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i was tagged by the wonderful @exorealistic, the wind beneath my wigns and the ever present siren singing in my ear

favorite anime: hxh, khr, deathnote, parasyte the maxim, bleach, one piece, yyh

favorite manga: kuroshitsuji, durarara, kingdom hearts, yyh

video games: kingdom hearts, dishonored, bloodborne, prototype, decent indie horror games

last song i listened to: Friendly Fire by Nothing More

I’m gonna tag: @yougei @creepiekyttie @the-vashta-nerdvana @evitisopyats @fuckthenoiz

i ju stlearnt that its 100% possbile to fly as a human with fake wigns and im screaming th  only problem is its exhuasting

its a blood y good thing i have Unlimited Shoulder Endurance because i flap my armss like a weeb i m!!! Im1!!!!!