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Your wigs are amazing! I was wondering, for those 'iron' wigs you made - how do you attach the foam parts? You said sewing at one point, and then mounting on another or something but I'm a little confused about how that works!

Thank you! :D

95% of the time I’ll sew the foam parts to the wig.  I prefer to do this because I feel like it makes it a lot more structurally sound than just glue, but other people have been able to use glue just fine.  Sewing is unfortunately also a big pain, not only because you have to be very careful about holding the foam in the right place, but because you need to angle your needle just right, in order to get through the edge of the foam and the right part of the wig netting in one go.

The druid wig was an exception because the foam was too heavy to just sew in - if I’d done that it just would have drooped toward the ground.  Instead, the foam pieces were built around a length of wire, and the bare wire was poked through the wig netting and to a headband.

Rules on how to act around people with wigs

So after going back to wearing a wig I thought I’d share some fairly obvious rules on how to act around someone with a wig.

1) Do not stare.
2) Do not ask if it is a wig. It’s none of your business.
3) If the person denies it is wig accept it and do NOT bring it up ever again. They don’t want to talk about it.
4) Do not threaten to pull it off. It will never be funny.

These all happened daily to me and caused me to have constant panic attacks when I left the house so please never do these things.