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just wanted to goof around and made this silly thing,,,not the best but i had fun!

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May I please have a super fluffy scenario of Saeran and his s/o just enjoying some morning cuddles?

I LIVE FOR SAERAN FLUFF!!!!!! - Michelle Xx

Arms wrapped around your torso, lips pressed to the back of your neck, legs intertwined with yours. The heartbeat behind you slow and steady matches your own. The arms around you start to hold you tighter against his chest. The heat radiating from his body becomes hotter now.

You wiggle your body free from the limbs holding you and roll over. Your sleepy eyes are met with barely opend mint green eyes of the man next to you. The bleached tips of his almost-red hair is swept across his forehead.

His arms pull you closer to him as you swing your leg over his side. You nuzzle your nose against his. A smile creeps on your face and you say: “Good morning, Saeran.”

With a raspy and gruff voice, he says: “Morning MC.”

“The sun is already out, how about we get out of bed too?” you ask.

With low mumble of protest is uttered by your lover as he nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck and runs his nose in the strands of your long hair. You can hear him softly sniffing your hair, taking in you scent and the smell of your shampoo from the night before. His arms tighten around you as you lean your head back.

“No,” he mumbles, “I’ve been hearing that idiot brother of mine creating another robot animal all morning and I don’t want to be there when he tests out it’s flame thrower or some other ridiculous weapon.”

He presses kisses softly along your neck as you run your hand down his back. During the time when you two weren’t dating yet, soothing rubs on his back always seemed to calm him down when he’d curl up in a ball of panic. He’d go into a fit of anger, murderous tendencies and self loathing and would be like that for hours, days even at times. But in the end, when the emotions had worn him out, you’d take him outside to get some fresh air and look at the sky. Sitting next to each other, you’d begin to softly rub his back until he was finally calmed down again.

And so that’s what you’ve still been doing. It’s comforts him, gives him the feeling that he’s cared for and protected.

He low morning voice disrupts your thoughts. “I guess I just wanna be selfish and keep you all to myself today.”

You giggle at his sweet words and the monotone voice he said it in.

Your hands are soothing him as his arms keep you safe and close against him. You’re guessing that you won’t be leaving the bed today. Tangled up together, basking in each other’s presence, makes you want to remember this moment forever.

My fish saved my life

Yesterday I was really struggling mentally with some personal things. I was launched into the feeling of hopelessness and the feeling of just giving up. I happen to look over at Ami’s tank and he’s just wiggling and dancing and when i get closer he flares and follows my finger. I looked over at the corys cats looking around for food. Darting around the tank.
So yeah they maybe just fish, but honestly these little guys give me a will to live. So no one tell me that they don’t matter because I will be ready to fight. They are the reason I get up in the morning.


Got to wiggle my hips for the first time tonight since my hysto 9 days ago! Woo!! 😍🙌 Dancing is one of my absolute faaaaavorite things to do…ever. My good friend and housemate, @tjay_root (dancing with me here 😋) will be the first to tell visitors that I don’t often walk around the house - I dance. 🕺🏽It makes my heart and soul happy. ☺💙🌱✨ #wiggle #dancethenightaway #hipsdontlie #recoveringquickly #grateful #friendswhodancetogetherstaytogether #friendsies #danceforthesoul #itsinmyblood #dancingforever #dancedancedance #dowhatyoulove #dowhatmakesyoursoulhappy #dowhatmovesyou #smile #happyguy (at Spokane, Washington)

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Destiel "Dude, we've been dating for years now."

(Sorry this is taking forever. Jaxcon is this weekend. Also this is way longer but whatever.)

“Dude, we’ve been dating for years now.” The entire table goes silent and Castiel practically suffocates on a bite of ciabatta. He looks up across from him where Dean is sitting, wondering what the hell his best friend is talking about. 

They’re not dating. They’re close, sure, they’re friends, they’re physically affectionate with each other, and, ok, maybe they’ve slept together once or 9 times, but that would put them squarely in “fuck buddy” territory, not dating, right?

“Bullshit,” Sam chuckles, “if you two were dating, I’d have known.”

“Why? because you have psychic powers,” Dean wiggles his fingers at the side of his head. 

“No, because I would’ve heard you through the walls if you’d brought Castiel home,” Sam deadpans. “Our entire block would’ve.” Castiel has to choke down a laugh; Dean is a noisy motherfucker in bed alright. 

“We’ve only went to Cas’ place,” Dean counters. “And, yes, we’re dating.” Castiel freezes as Dean reaches across the table and takes his hand, pulling his knuckles to his lips for a kiss.

“Aren’t we, Cas?” Dean’s green eyes meet his and Castiel realizes that, even if it weren’t true before this moment, he wants it to be true now. A wide smile spreads across his face,

“Damn Straight we are.” he says, winking at Dean.

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So! *shuffles feet on the floor, then looks a Ink with a blush on her face* Are we in some sort of void or what? I'm very confused right now. Also, hi ,I'm Kitty and I'm a girl in case Lana didn't tell you...

