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Joe Sugg Imagine || Love me ||

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hello omg i love your imagines and i already read all of it omg <3 can you pls write an imagine about joe sugg where he is acting cute bc he wants an attention y/n, but y/n is doing something and you can make the end. thank you :) <3

- - -

“Whatcha doin’?” Came behind you, directly in your ear, you had jumped slightly, your hand going to your heart. From your cross legged position on the couch you gasped; “Joe!” in annoyance, turning your head, seeing him standing there, innocently. “Hi.” He said giving a wiggly fingers wave and a cheesy grin at you.

“What do you want?” You asked in dully now, you we’re trying to edit your video that was late already and he had been whining and annoying you for attention all morning. “Love.” He whispered, bottom lip sticking out after he spoke in a pout and his blue eyes glazing over.

“I’m busy.” You remarked, running your hands through your (colour) hair, in stress induced frustration. “You of all people should understand, I’m way behind on this video…” You sighed, watching the disappointment wash over his face. “But… (Y/Nickname).” He whispered.

“Joe! Seriously, please…” You thought you could snap at him any second, which was far from your personality. You were just having a day.

“Fine…” He whispered, dragging his feet sombrely across the hardwood flooring of the apartment, toward the small kitchen area, not looking back at you, opening a cupboard and shifting the content around inside of it.

You took in a deep inhale and exhaled it slowly, shaking your head, you went back to editing, looking up from the screen of your MacBook, you thought you felt something hit you lightly but glancing around you saw nothing, until a few moments late, you watched a red, candied heart land upon your keyboard.

A small manly giggle caught your attention, and your fingers froze over the keys, you turned your head, slowly… Toward the kitchen, where Joe was laying across the counter top, a bag of cinnamon heart candies in one hand and his arm in the throwing position at you.

“Joe!” You snapped, your tone unexpected by him as he jumped a little, the candy hearts in his hand, dropped out across the floor, scattered. “I’m just showering you with my love!” He exclaimed, watching as you stood up off the couch quickly, closing your MacBook.

“Love me!” He whined, he was bored, he wanted attention. “I do love you, but you’re testing my love right now.” You crossed your arms, narrowing your eyes at him. “Fancy going out?” He asked entirely changing the subject, you opened your mouth to speak but no words came out.

“LOVE ME!” He repeated again, moving off the counter quickly and rushing at you catching you entirely off guard.

“JOE!” You yelled feeling yourself being tackled to the hardwood floor, opening your eyes, Joe was staring at you, inches from your face, “love me.” He whispered again in a soft tone, rubbing his cheek against yours adoringly.

“Joe…” You said lowly, “get off, please.” You muttered, as he continued grazing his face against yours. “(Y/N).” He said even more adoringly in a cute as possible tone.

“I love you.” He said, finally looking down at you, as he sat up, his knees on either side of your body supporting his weight – or lack there of, off you. “I love you, too.” You rubbed your forehead.

“So, pay attention to me.” He nodded, making it sound incredibly simple. “I really need to finish my video… I would be done by now but you’ve been annoying me all day.” You pointed you staring up at him, the hardwood was cool against your back.

“It’s just a video…” Joe muttered. “It’s late.” You muttered back. “But at least you’re not!” Joe said brightly, a big smile coming across his face as he made a baby-related joke.

“Ugh.” You rolled your eyes. “Please?” You asked trying to wiggle away from under him, “Just leave me alone… Let me finish…” You pleaded, first it was hiding your computer on you this morning, and pestering but adorable texts as you tried editing in the bedroom, now tossing candy at you and tackling you to the floor.

“Fine…” He said breathlessly, nodding, giving up that he wasn’t getting any attention from you despite all of his adorable attempts and actions. “Thank you.” You said lowly, feeling a little bad now.

You both stood up, you lent over the couch, grabbing your computer, you headed downstairs, walking into the bedroom you shared, sitting on the bed getting settled back into editing and there was silence…

You kept looking up at the door you left ajar, expecting Joe standing there with something else to throw at you, but nothing… You started hoping you really didn’t hurt his feelings, but shook your head going back to editing.

A soft knock came to the door, and you glanced up and over, seeing Joe standing there biting his bottom lip, once he saw you look up, he raised his hands, his thumbs and index fingers moving to form a heart at you and he looked sad.

“I’m sorry, I bothered you all day.” His voice sounded pathetic while you stared, sighing, you shook your head. “I’m sorry, I’ll go now.” He added, turning on his bare feet disappearing from view.

“Joe…” You called to him, sighing, taking your earbuds out and closing your macbook, he reappeared looking hopeful at you. “Come here.” You waved him over and a bright smile broke out across his face, he took a short run and jumped across his bedroom onto the bed with you.

