kyliejenner: Took months of not dying my hair and wearing wigs to get my hair back to health so I can do this!! Thank you @priscillavalles @maishaoliver for putting up with me all day. I’m going for an ashy dirty blonde for the fall. But this shits a process! I’m coming for u khloé!


I’d never made a beard before, and I needed to make one quickly - so this was a method I whipped up when creating Sokka’s ridiculous Wang Fire beard!  I was pretty dang pleased with how it turned out, and the best part is that it was easy and looked fairly realistic up close.  This would be useful for any kind of bearded cosplay, or hairpiece that is more than a few inches wide.


Tutorial: Poofy / Fluffy Bangs by Arda Wigs

View the full tutorial here:

Rose Quartz wig progress from last night’s livestream!  Three drill curls down - like nine more to go.  I also need to basically re-curl the entire top wig, since it’s gotten kind of messy from attaching everything.  Wig to the left is two of the four wigs - center and right is the same thing but with an extra half wig in the big curls.

I may have to set this aside until Dragon*con is over, but it’ll definitely be done for mid-Sept!

Cosplay resource masterpost!

I’ve made this huge list for a group of local cosplayers that I’m a part of, and figured I should share it with everyone!

Looking for wigs, contacts, thermoplastics, or tutorials? Here’s a good place to start!

*** Know a great place to find wigs and supplies that’s not listed here? Let me know! <3***



Dolluxe- (also )

Tasty Peach Studios-


Wig is Fashion-

Epic Cosplay-


Cosworx -



Harajuku in Wonderland-

The Five Wits-

Match Wigs-

Purple Plum-

Cosplay Buzz-


Contacts/ Circle Lenses

Pinky Paradise-

Eye Candy-

Honey Color-



Embellish FX, in Orlando.

This is one of only two places in Florida where you can purchase worbla (which is great if you need it quick!) 2628 Edgewater Drive – Orlando, FL, 32804; (407) 251-7110

 Here’s the list of worbla retailers in the US!

Fabric (online)

Custom printed fabric:

Specialty fabric dye:


Jewelry Findings

Gloves, Leggings, Tights (They’re based in Miami, so you get them super quick!)


Etsy is great for handmade things, but they actually sell everything else you may need! Wigs, fabric, jewelry findings, you name it! Check out their craft supply section!

 Then Ebay & Amazon of course.

Helpful links: , for figuring out what type of glues to use.

Tutorial compilations and tips (Evil Ted Smith. Lots of foam and patterning tutorials!)


I ended up finding a youtuber called Freckles Fairy Chest where she talked about her wigs and one of the wigs she talked about in the video was this one that she had bought from eBay. It was really inexpensive and from the video and product photos it looks like good quality so, I decided to buy it. I honestly didn’t want to spend more than $60 on a lace front / full lace wig just because I’ve never had one before so I don’t even know if I’m going to like it on myself. Hopefully I do, though because I’m planning to wear it for my birthday~!

Anyway, you can buy it here. If you would like me to review it, let me know because like I said, I’ve never had a lace front wig and I’m not really sure what to expect!

Thank you btw for all of the wig shop recommendations. I’ve heard of most of them already /or they didn’t have what I was looking for so I think I’ll stick to eBay, for now! At least until I find out if I like lace front wigs or not~

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice on giant wings like Rose Quartz, the Condesce, Raditz, ext....

How you make your wig depends highly on the character you’re cosplaying, but in general you can make your life a lot easier by creating an internal structure out of something like foam or stiff felt.  The point of the core is twofold - 1) it lets you build upward or outward easily, and 2) by filling in a ton of space it lets you save on a ton of hair, which reduces the weight of the wig.  This is really necessary for wigs that require huge spikes, or wigs that defy gravity.

When making a giant wig, take a look at the overall shape in order to figure out where your structure needs to go.  As a general rule of thumb, you typically want to create your basic wig shape out of foam/felt, attach it to your wig with stitching or glue, and then cover that form in a flat layer of hair.  Here’s a few examples of wigs with understructure to them:

Even when using an understructure, remember that big wigs still need a LOT of hair to cover that shape - usually more than you’d get in a single wig.  Spiked wigs like Raditz need even more hair because you have more surface area to cover.

Help me with some payments please.

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I made a new Commission Page with more options here, and they’re ALWAYS open.

I also have a Patreon, I only have one pledge but more would be nice. There’s also my Storenvy Yard shop where I sell old junk.(new stuff has been added).

As always, if you cannot buy please signal boost! :D

My PayPal is for any donations!

✨HEY EVERYONE! As you might already know, I’m partial to using @ardawigs for most of my cosplays and especially for larger wig projects, so they were nice enough to offer me a COUPON CODE for you all until this weekend. The code is “SPECTRE” in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!! Con season is ending so make sure to go out in a bang! I’m not being paid, and I have ALWAYS really pushed Arda as far as wig quality and customer service goes. They have A RIDICULOUS selection of unique colors and styles and they are all HEAT RESISTANT. They carry unique wigs as well as lace fronts and they ship from the U.S., so if you need something FAST, Arda is a great option. Honestly they are my all time favorite wig provider and all of my big wigs have been crafted using their materials so I’m honored to be able to offer a coupon code for you all. Please take advantage of it and don’t forget that it’s all capitalized!! #wigs #ARDA #ardastyle #cosplay #fashion