So there was this picture I reblogged with comments that made some people uncomfortable so I just wanted to clarify about why I reblogged it. This is mostly for my friends who have said something about it because I feel like they’re getting the wrong impression of what I think about the world and that makes me sad.

I see the picture, and it reminds me of how much I struggle with looking the way I do. I look at this picture and objectively I think it’s a gorgeous drawing. But I can’t quite feel it because it puts me in this space of looking down at my body and criticizing it and comparing myself to so many other people and hating myself for feeling that way because I don’t actually think at all that what I am isn’t beautiful. I just don’t feel it. I guess what I saw was that conflict between how I judge myself in ways I would never judge anyone else. It hit me really viscerally.

This was in my queue for god knows how long and honestly when I saw it I noticed the other comments and felt weird about it. I’m not sure if I read them when I reblogged it the first time or if I just misinterpreted them or what. 

The other day I was talking about the zombie apocalypse with my family, and my girlfriend suggested that I repopulate the earth with Alo. 

My transboy crush who lives in France.

This is the kind of reasonable human being my girlfriend is.