Hi hi~! Okay so, a lot of you guys ask me on a daily basis “where do you buy your wigs from?” I’ll tell you! I buy my wigs from Lockshopwigs.com. Lockshop wigs has been one of my absolute favorite places to buy wigs and I would highly recommend them. You can read my review of one of their wigs HERE.

Here’s a link to get a $5.00 off your purchase. :)

P.S I believe the coupon is applied automatically at checkout. Let me know if you have any issues!


So most of you will know that Lockshop wigs is currently my all time favorite wig shop! I absolutely love their wig and I would highly recommend them over any other wig company!  And I recently acquired a link which will grant you a €5,00 voucher for your purchase if you sign up right here! I wish I had a code like this when I ordered for the first time so I may as well share this opportunity with you guys so you can save a little bit of cash! >w< Their wigs have got to be my all time favorite! I wear mine all the time, so I most definitely recommend them!!!!




Tumblr: vimbia.tumblr.com  &  Instagram: Error20091994 

My name is Tanya and I was born kinda raised in Zimbabwe. Long story short
I am 20 years young and I live in London . I am currently a student at London
College of Fashion University doing Menswear. Everyone always asks me why menswear lol but I just feel like a lot has still to be done with men’s fashion than with women’s.

ANYHOOO, Other than doing work and sleepless nights - I organise and style photo-shoots. I am what they call a feminist , I support the LGBT Community , I read and am very involved in politics. Enough of the boring stuff though, let’s talk about H.A.I.R because that is what I LOVE LOVE LOVE ! A lot of people always ask me what hair I have on and how I style it etc.. Sit down and grab a penbecause I am about to spill some juicy stuff. Haha , I don’t wear weave (nothing against weave but I like to get in from a long stay and throw my hair on the bed and chill) ..yes. You have guessed it , I wear wigs.
I like to change my look A LOT and it is very important to me that I do this because I sadly do this thing where I dress to my wig (DON’T ASK).Oh I also don’t glue or tape just grip the wigs on , I also don't wear human hair - Simply because I just can not be paying some crazy prices for hair and I like the
idea of not wearing another persons hair on my heads…its a little strange to me.  

…But seriously guys I am one for promoting synthetic hair because the things I have learnt to do with it for an amazing price, is just shocking. I am more than happy to answer any questions or help with wigs
and how to achieve certain looks.  Instagram : Error20091994 , DM/MESSAGE ME/COMMENT whatever if it’s fashion/hair/LGBT anything.


dear cosplayers who are operating on a low budget and looking for new, cheap wigs to buy for con season:  banggood is having a 50% off wig sale until the end of may!

that means that all their wigs (which are almost all under $20 already) are half off when you punch in the code d90479 at checkout! they have a wide variety of wigs and i’d recommend checking them out. banggood also provides free shipping to the united states on a lot of their products.

they also have a 30% off sale on human hair extensions going on til the end of the month as well! the checkout code for that is 3C3BFA.

oh crap X’D;;;;; make one comment about wigs and suddenly!!! thanks for all the interest in what I do OTL!!!!!!!

Generally wig styling is the thing I’m fastest at. I usually get the wig out of the way first before working on anything else on my cosplay. ‘Wigs and Shoes FIRST’ is the mantra of me and my sis (glayish). 

Son Goku (2008) took (3) consecutive days (with little to no breaks). But something simple can only take one evening. X’D;; That being said I can only achieve such speed when I’m inspired/have time to work continuously/and I have everything on hand at the ready. 

I’d estimate that between my sister and I we have bought over 200 wigs easily X’D;;; (AND SPENT MANY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS).. it’s a bad addiction. I love wigs. We have about 15 standing wig heads with styled wigs, but that’s not counting the (2) big bins of flat packed wigs, and also all the past wigs we have bought/styled/sold.

Anyway, getting ‘fluffy’ spikes is a favourite look of mine. I do it by adding loads of extra wefts and then back-crimping the roots of the wig fiber with a curling iron. I then use hairspray and the hot curling iron to created flips and fluffy spikes. (I ALWAYS RECOMMEND THE VIDEO I HAVE ON YOUTUBE HERE)

For Ryuko specifically (gawd I need a page just dedicated to Ryuko it seems lol OTL;;) I used craft foam as a 3D structure to build off. (SEE MY MASTERPOST!!! most of this stuff is already there!)

To match your eyebrows (which isn’t always necessary even with black brows — better to go natural than shocking sometimes), it’s really easy to just use regular craft glue stick (non-toxic) and swipe it over your brows. Then just add coloured eyeshadow or concealer. I rarely do it though. 


Wigs! Wigs! Wigs! I am currently accepting wig commissions for wigs due Mid-July to the Fall! Please check out my commission page for more details! 

The past couple of months have been tough for replying to inquiries because of work and personal life but now that I’ve fixed up my schedule I am able to work on more commissions! Please check out the above link if you are interested! Thank you! 

(Kazumi Amano is saintsana and Fourier is tallrezi!)