Ink noticed your blush and had to look away to keep from blushing himself. “W-well, I suppose this is a void, of sorts, but it’s one that anyone who can teleport can easily get out of, so it’s not completely sealed off from the multiverse. A-and hi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Ink. Wait, did I tell you that already? I can’t remember.” The flustered skele fails to contain his blush.

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imagine credence in oversized sweaters, cuddling up to his s/o on a cold night.

truly, one of my favorite images in the world is credence in oversized sweaters. and pls imagine his s/o climbing into his sweater with him while you cuddled and sharing that warmth and just credence laughing as they wiggled their way up there.

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Hayama + Murasakibara + Kiyoshi + Izuki + Nebuya with their tiny S/O who climbs them like a monkey (and maybe tries to tickle if it works) after a tiresome day for the boys to make them laugh?

Nebuya is not in the character list but I’m not ruthless enough to delete this ask, so I’ll just take Nebuya out ( ◞・౪・) Sorry.


“__________, what are yo—ahahaha! Stop! What are you doing!” Hayama’s voice fills the room in full volume, laughing uncontrollably when your hands meet his sides, wiggling your fingers against his jersey-covered skin. Your boyfriend arrived home with a sullen look on his face, an expression you don’t really get to see much (which is a good thing). 

You figured tickling him might be a good idea, but seeing the mischievous glint in his eyes, you start to think that it’s a bad idea.

“Now,” Hayama says from the other side of the room, form bent in what seems to be a martial arts stance, “let’s start with two fingers first!”

Next thing you know he’s pouncing at you in lightning speed, fingers quick to target your ticklish spots. You squeal even before he makes contact, but amidst his attacks you’re still blindly trying to tickle him too—it doesn’t seem to be as successful because you’re shaking from your own laughter. You feel the fluffiness of the couch as he pins you down, ticking you with four fingers now.

One minute later, you’re breathless and red-faced. Hayama smiles playfully down at you before planting a kiss on your lips knowingly, a silent thanks for cheering him up.


When you cling on to him like a human-sized koala and send him a cute smile, there’s no notable change in his facial expression. But when he starts to lean back to throw himself onto the bed, you shriek, tightening your hold on his torso. The bed creaks really loudly at the weight of one grown human and one other grown giant. At least you’re not hurt in any way, except for your heart rate and breathing that have become abnormally faster.

“Atsushi!!” You cry, still clinging on to him on all fours. “Why!!”

“Tired,” Murasakibara replies monotonously, but despite what he just said, he doesn’t look like he’s sleeping soon. Instead, he’s looking right at you with half-lidded eyes, and you blink right back.

“__________-chin’s cute,” he says, and you blush, not expecting those words to come out of his mouth, “__________-chin should take a nap with me.”

Now that you expected. You giggle at his childish request and close your eyes, resting your head upon his chest. Whoever has their sights upon the two of you would seriously think that you’re a koala hanging onto a log on the ground.



“You haven’t showered, have you?”


It’s no secret that Kiyoshi’s a reliable figure, both in basketball and in… well, pretty much anything he’s in. So to see him come back home with a sullen look on his face is certainly heartbreaking. However, you’re more than willing to help enlighten his mood.

Kiyoshi thinks you’re still in the bathroom, you note as you sneakily tiptoe behind him, trying not to make any noise. He seems to be oblivious of your presence, standing in front of the microwave in anticipation. Taking this as a chance to strike, your hands shoot to his sides where you know he’s ticklish, and he immediately yelps.

“Wah! Ah, _- __________, what—ahahahah! Oh, s-stop ittt!”

His laughter mixed with yours can be heard for at least another half a minute before Kiyoshi finds an effective way to stop your assault on him: picking you up. 

“Teppei, you’re not fair!” You say, feet easily over five inches off the ground. The way your boyfriend is holding you right now seems to be effortless, while you cling to his strong arms for support.

“Was was that for?” He asks with a smile, now that the tickle attack is over.

“You looked kind of down so I wanted to cheer you up,” you say, surrendering the grip on his arms to stretch your hand and playfully pinch his cheeks. “Smiiiile~”

He laughs at you, bringing you in closer to shower your face with kisses, with you still lifted up on the air. When you part, you wrap your arms around his neck and link your ankles on his back, clinging onto him as you continue to peck his lips even when he takes out the frozen food from the microwave.


“Shuuuun,” you whine, burying your face in the crook of his neck, “feel better, okay? I know you’re tired…”

“You’re lucky you’re cute, you know,” Izuki chuckles, taking out a bottle of mayonnaise from the fridge. You’re currently latching onto him like a monkey on a tree, not budging even an inch as he bent down to reach the bottom fridge or tiptoed to grab something from the overhead cabinet. 

“You kind of remind me of a monkey right now, __________, clinging on me like this,” Izuki resumes calmly as he puts some mayonnaise into a sauce bowl, as if another human being isn’t completely attached to his upper body.

“If I’m a monkey, you can be my banana! ‘Cause I love you,” you coo, kissing the back of his ear playfully. “Also I find you extremely a-peel-ing.”

