I’ll Show You

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 4,609 (I’M SORRY)

Warnings: strong language, kissing, teasing, oral (male recieving), unprotected sex, fingering 

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I pinch the bridge of my nose, eyes squinting in frustration and anger, trying to wrap my head around her words. “I’m sorry.” 

I take a deep breath, finally opening my eyes and staring into hers. She didn’t seem bothered. Her eyes weren’t watering like mine, her face didn’t hold the same sad, contorted expression as mine did. Although, why should it? We were nothing serious, just fooling around. 

“I just wish you told me sooner.” I huff, taking yet another deep breath in attempt to steady my rising heart rate. There was no denying I had accidentally caught feelings along the way of our hookups. Someone was bound to, and that just so happened to be me. Am I surprised? No, because this is the type of dumb shit I pull daily, and I’m honestly beginning to question every choice in life I’ve ever made. 

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“Ow, frick.” You muttered to yourself when you accidentally walked into the coat rack, reaching up to grab it quickly so that it wouldn’t fall over. 

You weren’t sure what time it was, but you knew for sure it was pretty late. You thought you’d be back around two hours ago, but those fruity drinks at the bar kept calling your name and you couldn’t help but stay for two (or four) more drinks with Y/F/N! You hadn’t hung out with her for a hot minute and you could honestly say it was one of the best nights you’d had in a while. So yeah, maybe you were a little tipsy, but at least you were able to make it back home safe! The only problem you faced now was Harry. Harry didn’t mind when you went to hang out with your friends. In fact, he encouraged it! (“I promise you I’ll log out of Netflix if you don’t get off your arse, love.”) He just didn’t like it when you came home in the wee hours of the morning. 

A plan was bubbling away in your mind as you made your way up the stairs as quietly as possible, thinking about how you could conduct yourself in a way where Harry wouldn’t wake up. He usually went to bed pretty early, plus he was a deep sleeper. Your plan was super, super simple. All you had to do was a) get into the room, b) go to the dresser in the dark, c) change into a clean shirt, d) go to the washroom to wash your face and brush your teeth, e)- You froze when one of the steps creaked under your foot before you took another cautious step up the stairs. The point was: Get changed, slip into bed, and don’t wake Harry up. 

“Get changed, slip into bed, don’t wake your boyfriend up.” You sang quietly, twisting the doorknob and opening the door slowly before poking your head in. This was exciting! It was like you were a spy on a secret mission. If you were a spy, you’d be the best spy. Scratch that, you’d be the bestest spy! 

“I’d be the bestest spy.” You trailed off, squinting your eyes as you tried to maneuver yourself in the dark. You perked up when you felt the handle of the dressers, pulling it open and rummaging through it for a shirt. “Move over, James Bond.” You giggled to yourself, wiggling out of your dress and nearly stumbling over your feet. “The name’s Bond. Y/N Bon-” You stopped when the room suddenly flooded with dim light, turning around to see a groggy Harry with his hand on the lamp switch. 

“Don’ remember hiring a stripper. I’m in a committed relationship, thank you very much.” Harry rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, lips tugging up in a lazy smirk at the sight of your half-naked state. 

“I won’t tell if you won’t tell.” You joked, padding over to Harry and flopping down on top of him, your legs on either side of his torso. 

“You said you were comin’ home three hours ago, you dolt. Didn’t pick up your phone when I called.” Harry hummed, hands gripping your hips lightly before he squeezed. 

“I know, I know.” You yawned, stretching your limbs and wincing when you felt a couple cracks.  “Ooh, wanna know something that happened tonight? Y/F/N was getting drinks for us and-” 

“Y/N, it’s three in the morning. Shh…” You squeaked when Harry patted your face and shut his eyes again. 

“I know, but- Woah!” You giggled when Harry shoved you off of him before rolling on top of you, pinning you down with a loose grip. 

“I think the bestest spy should be the bestest at keepin’ quiet, so why don’ we do tha’?” He hummed, reaching over and flicking the lights off. 



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This has been rolling around my head all night, I had to get it out.

It had been three months since Homecoming, three months since everything had changed. F.P had been proven innocent thanks to what Sheriff Keller called “The Scooby Gang” and their endless hunt for the truth. Jughead was living back home with his father and the man in question had been sober since his arrest, things were different for Jughead, not a bad different, the opposite in fact, just… different. That’s not to say Jughead was happy, no not at all, the young, beanie wearing boy was miserable, depressed and more lonely than he ever had been. He had lost his girlfriend three months ago, the most important thing in his life was now .. out of his life.

After the gang had proven F.Ps innocence Betty had done everything in her power to distance herself from Jughead, she almost never went into the Blue and Gold office anymore and her and Kevin ate lunch away from the group, claiming it was just too crowded. She was always doing something, when she wasn’t busy with cheerleading she was planning events for Riverdale high or finishing off assignments for Blue and Gold. He could tell she was run dry, he stared at her almost constantly, hoping one day she would return his eye contact, she would be able to see everything he felt, everything he never got to say. The craziest part?

F.P was always talking about the visits Betty payed him. The beautiful blonde would bring plates filled with food to his fathers trailer, endless amounts of Tupperware and home cooked meals now filled the fridge. His dad would say
“Well, who needs scotch, I’ve got a new vice, Betty’s blueberry pie.”

She never came by when Jughead was around, he would leave for an hour and come home to a kitchen table filled with baked goods and casseroles, His father shrugging apologetically while stuffing his face. She always seemed to know when he wouldn’t be home, it was like she had a meticulous schedule detailing when she could stop by and avoid her ex boyfriend. It drive him absolutely nuts.

