This weekend the WigWamBam Winter Roof-Bar opens @The Queen of Hoxton!!

And so winter can begin,  'Wigwambam' gives a cosy, semi-outdoor option to your winter nights. Opening on Firday 26th of October running all the way till the end of March!!! Open Tues-Sunday from 5pm-10pm

So, lets do it again and ring winter in with mulled wine, hot buttered rum and a huge BBQ-ish cooking fire called a Schwenkgrill  - which hangs dramatically from the centre of the tipi keeping the place warm and visitors fed. There are also really nice touches such as the opportunity to toast your own marsh mellows on the central fire and order a ‘spiked’ hot chocolate complete with a dark spirit of your choosing!!!

Keep alert for there will be some live music evenings too ;-)

Happy winter everyone!! Love love love


It’s a wigwam, on the rooftop of a pub! Our dear friend Kylie at the entrance to #Wigwambam atop @queenofhoxtonldn - ended up here on the recommendation of a friend. Very glad we did, as I chowed down on a lamb burger (from the big open barbecue in the centre of the wigwam) and had a stick of marshmallows to roast. Beer in hand of course.

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sounds interesting?! Believe me IT IS!!!!!! The rooftop of the “queen of Hoxton” bar is turned into a camping site, with wooden decks, decorated with fairy lights, with the incredible view of the City and with the brightest camp fires to make sure you don’t get cold… biggest THANKS to my friend Rania for insisting to go there ;) 

“Possibly the cosiest tipi this side of Nebraska, the familiar setting brings back fond memories of camping with the Scouts/Brownies/Girl Guides (delete as applicable!) and will have everyone reminiscing about this summer’s festivals. Escape from the busy city and relax in a reclining chair by the crackling fire pit complete with (toast-your-own) marshmallows, S’mores (a winter essential, look ‘em up!) and a hot chocolate ‘spiked’ with a dark spirit " http://www.queenofhoxton.com/wigwambam/

you instantly forget where you are, it’s the perfect escape from London’s busy tones! These days may be cold… but nothing can keep you down and depressed! wear warm clothes, have a drink and mingle/socialise with the interesting and smiley people that gather there!

HAve fUn! 

Where there's a wig there's a wam

T’was a night near Christmas when all through the city, the mid-week mood was typical and shitty. But when I got to Old Street where we had planned to meet, I started to feel this night was a big deal. There was a mood in the air, to let down your hair and I thought to myself… Beware?

Anyway, it turned out that the Queen of Hoxton doesn’t have a crown but what she does have is a rooftop setup that is pretty damn cool. The stairs up just sort of turn into a regal sized tipi with the biggest grill I have ever seen, logs to sit on, woodchips all over the floor and the smell of mulled wine and meat throughout. It was all quite a surprise even though it was exactly as the pictures had shown. We made straight for the exit, but not as this would usually imply as the exit of the tipi lead out onto the rooftop and bar. After some open air drinks under outdoor heaters we could hardly wait to eat but to say we had to wait would be a monstrous understatement.

I was the first of the supper club to join the back of the queue and by the time I had been served and finished, the rest of the club were still in the queue. How much meat can a meatcutter cut? Not much if he works for the Queen of Hoxton. Although the meat, stuffing and relish buns were all very good, I really could have had 4 more. Still hungry and about to watch member no.2 finally be served I went to try the stew. Not bad but not great either, the buns were better. However, considering everything to choose from was so reasonably priced, I was still in a seriously good mood. 

The place didn’t seem that trendy but it bloody well was and that’s actually a pretty good combination! By the time we had all finished, we no longer looked like such virgins to the experience and we went back out onto the rooftop where log fires had been lit in huge steel bowls, enough of which allowed for us to be pretty private. We were all totally relaxed, had forgotten how late in the day and early in the week it was and found ourselves laughing a lot and enjoying the view out to Canary Warf. Looking around as we left it seemed like everyone who goes to the Wigwambam (1-5 Curtain Road EC2A 3JX) has a really good time.