How to: Real looking wigs ♥ Styling Lace Front Wig for Cosplay

(people keep asking about my real hair so take a look here 8D)

NEW AND IMPROVED Cosplay supply resource masterlist!

This list has come A LONG WAY since the last one! Here’s the current list.


I encourage you to try and check that, since I can’t update the reblogged versions. I’m always adding to this list!

Here we goooo


Looking for wigs, contacts, thermoplastics, or any other supplies? Maybe some tutorials? Here’s a good place to start!

**** Know a great place to find wigs and supplies that’s not listed here? Let me know! That’s the best way to keep this growing! ****

I hope you’ll find this useful!



Dolluxe- (also )

Tasty Peach Studios-


Wig is Fashion-

Epic Cosplay-


Cosworx -



Harajuku in Wonderland-

The Five Wits-

Match Wigs-

Purple Plum-

Cosplay Buzz-

Airily- Japanese Cosplay wig site. I hear they’re the softest wigs you’ll ever touch.Classe- Another Japanese wig site

Contacts/ Circle Lenses

Pinky Paradise-

Eye Candy-

Honey Color-

FX Eyes-

Alice & Rabbit-

Vision Direct-


Embellish FX, in Orlando.

This is one of only two places in Florida where you can purchase worbla (which is great if you need it quick!) 2628 Edgewater Drive –  Orlando, FL,  32804; (407) 251-7110

Plastics (NOT thermoplastics), casting, and molding

Includes fiberglass, casting materials-

Foams, casting supplies, adhesives-

Fabric (online) or (also carries patterns) ***Vintage laces, too!*** (also has hat bases!)

Custom printed fabric:

Specialty fabric dye:

Leather and leatherworking tools

Jewelry Findings, patterns, and notions

Jewelry findings:



Vintage sewing patterns:

Cultural clothing patterns (all accurate except for the yukata pattern):

Gems, studs, spikes, etc:

Crystal Rhinestones:   Rhinestones:

Gems, beading:

Gems, beading:

Gloves, Leggings, Tights (They’re based in Miami, so you get them super quick!)

Special FX (besides contacts)


Prosthetics n such:

Silicone: (great for dragon scales, fake blood, etc. Check their application section!)


Ears, fangs, horns, etc:

Websites for traditional and (most importantly) accurate kimono + accessories: Good quality, shipping, choice, customer service + traditional fabrics Nice range of modern designs for kimono, obi and accessories Ability to choose by price + SALES Sells in bulk occasionally Sells accurate geisha/maiko kanzashi, uchiwa (summer fans), washi paper namecards, kinchaku (traditional bamboo bags), souvenirs, dance fans, maiko + geisha accessories (though they’re not completely accurate - obidome, obiage, etc), combs for katsura + nihongami and tenugui (dance cloths)  Good  range of accessories + kimono, but the descriptions are lacking at   don’t detail stains or blemishes for kimono, and the shipping can be   stupid ***Special thanks to @spaghetti-machete for  this whole traditional Japanese accessory section!***

Fur (very  expensive fur, but they   will give you free samples to look at. You   also have to call in to ask   for swatches or order)

For animal  blanks & resin blanks (for animal-based cosplays)

Hat Bases

LED kits, “breadboads”, EL wire, etc:

Props (3D printer required):


A lot of people don’t know this, but Etsy actually sells everything else you may need!  Wigs, fabric, jewelry findings, you name it! Check out   their craft  supply section!Ebay and Amazon, of course! Don’t count them out!

Helpful links: - Fabric type glossary , for figuring out what type of glues to use. , character specific pattern design drafts

Tutorial compilations and tips (Evil Ted Smith. Lots of foam and patterning tutorials!)

Incredible cosplayers and prop builders who regularly post tips and how to’s that you should be following:

Kamui Cosplay-

God Save the Queen Fashions- (who seriously needs to release a book)

Volpin Props-

Punished Props-

Special notes:

* While there are places on this list that I  have shopped, I picked up a lot of these from other people. I have NOT  shopped at every one of these.

* I originally made this for a local cosplay group (Treasure Coast Cosplayers: ), which is why some notes are Florida specific.

* Special tips via @renfamous

Be  careful with some of these places when it comes to online  payments.   Make sure you’re buying from places that use reputable payment  vendors like PayPal or Google wallet, or at the very least don’t enter  your   card number into anything unless the transaction page url starts  with   an https.

Also everyone please please please do not use your debit card for your first ever purchase from some Romanian cosplay shop that opened three weeks ago.   Use your debit card to buy a Visa gift card at a drug store or ask   your  parents if you can use their credit card and give them cash on the   spot.

Credit cards give you many more options if the vendor   doesn’t deliver or ships you some busted ass dead possum wig from   Taipei. Not saying the above listed places are necessarily bad, but   these are still good tips for making safe foreign purchases online.

Special thanks to everyone who helped put this list together!


These photos are from about 3 weeks ago.

I kept thinking things like “I’ll wait ‘till the New Year to post them” or “I’ll make a video with these photos instead,” but all these thoughts were just deterring me from posting them.  

