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Seventeen Reaction To S/O Doing M/V With Another Idol Group [Vocal Unit]

Excluding Jeonghan b/c I got lazy and was just go do a half ass job might do him later who knows

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Woozi: Our smol lil bean small but feisty firstly he would support you in everything that you do he wants you to be succesful as possible but that doesn’t mean he likes the idea of you starring in a video including other males. He refused to go to the recording because he knew if he had to sit and watch other males touch on you he was going to lose his mind. He tried not to show that it was bothering him but when you talked so excitedly about the group and how great it was to work with him he couldn’t help the pout that would rest upon his face and he would pout even more when you mentioned how cute he looked. When the m/v first came out he thought hey this isn’t to bad but then it got to the interesting part you and the lead shared a peck on the lips which you hadn’t told him before hand because you know that he was absolutely going to disapprove. He looked calm on the outside but you could tell on the inside he was fuming. He was able to contain his anger until the next scence came you and the two leads laid in bed you shirt happened to be missing and not to mention one of the boys next to you. Jihoon looked at you and you could see the displeasure in his eyes and he got up storming out the studio making sure to slam the door.

“Come on Jihoon it’s not that bad”

“Oh so if I go lay in a bed with a girl practically naked you’d be okay with that”

“Hey as long as your being professional. This is what I do it’s my job.”

“Doesn’t mean I have to like it”

“Stop being a pouty little baby at the end on the day your the one I come home to”

He couldn’t be more happy for you and your accomplishments. His jealousy is nothing compared to how estatic he is that you get to live your dream and do what you love everyday.

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Joshua:Joshua our gentleman the minute you told him about your new opportunity he would be smiling from ear to ear congratulating you and telling you how you deserved it. He would attend every rehearsal, dance practice, and shoot. If he got the chance he would even help out. Of course there’s always the itty bitty feeling of jealousy because who wants anyone feeling up on their girl. In between shots he would shower you with compliments on how well you looked and bring you food. He was there through every step. Now comes the bed seen through the entire shooting he would have his face scrunched up in this almost disgusted look he would try to smile through it because he wanted to be supportive but you could feel his discomfort with the situation. You had talked about it before hand and he had voiced his opinion about how the idea wasn’t his favorite but this is what you do and he never doubted your love or trust so he told the himself he would just have to suck it up. The minute the bed sceen was over be rushed to your side and covered you with a robe he may have agreed with this idea but the thought of other people seeing what was for his eyes only did not settle with him. The day of the m/v release he was telling everybody and anybody to watch and stream it.

“ okay babe I think they get it you don’t have to keep telling them”

“You worked hard and it needs to be recognized.”

“I appreciate the free promotion and all but your starting to annoy the staff.”

“It’s just that I’m proud of you and that’s the last time you ever do a bed scence with anybody else it’s me.” *wiggles eyebrows*

“You disgust me Joshua Hong.

Later that night y'all has some bomb ass sex jkjk he wasn’t going let his feelings get in the way of your goals in life and no matter his opinion on your work he was there to cheer you on.

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Seungkwan:The very extra Seungkwan before your company even started promoting your new project he’d be hyping you hope. He seemed to be more excited then you. He was giving out ideas for the m/v left and right there was no stopping him. The one idea he obviously didn’t agree with was the bed scence the second you told him a scowl made its way upon his face. Seungkwan had not problem voice his problem with the idea. Lots of eye rolls came your way. When he first met the other boys you could see that he wasn’t all to happy becoming buddy buddy with the guys that would be sharing a bed with his shirtless girlfriend.(Petty ass but that ain’t none if my business) He helped you as much as possible. Told you how to make your voice stronger and carry out your notes effortlessly. All in all he was very supportive but he always made time to mention how unhappy he was with having someguys arm wrapped around you. When the shooting started you could practically hear his sighs from across the room. He wasn’t completely focused on the actual scence he didn’t wanna get himself worked up over something that would only last five minutes you both were confident in your relationship so there’s no reason for him to feel uneasy about the situation.

“Stop glaring at them will you.”

“ Not glaring at them just but look at those smug looks bet they’re happy to be feeling all up on you.”

“Nobody was feeling all up on anybody. Chill babe.”

“Bet they’re gonna go and brag to their friends.”

“Look drama queen it’s just a m/v nothing more nothing less. If it makes you feel better you can feel all up on me later.”

“Mhmm you’re very tempting.”

You could see even when he looked rather displeased that he enjoyed watching you achieve your goals and that he was happy to be apart of that journey.

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DK:A literal ball of sunshine like he wouldn’t even be jealous this isn’t the first time you’ve done a shoot like this so he’s not even worrying about you not keeping it professional not that you would ever cross that line. He couldn’t be there all the time due to his hectic schedule but when he could he be there showering you with compliments, hugs and kisses. He got along with the guys great greeting them with a polite bow and a huge smile. Every opportunity he got he would brag to everybody literally nobody was off limits. He’d the first to stream and download the song. Total fanboy when the actual m/v was released.

“Look at my girlfriend isn’t she beautiful.”

“Did you see that. DID YOU SEE THAT!”

Did you see that move she just did.“

"Her singing is so good!”

Literally abusing the person next to him he’s so excited. You wouldn’t be able to watch it together but the minute the video ended. He was on the phone with you practically screaming your ear off about how good you guys did and he was just super impressed by you. A very proud boyfriend.

🦄A/N: Excuse my mistakes ( I don’t proof read just skim and see if I can spot a mistake😂😭)also excuse this shitty writing If you couldn’t tell the bed scene is the one from the 365 Fresh M/V by Triple H

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