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I have my hair almost identical to Sheila's (shaved one side, bleached blonde). I want to cosplay genderbend Vaas Montenegro... Is it possible to make my hair dark for the cosplay, but keeping my shaved side? Don't want to dye it and lose all that bleaching work, but don't know if it's possible to have a wig with one side missing?? Thanks!

The difficulty isn’t in the wig. You can easily adjust any wig to to a lace front (and maybe extend it to the pieces of your undercut)

But most likely you will have to wear a bald cap anyway, because the hard part is hiding your blonde hair. (Unless its short short, than you can just stuff it in your wig. 

#LadyHades wig test! 💀💙 This looks super creepy right now because of the no makeup/demon eyes combination but I’m super happy with how the wig turned out! 🎊🎉 Never thought I’d be able to do these gravity defying spikes with just hairspray and teasing! #WonderCon #wigs #ArdaWigs #suzi #genderbend #disney Also FUN FACT: I a basically inept at putting in and taking out contacts and usually make someone else do it for me. (Usually @chrisvillain or @bdprods. Lol) 😘 Proudfully and painfully got these in and out myself! 😭😂😁 #yayme


Last year we shared a tentacularly awesome Octopus Hairpiece created by Australian artist Kirstie Williams (deviantARTist Deeed). Williams received such an enthusiastic response to her creation that she began taking custom orders and has since opened an Etsy shop called CuriousCephalopods where she sells custom Octopus Fascinators with luxurious ringlet tentacles that use a wig clip to securely attach to either a wig or your own hair.

CuriousCephalopods has just a couple color options in stock at the moment, but don’t fret. Williams reports that she’s got all sorts of materials on order and will soon be making more Octopus Facinators in a variety of colors. She’ll be taking specific color commissions as well.

For now you can check out previous versions Williams has made over at her DeviantArt gallery.

[via io9]

Wig ventilating with latch hooks

For cosplayers who are new to lace fronts, wig ventilating is a process in which individual strands of hair are hand-tied to lace that is located at the front of a wig (ie, a “lace front” wig), or for a very high quality wig, over the entire head.  This process is long and tedious, but there is simply nothing out there that looks more natural, particularly for wigs that are pulled back from the forehead.  Cosplay vendors such as Arda-Wigs and WigIsFashion now sell premade lace front wigs, but ventilating your own is still a useful technique if you need a special hairline shape or are starting with a traditional wig.

There are already several great ventilating tutorials out there, but most use your standard tool: a ventilating hook.  Hhhhammy used one of these to ventilate her Eridan wig, but when I went to ventilate my Fishwig entry for Iron Wig I had a major problem with it.  I kept dropping the hair off of the hook portion, or couldn’t angle it easily through the loop without losing the fiber.  It was working but I had a tight deadline and I was spending WAY too much time just trying to get the thing through the netting.

So I went to Sally’s Beauty and bought this for $3:

IT’S GREAT.  A latch hook or micro fusion hook is more commonly used to weave in extensions, but I am in love with it for ventilating.  Basically, if you are having trouble knotting your hair with a traditional needle, go get one of these and rejoice because it does literally half the work for you.  The steps are almost identical to how you would use a normal ventilating needle, but with the addition of your handy dandy latch:

  1. Open your hook and push it through one of your mesh holes like normal.  Push it all the way past the latch and grab 1-3 strands of hair with the hook.  This is one place where your standard ventilating hook wins out: it does not automatically pick up the right amount of fiber the way a ventilating hook does, so be careful.
  2. Pull your hook and newly-caught hair back through the hole.  The netting will push the latch closed and trap your hair, making it impossible to fall off no matter what angle you are holding the hook at!  Holy shit!
  3. Slip the hair backward past the latch, toward your hand.  This will re-open the latch.  Take your re-exposed hook and grab the tail of the fiber that you are still holding.
  4. Slip the hair at the base of the tool forward and off.  The hair will push the latch closed once again, trapping the tail fiber and making a knot for you!  You are done!  What a miracle of modern wigmaking!!

(If the above gif isn’t working, try viewing it in a new tab)

I frigging love this thing, and feel like I ventilated so much faster because I didn’t have to sweat about the hair falling off or angling the tool correctly through the knot.  You really just poke and go, and let the latch do half the work for you.  Your mileage may vary: most people like the traditional ventilating tool, and some people even prefer using a normal needle.  But if you’re having trouble with the knotting process, give this a try!

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Hi, I'll be going to my first con soon, and I'll be wearing a wig. Do you have any advice for first time cosplayers/wig wearers?

  1. Wear a wig cap!
    It’ll help the wig stay on your head and it will keep your hair under control, so it doesn’t go peaking out

  2. Use the Hooks to Size the Wig
    Inside your wig there should be some hooks and fabric slots for the hooks to fit into, this helps adjust the size of your wig. Hook them on the loosest slots and adjust to fit. You don’t want to leave them unhooked, because they will fall out and be visible! 

  3. Pack bobbypins
    You might find that your hair doesn’t want to stay in place or your wig wants to run away, the bobbypins will help with that. You can pin your hair to the wig cap or your wigcap to your wig. 

    On this topic, you can also use hairspray/hairgel to hold small straggling hairs in place. 

  4. Bring a Hairclip for Long Wigs
    A nice big clip that can quickly hold your hair in a ponytail if you’re standing in a windy area, or if you plan to run around. It will help prevent crazy tangles and make it easier to deal with. 

  5. Wigs are itchy
    You might find that the wig is itchy. For the most part, it’s just something you get used to. You might find that having a thicker wig cap may make it less itchy. 

  6. Don’t just wear a wig out of the package
    Shake your wig out a bit and then try it on. You’ll likely find that the bangs are too long, and that other areas of the wig might be too long as well. Most wigs require a bit of a trim and some light styling before being worn.

  7. Long Wig? Carry a Comb
    If you’re wearing a long wig and it’s not styled, carry a wig brush or wide toothed comb. Long wigs tangle like crazy,  so use your free time to keep on top of tangles. 

  8. Match your eyebrows
    There are many methods to cover or colour your eyebrows to make it so they match your wig. It’s an extra step, but it makes a big difference. 

  9. Pre-treat your wig
    I love using silicone spray lubricant on my wigs before styling, other people prefer spraying a mix of water and fabric softener for the same effect. When it comes to working with long wigs, I find it makes a HUGE difference — less flyaways and less static for sure! 

  10. Listen to your body
    If you start getting a headache or feeling pressure where the wig is, take a break. Take the wig off or loosen the straps to help reduce discomfort.

Have fun at your first convention!