I am considering to start a new advanced series on my Youtube channel that explains the whole process of wig making. Including how to dye the fiber, different ways to make the parting, what tools to use, how to care for the wig etc. There are so many topics to cover that it will take many months to go through everything and complete the series but I am willing to invest the time to make the videos. I have a feeling this could take me the whole year if I make one wig tutorial per month haha 😅. That aside I am really bad with names so would you mind suggesting some cool ideas for the main title/name of the series? #wig #wigmaking #custom #bjd #monsterhigh #monsterhighdolls #doll #dolls #tutorial

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Finally!  My new in-depth yarn wig tutorial is up! I hope this helps you all!


Evening light photos need to be retaken in the morning but here’s a commission we’ve been working on. It might be a teeny bit too dark for what they requested so this one might end up in the shop (or I’d totally want to keep it for my Rin! XD) and Mr Frappzilla isn’t super pleased with a few ‘Technical’ parts that need to be ironed out before it is finally finished. 

But i’m really pleased with it. I think its the prettiest wig we did so far ; w ; <3


Heard you were interested in making wigs out of yarn…


Practicing with hard cap fiber #wigmaking for the modified elf #adori from @harucasting #bjd She is getting closer to going home! I need to make some eyes to send with her and paint her up!

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Unusual or Obsolete Occupations

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By By Mark Nichol [Daily Writing Tips]


It’s wig making time! 👧💘💇
#bjd #wigmaking

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