Sweet flowery dreams)
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters: Princess Serenity 
Cosplayer: Likanda
Ph: Clover
Assistant (wigmaker): Sapphire

I think we’ve all had enough of the many amrev RPFs that describe guys as smelling like smoke and gunpowder and whatever other boring manly scent. So in an extension of that post about wigs and hair powder, I thought I’d write something brief about pomatum. At the Colonial Williamsburg wigmaker, @azulaludgate, @runawayforthesummer and I sniffed two different types of pomatum: one made from pig’s fat, the other from sheep’s. As has been pointed out, pomatum is heavily scented with things like jasmine, roses, nutmeg, clove oil, lemon, etc. 

From what I can recall, the sheep’s fat pomatum contained white wine, apples, and jasmine, among other things, and smelled pretty much like a really nice candle. The pig’s fat one had a warmer, spiced scent to it. I can’t say for certain what the combined smell of unwashed hair, pomatum, and powder would be like, but it’s worth bearing in mind that most people’s hair adjusts pretty quickly if they stop washing it with shampoo.

I know the popular wisdom is that people in the 18th-century reeked and used perfume to cover up their horrible odors, but as was explained in the original wigs post, pomatum served a purpose beyond masking one’s scent, so I wouldn’t go ahead and assume that everyone’s hair smelled terrible. The pomatum is also not an overwhelming scent, it’s relatively subdued. Also! Most of the descriptions of pomatum/pomade that you’ll find online will bring you to posts about women’s hair, but make no mistake: men were using this scented pomatum as well, though I’m not sure if the scents were ever gendered (somehow I doubt it).

tl;dr Writers of amrev RPF, especially writers of romantic stories (*cough*lams*cough*) might want to consider incorporating some of the more pleasant scents of the 18th-century into their writing, and admit to themselves that a lot of these guys just smelled like your grandma’s house. 

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Hey Hanari, I have a question if it's all right to ask. I've been asking a couple of people around here on Tumblr if anyone styles wigs for commissions, I was told by an anon on Squigglydigglydoo's tumblr that you might either know somebody who styles wigs for commissions or would be willing to do a wig style commission yourself? I'm still asking around and weighing my options, my convention is in May and my wig still isn't styled.

Wisteria Wigmaker is one of the best wig stylists I know

Also It’s Mur is a very close friend of mine and is fantastic

I would suggest either of them


New episode of Wigs Untangled is now up on my Youtube channel :)

Take Locks Of Love for example – the most well-known of these charities. It receives more than 104,000 donations a year … and tosses out about 80 percent of them. Some of the rest gets sold to cover administrative costs. So it’s great that they’re able to serve people who can’t normally afford wigs, but the fact that people donate instead of sell actually makes the human hair shortage even worse.

I had one regular client with beautiful virgin strawberry blonde hair. One of my wigmakers loved it, paid us top dollar for it every time, and even called us up when I hadn’t sent any of her hair over in a while. When I called the woman, I found out she had donated to a local cancer wig charity … and that they’d thrown her hair away because it wouldn’t match up with any other donation they had to make a wig.

My buyer was willing to pay $1,000 for that hair. My client actually would have done more good if she’d sold the hair to me and then just donated the money to charity.

It’s Really Racist: 5 Sad Facts About The Human Hair Market

Some of you have been wondering where Tamako is!

I haven’t sold her, but she’s taking a little break while I work on getting her back together. Her faceup chipped on the flight back from Canada, which also happened to be the same trip that majorly messed up her wig. I’ve since wiped her face and sent her whole head to a wigmaker for a custom wig cap that will fit her odd(ly egg-shaped) headcap.

When she comes back I’ll probably be modding her a bit more to my liking. I’ve also got a lot of new content involving her planned so your favorite pink-haired roller girl will be making a reappearance in no time :)


Finally!  My new in-depth yarn wig tutorial is up! I hope this helps you all!


Evening light photos need to be retaken in the morning but here’s a commission we’ve been working on. It might be a teeny bit too dark for what they requested so this one might end up in the shop (or I’d totally want to keep it for my Rin! XD) and Mr Frappzilla isn’t super pleased with a few ‘Technical’ parts that need to be ironed out before it is finally finished. 

But i’m really pleased with it. I think its the prettiest wig we did so far ; w ; <3


Practicing with hard cap fiber #wigmaking for the modified elf #adori from @harucasting #bjd She is getting closer to going home! I need to make some eyes to send with her and paint her up!

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I am pretty much done. The hairs stiff and short, limited to two styles hair up or hair down but that’s fine with me.

Edit: So someone asked how to do the sides to make it look shaved, this part you do first before adding the longer hairs on top. You get a lock of hair and cut tiny fine pieces and have a designated area where it lands. You will need a lot of it to cover the whole head. Slab your clear glue and sprinkle and/or push the fine hair into the glue. Work your way from top of head to the edges.

If you have the good kind of clear glue [I used Aleene’s super fabric adhesive with the nozzle] and covered the doll’s head with plastic wrap or whatever you used, you can glue past and over your cap base if you think the forehead should be smaller. And then once dry cut off the excess corners to shape it out.