wiggle power

I don’t know what happened in this picture.  Original I was just drawing Wiggles, and the next thing I knew I had a real life skateboard and 90s surfer lingo.

Regardless Happy Bday!  I hope you enjoyed it.


Baaaaaahahaha I DONT THINK YOU COULD IMPROVE ON THIS AT ALL because this is amazing and perfect. The real life skateboard makes it all the better. RADICAL, PEM. WOOGITY WOOGITY WOOGITY

You thought Id be stumped by this.. Little do you know this was my favorite kids show. I already have thoughts about this.

Favourite character:

Greg (yellow wiggle)Funniest character:

captain feathersword, hilarity at its finest 

Best-looking character:

Greg, also

3 favourite ships:

dori the dinosaur and the dog I don’t remember it’s name. They’re all that really matter 

Least favourite character:

The blue wiggle, he scared me to my core

Least favourite ship:

all of the ships on that show are well warranted 

Reason why I watch it: 

its the finest program available to humans

Why I started watching it:

so child abducters could easily abduct me