Welcome to our weekly roundup of cherished news bits, coming at you via the Black Phoenix Gazette. This week’s batch:

☠ We love Rose McGowan for speaking out against sexism at the Cannes Film Festival: “The reality is, most of these men are not great… I figure, if the boys aren’t doing it right, step aside.”

This catalog shows everything the Belcher Stained Glass Company was selling circa 1886.

☠ Beware the splash zone: this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Studios will revolve around The Exorcist

☠ Good news from the front-lines of conservation: Kakapos are now (slightly) less endangered!

☠ As someone who reads conspicuously on public transit, how far are you willing to go to to scandalize your fellow commuters? This far?

☠ Cherokee actress Sheri Foster discusses her part in THAT storyline on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

☠ Fascinating: How Disney’s original The Jungle Book became one of Germany’s all-time top-grossing movies

☠ Hug a tree! Here are thirteen author quotes in observance of Arbor Day

☠ Find us at RuPaul’s DragCon on May 7-8, where we’ll be selling exclusive perfumes and wig sprays! But don’t take our word for it – here’s spokesqueen Ariel Italic’s filthy endorsement. 


Level Up Your Wig Styling!  A lot of folks asked if we planned on recording our Anime Boston wig panel, and the answer is…. yes!  Check out the first clip above, where we go over the basics of softer poofs and teasing.

Our clearance page has been updated with more discontinued styles! Please note that not every color of the wigs listed on the clearance page is on sale, just a select few. All wigs that are on sale will be marked with a “SALE” notification on their wig page when you select the color. Additionally, our Pippin style is being discontinued for good. We’re sad to see it go, but we’ll have three brand new styles coming soon, so keep an eye out!

All clearance items are first come, first serve, so be sure to check them out now: http://bit.ly/1VV0HsU


The second clip from our “Level Up Your Wig Styling” panel at Anime Boston is online!  Part two covers basic tips for creating and attaching understructures and foam.

anonymous asked:

Is eBay trustworthy to buy wigs/parts for creating cosplay from?


Sheila’s Tips for Wig Buying on Ebay!

-Most mass sellers on Ebay all use the same photos because they are all actually selling the same manufactured wig –MOST. Some do it because their lazy.  When looking for sellers, look for one that has pictures of the wig ON A STAND. (A generic model is okay too, but NOT cosplayers) but the biggest key is that they have SEVERAL photos of the wig in different angles. If you scroll down and they have various pictures in the description, thats a good sign!

-Another great tip off is watermarks. If the ebay store has their logo on the photo, and I mean a logo and not like MSpaint type, haha, then its a good sign.

-CHECK THE REVIEWS. I can’t stress that enough. Check the reviews, how many do they have? (You want four digit numbers). How many positive reviews (it should be a majority.)

-Specifically check the bad reviews. Most have a detail of what went wrong and it gives you an idea of what you could be potentially dealing with. So if all their bad reviews are on the quality, or appearance – thats their main problem. If its all about the shipping time– thats the risk you may have to deal with. Make sure you are ready to deal with the issues others have reported if you are set on that seller.

-Return policy!!! Make sure THEY HAVE ONE. Not having one is a BIG NO NO. Most sellers have one, READ IT. Because sometimes they offer exchanges but no refunds. :(  And some won’t take it back if the tags are cut, etc etc.

-What else do they sell? Do they only sell wigs (this is great!) Wigs and cosplay stuff (good sign!)  Wigs and hardware products and house items (hmm… maybe not.)

-There are some well known, verified stores with their own pictures, wig only stores with great prices. My favorites are CharissaKids,  CosplayAnimeWigs, Cosmonde, WigFashion, and JCPunk

-Talk to your seller!! You’d be surprised how quick and nice they can be. Several times I’ve contacted them asking for more pictures in different light or with questions about shipping time (usually they offer me expedited for a higher price, which is handy when your late). I’m always answered. Don’t be afraid to get to know the product before you buy. Especially if you are on a deadline.

I get a LOT of wig questions on stuff, from fixing choppy bangs to styling to changing your wigs color!  I figure its about time to make a tutorial for all that.  This ones going to be focusing on taking your super heat-damaged, gross wig and making it usable again.

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Progress collection for my three-day Effie Trinket wig.  I am continuously forgetting that it’s best to not have a good amount of hair at the hairline before adding in a false, glued hairline just because you’re packing so much more fiber in.  Things to try to remember for next time!

Things you’ll need to make a wig like this: foamcore, got2b, hot glue, tacky glue, lace (optional).

  1. I started off with this 100cm wig from Uniqso.  Because I wanted an updo, I removed the first few rows of wefts to re-attach later, facing backward.
  2. To conserve hair, I removed most of the back wefts, and saved them for later.
  3. I also teased the heack out of the sides and added a foam puck to the back.  This looks really gross at first but don’t worry - everything will eventually be covered.
  4. Teasing the front upward to make a hard curve.  I like to do this so that the style is not solely relying on got2b to stay upright.
  5. Taking the outer hair and covering the nasty teased bits.  Layer 1.
  6. Layer 2 of covering the hair.  Hey look it’s starting to look like a normal wig.
  7. The removed wefts were laid over a styrofoam crescent shape for the top bump.
  8. Crescent attached to the top, and the front curve finished.
  9. (not pictured) A lace hairline was added to the front so that the hairline wasn’t as blunt-looking.  Because I had zero time, I faked this using hot glue and a piece of lace, and it turned out pretty well!