everything he wants; chance to see your expressions, eventuality to touch you and the oh so good possibility to use his speed on you, fucking you hard while you tangle your fingers to his hair or dig your nails to his back, leaving marks he loves to see at the morning after your heated night together.

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  • People : do you have any example of young man with great Emotional Quotient and beautiful personality?
  • Me : Yuzuru Hanyu. He is polite and respects everyone in his sports field. Eventhough some people insulted him (e.g Alexei Mishin, Nikolai Morozov, etc) , Yuzuru still greets them politely and shakes hands with them. How splendid is that!

“Dek, tau Tesla ngga?”



“wkwkwkwkwkwk. tau tau Mas.” Padahal aku taunya Tesla nama penemu, ternyata maksudnya Mas nama perusahaan.

“Perusahaan teknologi di Amerika itu lho. Kamu suka baca berita teknologi nggak sih?”

“Engga, kalau berita artis aku suka.” jangan ditiru, aku sudah belajar mengurangi hahahaha.

“Hadehhh. Jadi Tesla itu sekarang lagi neliti gimana caranya bikin roket yang ketika dia sudah meluncur bisa mendarat tapi mendaratnya jalan mundur.”

“Wih! Bisa ya!”

“Keren kan? Dia juga bikin mobil yang bisa self-driving. Kamu tinggal tidur dia sudah sampe rumah.”


“Mereka mikir sudah sampai kesitu ya dek. Negara kita belom.”

“Negara kita masih bingung buat fitnah-fitnah dan berita hoax mas.”

Dari percakapan barusan, aku jadi mikir, soal pemanfaatan waktu dan semangat kita untuk menuntut ilmu. Kerasa jauh banget dari kata maksimal. Udah dibuat apa aja waktu kita? Udah beramal apa aja?

Ah, pemuda-pemudi di negara lain sudah pada keren-keren dengan karyanya. Tapi masa iya kita nyalahin negara, semuanya kan berangkat dari masing-masing individu.

Waktu beda sama roket, meski sama melesatnya. Waktu nggak bisa jalan mundur, nggak bisa kembali. Yang ada harus lebih bijak memanfaatkan.

Disaat kita nggak bisa move on, mendramatisir perasaan, atau membiru gegara sakit hati, pemuda di belahan dunia lain sedang memburu ilmu pengetahuan dan tekonologi.

Disaat kita empat tahun lamanya nungguin seseorang, yang lain ternyata menggunakan waktu empat tahun yang sama buat bikin start up.

Disaat kita sedang sibuk berperang melawan kemalasan, para pemuda lain bahkan sudah andil berperang dalam medan tempur sebenarnya. Menempa fisik dan mental mereka.

Disaat kita sibuk menggunjing satu sama lain, pemuda-pemudi produktif sibuk mengguncang langit dengan doa dan ide-ide mereka.

Tidak bergeser kaki kedua kaki seorang hamba pada hari kiamat, hingga ditanya tentang empat perkara, tentang umurnya untuk apa dihabiskan, ilmunya bagaimana dia amalkan, hartanya dari mana ia dapatkan dan untuk apa ia belanjakan dan tentang tubuhnya bagaimana dia memanfaatkanya.” (HR. at-Tirmidzi)

Semoga kita selalu diberi kekuatan untuk memanfaatkan waktu dan mencari ilmu dengan baik.