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I’ve spent so much of my life alone… But when I’m with you, I feel like I can finally be a part of the world. It’s like…magic.

AAAAH i love nyx so much she’s honestly one of my favorite ladies from fe14 and I never thought I would be able to have the skill or confidence to complete her!! 

Special thanks to @SZUBrooks (idk if they have a tumblr) for the PHENOMENAL wig, @dangerous-ladies for the amazing beads, and @mindfangy for the amazing photos


Versailles + Monsieur Philippe d'Orléans [ep1]

I think one of the most lovely and unexpected things that has happened since dying my hair bright colours is that the people who give me compliments about it in public are almost always the kind of people who, before I did, I would never have expected to approve of it or say that sort of thing. Like the 85 years old lady on the metro I sat next to, the traffic warden who I was walking past on the street, the very strict teacher I was always afraid of at school who I met in the super market; it’s really eye opening and has made me rethink my own prejudices about peoples taste.

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Where did you get your mercy wig from? It looks amazing! ❤

My (new) wig started life as a Morpheus lace front in titanium from Arda Wigs. I want to have a more natural look for my Mercy wig.

I had to wrangle the shit out of it to make it work. (Including adding TONS of longer wefts to get length in the pony tail.) Still need to spike stuff up a little and trim the length, but it’s almost done. 


Queen of the day (02/16/2017) - Ariel Versace!! 

Ariel is soooo fish, she’s the whole damn ocean. Also, I want all of her wigs, they are all so amazing and giant and envious omg. And she is always killing it with her makeup and outfits. She is immaculate at drag, okcurr?!

Follow Ariel Versace on instagram: @arielversace 

Her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTckAlzYvJsc_eMVrzaOoOg

New wig from@belachixdollworld!
I was planning this wig for another doll but OMG what can I say!

Leilah looks so amazing in this wig!!! I swear she looks great in every color!!! I think the darker roots work so well with her and they make her look more realistic. What do you think? Do you like this wig on her?

Also the quality of the wig is amazing!!Very soft, with a beautiful natural shine and very realistic thickness. I definitely recommend her wigs, they are great!!!

List of things;
Beautiful dress is made by@goodbyeyouhellome.
Socks by Plumeblanche.
Necklaces made by me or from a local store.
Shoes by taobao.

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Okay so I've been wanting to cosplay huperdontia kid for a while, but not willing to put forth the money and effort. But it turns out that yesterday my sister's friend LITERALLY JUST GAVE HER A SHORT WHITE WIG? ITS A SIGN???