“YOU LOVE ME!” He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around you tightly, “of course I do.” You muttered, your arms wrapping around his torso, “I’m sorry I bugged you.” He kissed you softly. “I’m sorry, I ignored you.” You said after your kiss fingers, running your fingers through his hair.

“I love you.” He was smiling at you, “I love you too, Joe.” You couldn’t help but smile at his large smile. “Did you finish your video?” He asked softly, brushing a stray piece of hair behind your ear. 

“Nah.” You shook your head, knowing it was way past your upload time. “Oh.” His tone lowered again. “You’re more important.” You admitted as you snuggle your face into his chest, he squeezed you tighter into him. ..

Unsolved St✩rlight Mysteries

  • who says “here we go, let’s go” in Beautiful Killer?
  • So did Leo like… kill the girl… or did she kill… herself?… is it… a metaphor?
  • why don’t we have a behind the scenes version of the jekyll bathtub photoshoot?
  • why aren’t there superheros in superhero?
  • how many people ARE there inside Ken?
  • ok but real talk how much did Chad Future have to pay Ravi……

happy 3 years VIXX!who would have thought that just by watching a daragon video (/sobs),i’d stumble through “I Don’t Want to be an Idol” (and later on with Ken being an idiot that I laughed a good couple of minutes) and instantly fall in love with you.and that was like already a year ago,days before your 2nd year anniversary.last year i couldn’t make a decent enough edit to celebrate your anniversary but now,i still couldn’t do it,yeah LOL,but i hope that with this little effort i was able to show how happy i am that i was able to get to know you.thank you because during the time that i am close to giving up on kpop,you were able to clear my confused mind.you may not be a perfect group (who is exactly?) but i know and see enough to know that you treasure us Starlights above anything else (that concerns your career of course,it’s not like i’d fight taekwoon’s nephew or ravi’s sister.no.thank you very much)anw,i just want to say that you do so much for us,no matter how many times you say how sorry you are (i’m looking at you cha hakyeon!) for not being able to give back with the gifts you’ve been receiving from Starlights.i think that,by just being healthy everytime you go through promotions,by not getting injured (sneaks a glance towards mr. jung),by eating enough ( love you ken) or a lot (winks at sanghyuk),by being able to keep fit (yeah,by doing 5 sets of 15 sit ups right hongbin?),by being able to showcase your creativity and talent (high five sent at you wonsik), by being able to share each stage you’ve worked so hard on (stop!don’t!just proceed!),by your exsitence,you are already showing how much we matter and by that,we are receiving as much as you do,maybe even more.

some people say that it’s hard to care enough for a group,that in majority of things,you do not really understand;that in way of distance is already far enough,what more when in comes to a lauguage you don’t even share?but seeing how you guys make sure that you can show an episode of an english subbed VIXX TV episode,i already feel full.the effort that the staffs put on each 15-minute video to be able to reach international fans is already enough for me,although there are times that some events would technically only cater to the korean fans,i am still thankful that you guys put the international Starlights into consideration.

i am also thankful that through VIXX,i was able to get to know the Starlights,no matter how many times i’d talk about it,i think i won’t be able to point it out enough that being a Starlight,being a part of the Starlight fandom had been a refreshing experience for me.i’ve been a kpop fan for almost 6 years now but never was i able to see a fandom who’s greed for supporting VIXX goes through a very different level.it’s not a fandom that’s very tolerating,instead it doesn’t remain blind through the “problematic part” of stan-ing the group.everyone is thankful,accommodating,and very helpful.and plus the fact that everyone have no chill and probably each person having bottomless bags of humor,i think i’m more than home.lol!a fandom who shares what they know (subbing teams thank you!) and a fandom (again,that have no chill) who probably has tags and pictures for every body part of VIXX members (heh~) and a fandom full of creative,well-opinionated (oh WELL) and open-minded people.what i’m saying is…what am i saying?oh yeah,the body parts!,oh i mean,i’m just really thankful that i was able to be summoned by the Wiggly Wave Dance to enjoy this experience of a lifetime.i hope that someday i can be able to see VIXX in person (hopefully next year!),i hope we all can have that joy of seeing VIXX in person.

Thank you VIXX! Thank you Starlight! Happy 3 years VIXX!May you have more anniversaries to come (of course you will!)Let’s keep running until the end! #VIXX3rdANNIVERSARY #StarlightFestival


Okay so in the end this was:

art to cheer up a friend/frisk practice/perspective practice/pose practice/asriel practice/stroke-effect practice/product of my mighty urge to draw more goat son/regular brush test with frisk as opposed to my don’t starve brush which I drew them with first




he’s not holding up one finger he’s supposed to be doing that wiggly finger wave thing that shy/cute people do

I was gonna add blush but I decided not to

also yes I’m aware the 2nd goat son is slightly inconsistent in snoot size to the lower left one but this was perspective practice so hush I don’t actually know what I’m doing