Hi! Looking to sell these wigs.
Shipping is extra (usually $3-4)
No refunds or returns

EVERYTHING IS $5 EXCEPT YOI WIG!!! ask for more pics if u need!

ARDA short wefts in Apple red - $5

Brown wig (unstyled) - $5
Maroon wig (unstyled) -$5 ***Bought for Rin Matsuoka***
Honey blonde wig (unstyled) - $5
Dark blue/black wig (unstyled) -$5
Auburn wig (unstyled) -$5
Dark blue wig (unstyled) - $5

FIVE WITS Yuri on Ice!!! Yurio wig - $15

Wig Tutorial: Creating a Double-Thick Wig

Wefting and De-wefting Techniques

Double-thick wigs are useful for all sorts of situations - they’re especially great for spiking because extra fiber creates an extra-thick spike, but they are also useful for characters who simply have a ton of wild hair, such as Jasper or Jiraiya. Even wig brands renown for their thick hair can’t hold a candle to a double-thick wig, especially when you double up on a wig style that was thick to start with.

Supply List

  • Two wigs
  • A wighead and stand
  • Pins
  • A seam-ripper or small pair of scissors
  • Duckbill or alligator clips
  • Tacky glue or a needle & thread

Keep reading below to learn how to make your own super thick wig!

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French Swimwear, Summer 1965. 🌼
Original Caption) Wigs from famous Parisian hairdresser Madeleine Plaz’s created to wear with original swimsuits, were presented this morning on a Seine River bank here. (Eiffel Tower in background). These wigs, made out of true hair, are on sale for over $350. May 3, 1965

How to Put on a Wig and Not Want to Die


I am here today to show you how to put on a wig and, well, not want to stab yourself in the eye afterwards. The thing with wigs, is they’re essentially like everything else in cosplay: in order to finish with a good result, you need to start with a good beginning. So, here we go.

First things first, you need your supplies:

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C: A group of black boys tried pulling my wig off and making fun of me just because I said I wasn’t attracted to any of them. Luckily the wig didn’t come off. The Lord Jesus had my back. When they asked if it was a wig, I straight up told them “Yes, it’s a wig. And?” They had nothing to say after that. I hate black boys sometimes, because they should know that’s just something you shouldn’t do to a black girl. Wearing wigs do not make me ghetto. My natural hair is flourishing underneath.