At the pun, Izuki immediately stops whatever he’s doing and his jaw slackens. He slowly turns to look back at you, face shocked but eyes lit in excitement. You can only smile back at him with mirth, enjoying every bit of his reaction.

“Oh. My. Goodness.” He begins, “that was a really good pun, __________!! You’re the best!! Get off me so I can hug you!!”

And you do, almost immediately after he says the sentence. Izuki takes the time to spin you around in glee before kissing you instead of hugging you like he said he would, but a moment later he brings you into his arms for a long-awaited embrace. You hum happily into his chest, and you can feel the vibration of his laughter calming you down.

“But seriously,” you say, “I really hope you feel better. Tell me all about it, you know I’m more than willing to.”

“Thanks, honey,” Izuki replies, pressing a kiss on top of your head. Needless to say that your efforts cheered him up for the rest of the day.

@dianemaryallison​ prompted: Napping in a puppy pile

dianemaryallison prompted: you’re so fantastic to cuddle because i can, like, hold all of you. no place misses out on my hugs, you get all the hug, the full hug, all my love (coz melinda’s so smoll you know)

I combined those two and twisted things. I have no regrets. Enjoy!

The puppy jumped on her leg as Melinda knelt down. She smiled and picked it up. God, that golden retriever puddle mix was just beyond cute! A little boy named Elmo.

After five years of resistance, she had finally given in and three days ago, she and Phil had picked him up.

She held it up against her chest with her right and brushed her left hand over its back again and again.

Elmo wiggled his tail so hard his whole body moved with it.

“You’re fantastic to cuddle,” Melinda cooed and leaned down to kiss the top of Elmo’s head. Elmo used the opportunity to lick her nose. Melinda laughed.

“No place misses out on my hug,” she whispered. He licked her nose again.

“You get the full hug, all my love …”

Behind her, she heard her husband laugh. She turned to him and looked directly into his cell phone.

Oh, damn!

“I have it all on tape,” he said smugly. “So next time you’ll play tough like you’re immune to cuteness, I can disprove you with hard evidence!”


This is part of my Remember The Happy Weekend Extravaganza

Wolfstar Prompt

It was the night after the first quidditch game of the season. Gryffindor had won but it was a late game so they had decided to save the celebrations for tomorrow. When James and Sirius (finally) got back from the showers, James found the snack table that some had set up in the back of the common room and Sirius found Remus, who was reading on the couch. Sirius proceeded to flop on the couch and wiggle his head under Remus’ arm and onto his lap. Remus continued reading as if nothing had happened.

“Did you see the game, Moons?”

“Yes, I was there. I always am.”

“Did you see my awesome save at the end?”

“I did. I also saw you nearly fall off your broom.” Remus teased.

“DID YOU SEE ME CATCH THE SNITCH!?” James yelled from the back, his mouth full of chips.

“Yes, James everyone saw you. Good job to both of you. You guys make me proud to wear a Gryffindor scarf.”

“Hey Rem, can you do the thing?” Sirius asked, batting his eyes. With a sigh, Remus put down his book and began carding his hands through Sirius’ hair. He sighed contently and then started on his play by play of the whole game. Remus already knew everything that happened (He was there?) but he liked listening to Sirius talk so they sat their, like they always did.


“And then I swooped in and- Yeah?” For a split second, Remus thought about telling him. Telling him about the ginormous crush he had had on him since 3rd year when he found himself staring at more boys than girls.

“You’re my best friend.”

“Awww your my best too but like I’d totally bone you if you asked.” He laughed looking away.



“YOU SAID YOU WOULD TOTALLY BONE HIM IF HE ASKED.” James yelled from the back, mouth full of chips.

“THANK YOU JAMES.” Sirius yelled back.

“I GOT YOU BRO. IMMA GO TO BED NOW.” He yelled before walking up the stairs to the boys dorms.

Sirius sat up and looked at Remus.

“I shouldn’t have said that. I’m really sorry fuck- please just forget I said that.”

“I mean? Do I have to? Like, would you really- you know- but like I don’t wanna just- I like you? Like a lot? I have since 3rd year. I understand if you don’t want like an actual relationship and I mean you don’t have to like meet my mum or anything we could just-” He was cut off by Sirius’ lips against his.

“Remus, we can be literally anything you want. I’ve liked you since the day I met you.”

From that day forward, Remus goes to all of the quidditch games, even the ones in the rain and he always plays with Sirius’ hair after. They don’t come out or anything they just become a thing that everyone knows about and gets used to. James takes all the credit for getting them together.

A/n: This is the first prompt thing that I’ve written but I’ll totally write more because this was super fun. I found the prompt somewhere on Tumblr and decided to do a thing idk love me.

Fan: how do you and Y/N handle time apart as a couple when she took time off the show to do films?

Jensen: I think it’s about keeping the romance alive. We have a two week rule, where we don’t spend more than two weeks apart from each other and I try to make the most of the time we have together, so I blast the Barry White, and I wiggled my hips, and I show my beautiful fiancé how I’ve been spending all these lonely nights on this….(he dances around and lifts his shirt so the crowd can see his six pack)