I like to post photos of myself without a wig on my blog at least once a year or so.  It’s important to me to make myself visible to others with alopecia that might feel alone, and also important in helping me remember I don’t have to hide it or treat it like a secret.  (It’s a little scarier with my rebooted blog because this is a more public blog, and I know that more people I actually know may see it, not just online strangers!)

I don’t ever go out without a wig on, and there are only a handful of people that I feel comfortable to take my wig off in front of.  But my goal is to get past that.  I miss the carefree feeling of being able to take off my wig to go swimming without thinking about how others might be viewing me.  I’m not proud that I’m so afraid to take off my wig to go swimming, even with only my closest friends around.  

Having alopecia doesn’t define me.  I used to be afraid that opening up about alopecia would cause people to see me as “the girl with alopecia” or “that girl that wears wigs,” but now I know that I am so much more than my appearance.  I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in speaking about alopecia, but now it’s time to take the final leap forward– starting to build my confidence without the protection of a wig.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wigs, changing up my wigs, playing with different hairstyles, and I’m so proud that I can finally change wigs regularly without putting myself on the brink of an anxiety attack when people ask me questions about it.  Sure, some of that anxiety still comes back now and then, but it’s not debilitating anymore, and it gets easier each time I face it.  But sometimes I fear that I use the wig as a crutch.  I’m stronger than that.  It’ll take time, but I’m constantly working towards improving my confidence, bit by bit.  How do I expect to encourage others to be alopecia-body-positive if I’m not even 100% there myself?  If I want to have any chance of inspiring others with alopecia to love themselves, I gotta start with myself.

(..I keep getting nervous to post this, thinking, “what if no one even likes it” but then I’m like yo who cares this is something I gotta do for me, the point is not to care how others react, isn’t it? ^-^)

So about my hair...

I get a lot of compliments and questions about my hair, i.e. “what products do you use…” “how long did it take to grow out…” “are you completely natural…” “your hair is slayeddddd…” etc. So I thought I’d finally let you guys in on a little secret…

This hair right here…

Its a weave. 

Thats right.

This is weave.

I decided to make this post because there are a lot of beautiful natural girls on this website who have inboxed me asking about how I care for and grow out my hair, and to be honest, I don’t like being deceiving. Especially to people who are so giving in their compliments and generally interested in natural hair. I also wanted to help make fellow natural hair girls aware of this company in particular because they are able to customize textures in order to match your own hair. This can come in handy for women (or men) who have just big chopped but are looking to have a protective style that can still match their desired aesthetic. When I decided to go natural, I really wanted to stick to this particular look of big, curly hair while growing out my own. So I did some research on hair, had some other trial and error with different hair companies, and ultimately came across Boho Exotic Studio hair company which I absolutely love and adore. 

This hair is 1 ½ bundles of the Jamaican Envy Curl texture in 14 and 16 inches. I purchased it in August of 2014, and here it is over a year later still working its magic and slaying life. It is definitely one of the best investments I’ve made in terms of hair because of the longevity of the hair and the versatility in textures that are offered by this company. I’ve had about 4 different installs with this same hair for 2-3 months time period each install and have yet to have any complaints about it. On top of that, they have a referral program that allows you to make a commission off of family or friends that may purchase from them.

If you are interested in seeing more about where I get this hair from, you can check out their website by clicking here and signing up for an account so you can receive newsletters with discounts and upcoming sales. By signing up through that link you’ll also be helping me out with the referral program, because I am trying to order some more bundles like… tomorrow lol. Feel free to hit up my ask box if you have any questions or want to know more about the hair, or my natural hair journey and I am more than happy to answer.


We’ve gotten a ton of questions about how I made Cjgren‘s giant Rose Quartz wig, so in this post I’ll be going over all of my steps in detail!  There’s a lot of things I like about this wig but also a few steps that I’d do differently if I had to make it again.  I’ll try to touch on all of those to help out any future Rose cosplayers who want to make their own behemoth wigs!

Materials needed:

  • Four 40" long pink wigs
  • Styrofoam block
  • Pink felt
  • 14 or 16 gauge wire
  • Drill curl material such as heavy fusible interfacing or packing tape
  • Curlers and/or curling iron
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Tacky glue and/or tacky spray
  • Got2B and/or hairspray
  • Needle and thread
  • Toupee clips and hairpins

Click the below cut to get started!

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I made a little tutorial on how I pin my wigs on! This is what I use for underwater pictures and for any really heavy wigs. It’s also the method I used at Disney World to keep kids from pulling my wigs off my head.


The Department of Phenomenal Papercraft wants to dress up in these awesome Baroque paper wigs and elaborate Mongolian wedding costumes created by Russian paper artist Asya Kozina.

“Historical wigs always fascinated me, especially the baroque era,” Kozina says. “This is art for art’s sake aesthetics for aesthetics — no practical sense, but they are beautiful. In this case, paper helps to highlight the main form and not to be obsessed with unnecessary details.”

Visit Asya Kozina’s Behance portfolio to check out more photos of these two projects as well as her other equally marvelous paper creations. Follow her on Facebook to keep up with her latest work.

[via designboom and Bored Panda]