I am considering to start a new advanced series on my Youtube channel that explains the whole process of wig making. Including how to dye the fiber, different ways to make the parting, what tools to use, how to care for the wig etc. There are so many topics to cover that it will take many months to go through everything and complete the series but I am willing to invest the time to make the videos. I have a feeling this could take me the whole year if I make one wig tutorial per month haha 😅. That aside I am really bad with names so would you mind suggesting some cool ideas for the main title/name of the series? #wig #wigmaking #custom #bjd #monsterhigh #monsterhighdolls #doll #dolls #tutorial


Heard you were interested in making wigs out of yarn…

Hair for wig making I have here.

  1. Red Suri Alpaca
  2. Black Suri Aplaca
  3. White Suri Alpaca
  4. Red Mohair (tibetian)
  5. White Mohair (Ashland)
  6. Milk fibre
  7. Red Ramie
  8. White ramie
  9. Blond soy fibre
  10. White soy fibre
  11. Seacells

Current favorite - Suri Alpaca. Nothing beats it. Followed by Soy, Seacells and Milk fiber. Have to get used to Ashland mohair; regular mohair is too puffy and… uncontrollable for my taste. Ramie is… meh. Only plus side with ramie is that its super easy to make curls with it that even stay when combed xD

Raw alpaca hair vs processed alpaca hair (cleaned, washed, conditioned and combed). My next Wig Untangled video will be all about alpaca hair, pros and cons of buying raw, where to buy it, how to turn the raw hair into usable doll hair etc. #wigs #wigmaking #wigsuntangled #doll #dolls

Progress with the wig for Hamlet. I am glad that I did not have any grand plans for this hair. It is a lot coarser than the hair I used for Wren and my IH Harace, it was very dirty and I am not extremely pleased with how it is looking so far. 

But experience tells me that it is only the last 5% of the process that actually lets me know if it will look good or not. Hopefully I will get the wig done tonight… though I should have been studying today. >_<

If you are reading this and you make wigs for your dolls (or anyone else’s’) I just want to say I’m in awe and appreciate the work that goes into it! Wigmaking is one of those things that seems incredibly time consuming and needing a lot of planning and wow to all of you


New episode of Wigs Untangled is now up on my Youtube channel :)