So that’s why when the delicate knock rang through the trailer walls, Jughead thought nothing of it, probably just another one of F.Ps friends looking to borrow money. He sat back down in his bed debating on whether or not to close the door, he hated hearing grown men beg.

He instantly bolted upright though, when he heard the delicate voice he had grown to love

“Hi F.P, so I’m trying a new recipe, I know you hate strawberries but you have to try this tart, I think you’ll love it, oh and I patched up Jugheads winter jacket, I couldn’t find the same color thread, but I think I got a pretty close match.”

Sticking his head out of the doorway, his body covered by the wall, Jugheads eyes widened, she was here? She must not know he’s home, he caught his fathers eyes and shook his head frantically, he didn’t want him to say anything, let him just have this, he just wanted to see her, hear her voice.

“Betty you spoil us, you know you don’t have to do all this, me and the boy are okay here on our own.” He said softly, helping her carry shopping bags to the table.

Betty rolled her eyes
“I like feeding you guys, and Jughead is in a very important developmental stage right now, he can’t live off of hamburgers. He used to love when I made him my homemade garlic bread.. I um I put a loaf in there for him.” She cleared her throat, eyes suddenly sad and distant.

“What about you?” His father asked “ your too skinny girl, are you eating at all? Jughead mentioned how busy you’ve been. Got another dance coming up I heard.”

Betty nodded slowly “it’s good to keep busy, keeps my mind off of things, and yes the end of the year dance, I’m organizing it.”

“Excited?” F.p asked digging into the brownies before him,

Betty snorted
“No, I don’t think I’ll be staying. Dances don’t usually work out too well for me, my experiences haven’t been great. I just have to go and make sure everything’s in order and you know my mom, any excuse to dress me up like some Barbie doll… is umm.. do you know if Jughead will be going?” She asked shyly.

F.p glanced over her head as Jughead nodded enthusiastically. If she was gonna be there so was he.

“Sure is, the boy said he couldn’t wait to see you in your dress” F.P wiggled his brows and smiled as Betty blushed.

“I don’t know about that.” She whispered.

God Jughead loved her blush.

“ I better go, last minute dance preparations, Veronica wants to model her dress for me.” She rolled her eyes, grabbing her purse from the floor. Before she left the house F.p called after her

“Betty?” She turned around “save a dance for Jughead okay?” He asked

Betty stared at the older man for a second before whispering


As soon as the door closed, Jughead threw himself back onto his bed and squeezed his eyes shut. He missed her, damn did he miss her, everything about her.

He vaguely heard his dad enter the room

“ get that girl back son” he stated before closing the door.

He was going to. He was going to get her back.

The next day at school flew by, Jughead didn’t even get a look at Betty, he saw her in blurs, a flash of pink and blonde as she ran through the halls. When the final bell rang Archie approached him and slapped a hand to his back,
“Ready for tonight?” He asked

Jughead took a breath and nodded
“I’ve been ready.”

Archie smiled sympathetically
“Nothing unexpected will happen, I’ll make sure of it ,Veronica’s gonna get Betty alone and then you swoop in.”

Saying goodbye to Archie, Jughead made his way home, his heart racing in anticipation, it was gonna be a long night.

Standing in front of the auditorium doors, Jughead looked to his right, three months ago in this spot, he had lost the most important thing in the world to him, he was gonna make it right. Make it better. Adjusting his tie, he walked through the doors, instantly spotting Archie and Veronica, both huddled around someone. Here goes nothing.

Veronica tugged on Archie’s hand, moving him aside so Jughead could get a good look at the beautiful blonde. She was perfect. As much as she hated that word, there was no other option, she was the physical embodiment of perfect. The dark green of her dress, perfectly matching his tie thanks to Veronica. The green in her dress made her eyes pop and he couldn’t look away when his eyes met hers, her silky blonde hair was in long waves brushing her shoulders and he wanted to touch the space that her strapless dress left bare. God he needed her.

Clearing his throat Jughead made his way to a wide eyed Betty as her friends slowly backed away
“Hi” she whispered, looking down

“You look beautiful, you look…” up close he couldn’t form sentences, she was too damn gorgeous.

She blushed, smiling shyly
“Thankyou. I like your tie.” Her tiny fingers reached out to play with the silky material before she stopped half way, unsure whether she should touch him, he took advantage of the situation pulling her fingers towards him and resting her open palm on the space between his heart

“Will you dance with me?” He asked, the intensity in his eyes making her shiver before she whispered


He led her to the dance floor and pulled her against his chest, burying his face in her hair smelling the familiar peaches and cream that he had missed so dearly. This was his home, his everything, and he wasn’t letting go.

“Jughead, what are we doing” he heard her whisper against his chest. He pulled away partially, meeting her eyes “ I think it’s called dancing, I could be wrong.” He smirked

Betty giggled and smacked his chest
“Funny” she rolled her eyes

Jughead grabbed her hand again, pulling it back to his chest

“I miss you.” He started seriously, watching her eyes soften “I miss you so much it hurts sometimes, I know I’m an idiot, I know I hurt you, and I’m so sorry for that. But.. I need a second chance, I can be what you need. You’re everything I need.” He whispered dropping his forehead against hers and blinking back tears as hers fell freely down her face

“Jughead” she whimpered

“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere, never again. Please.. just give me a second chance.”

Looking up with watery eyes, Betty placed her hands on either side of Jugheads face

“Always” she whispered, before bringing her lips to his.