i saw a whole collection of bird references, stocks and mythical bird art pieces on-line and i just went fuck it. its only a quick sketch but its a beautiful pokemon and i think maybe ill try and gve it a go after giratinas done. Normally id go for lugia, but the wigns on that just bug me. ive done one before and might do another in the future, but for now, have a giant flame bird of power and magic wings and fire and shiz.

after the week ive had it feels good to draw something and have it not be pants.


omg hiiiiiii everyone guess what

I HIT 2K FOLLOWERS. i’ve only had this blog for a little less than a year and a half and i can’t believe even 5 people like me enough to follw let alone TWO THOUSAND. what 

soooo basically heres a follow forever to thank you all and also i forgot so many people for my winter follow forever! so i’m going to spend more time on this one ahah (however this edit is crappy but i had a different one and it was even worse. i couldnt stand it lol and i got bored of trying to fix it so i so the only logical thing to do would to give up. laziness. but i did this one and i like it better yaaay)

basically, i’m putting every mutual/favorite mutuals on here because i love all of you and why not (long list ahead omg) here’s my blogroll

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once again thank you so much and i love you all!