What I Go To School For

The watchful eye of their chem professor does nothing to deter Emily daydreaming.  She was lost in thoughts, doodling in the margin of her notebook when she felt something lightly hit her back.  Confused she looks around and there on the floor behind her is a paper plane.  Rolling her eyes she sighs and contemplates ignoring it.  It’s not like it would be the first time one of the morons who sit behind her in class had taken to torturing her by throwing things at her, in fact some days that was the game of the day.  Glancing down again she saw that it wasn’t like the other missiles usually launched her way and so, theatrically knocking a pen on the floor, she bent down and picked up the plane and the note, stuffing them both under her notebook until it was safer to look.   As the Professor continues to describe the properties of noble gasses in mind numbing detail she smoothed out the paper and read the scrawled message. ‘What are you doing after school? Want to get a burger?’  Recognising the handwriting as Gabriels she slowly shook her head and wondered how many girls he threw that note at.  Quickly scribbling a reply she scrunched up the paper and, checking to see there the professors attention lay, stretched and casually tossed the paper ball onto his desk.  

Gabe eagerly smoothed out the paper and almost groaned at her answer. ‘Told you before sugar, you ain’t my type but thanks for the interest.’