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One More Chance


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Member & Group: Mark Tuan, GOT7

Type: Angst/Fluff

Warning(s): Suggestion of abortion, Mark is OOC

  Your hands were shaking terribly as you unlocked the door to the apartment you shared with your long-term boyfriend, Mark. You still couldn’t believe that the doctor had just confirmed your pregnancy. Mark was at the peak of his career, how would this effect him? Surely it would have a negative impact on GOT7. You collapsed onto the couch, placing a hand over your mouth and letting a few tears leak from your eyes. It wasn’t that you didn’t want kids—in fact, you had dreamed of starting a family with your boyfriend ever since the two of you had gotten serious, it was just that you were so young. 

  With these thoughts crowding your mind, you fell asleep, curled in fetal-position on the soft cushion of the couch with tear tracks running down your cheeks. You dreamt of Mark kissing your stomach with joy, sweeping you into his arms and telling you that he was excited to be a father. The two of you had went over possible names, settling on one for a boy and one for a girl. 

  You woke up to the front door slamming closed. Jerking up from your curled position, you saw Mark stomping through the living room and into the kitchen, where he leaned over the sink and breathed deeply.

  “Oppa? Are you alright?” You asked cautiously, ambling over to him and placing your cheek against his taunt back.

  “Just a stressful day. JB wasn’t in a very good mood, and he took that out on us.” Mark turned around and wrapped his arms around you while kissing the top of your head. “How was your day, (Y/N)? Nothing exciting happened without me, right?”

  “Well, actually, I have to tell you something.” Your voice was quivering with dread, absolutely terrified of how he would react. Mark sensed this and pulled out of the hug, looking you directly in the eyes with concern on his face.

  “It’s alright, you can tell me, jagiya. I’m not going to get mad at you, I promise.” You averted your eyes from his, wringing your fingers together nervously.

  “M-Mark…I’m, um, I’m pregnant.” Mark backed away from you slowly, a look of disbelief shadowing his features.

  “No, no, no. This cannot be happening.” Mark mumbled, running his hands through his hair repeatedly. He walked up to you and grabbed your shoulders, holding them so tight it was close to being painful. “Please tell me your lying, that this is a joke, anything but this!”

  “I-I wouldn’t lie to you, Mark. I’m s-sorry, but it’s going to be okay. We’ll raise this child together, and it will be alright.” You put your hands on his cheeks, hoping that he wouldn’t leave you because of this.

  “No, we won’t.” He said sternly.

  “What else is there to do?” You asked curiously, pulling away from him in disappointment. 

  “What the hell do you mean ‘what else is there to do’? Get rid of it.” Mark snapped at you, glaring at your stomach. 

  “Oppa, that’s not funny.” You gasped, putting a protective hand over your belly.

  “I’m not kidding. Stop this while we’re ahead, and there’s nothing to worry about.” Shaking your head, tears brimmed your eyes as you ran to the couch and picked up your purse. 

  You pulled out a small disk and threw it at him, sobbing as you spoke, “I’m only five weeks along, so we couldn’t see the baby, but there’s the heartbeat. Right there, that’s the sound of the little baby you want to terminate. Our child. Your child, Mark.”

  You ran to the bedroom, throwing some clothes into a duffel-bag and walking back out to the living room where Mark stood looking emotionless and cold. 

  “You don’t want this baby? Fine, I’ll do this on my own.” You grabbed your purse and sprinted out the door, not bothering to take your apartment keys from the hook—you wouldn’t be needing them again.

*                                                         *                                                                *

Eleven months later: 

  Your beautiful baby boy, Tsai, giggled up at you as you bounced him on your hip. You were walking along the Namhansanseong Fortress, looking out as the dying rays of sunlight illuminated the stunning mountains which surrounded you. Stopping to catch your breath a bit, you jumped up onto the side of one of the walls, placing Tsai on your lap and kissing his nose. He shriveled up his face, bringing his small hand up to cover the spot you pecked, making you laugh in adoration.

  “I love you so much, Tsai. Do you love me?” You questioned, though you knew he probably couldn’t understand you. To your surprise, the child smiled at you, showing his gums proudly. He looked like Mark, a spitting image of him, actually—the only resemblance to you was his eye color.

  “Aw, your baby’s so cute. How old is he?” A very familiar voice asked from your right. Looking over, your mouth dropped open to see Youngjae standing and smiling. Well, he was smiling until he recognized you. “(Y/N)!”

  “Youngjae, what are you doing here?” You inquired, hopping down from the wall and looking behind him. You froze when you saw the rest of GOT7 gazing at the scenery around them. 

  “We got the day off, so we did some exploring. Um, when did you have a kid? And why did you just disappear?” He turned to look at the rest of the members, waving them over.

  “No, Youngjae, don’t—” You were too late. They were already walking in your direction.

  “Hey, is that…” Jackson trailed off, looking at Mark with surprise on his face.

  “(Y/N).” Your name fell from Mark’s lips in a shocked whisper, his eyes zooming in on the small bundle in your arms.

 “Hello, Mark. This has been really nice, but I think I’ll be going.” You stated, slinging the diaper bag over your shoulder and fast-walking in the other direction. You didn’t get far before a hand grasped your elbow, turning you around to face him.

  “Is that…” Mark reached out to touch Tsai’s patch of soft hair, but you jerked back before he could come into contact with him.

  “Your son? Yes, this is Tsai, he’s two months old.” You informed him, smiling fondly down at your son while talking. 

  “Where have you been staying this whole time?” Your former partner asked uneasily. He was still staring at his son.

  “A hotel in Seoul.” You said shortly, narrowing your eyes at him and pulling Tsai closer to you.

  “By yourself?” Mark was astounded and extremely concerned from the sound of it. 

  “Why do you care? You’re the one who wanted to ‘get rid of it’.” You reminded him. Mark’s feature’s softened when Tsai yawned cutely, reaching up and pulling on your hair lightly.

  “Please, I was stupid, I was just scared. I’ve regretted it ever since, and I don’t want to lose you again. I tried to find you, but you didn’t tell anyone where you were. Forgive me, (Y/N). Please, please forgive me.” He dropped to his knees, looking up at you with teary eyes. Immediately, you realized that you’d never even thought about how all of this would make Mark feel, and now you regretted it.

  “Stand up, Mark.” He obeyed, giving you a pleading gaze. “Do you want to hold him?”

  “What? I mean, yes, absolutely. Can I really?” You nodded shyly, handing the child to Mark carefully. Tsai immediately began to cry when you released him, but the sobbing ceased when Mark let him hold his finger in his tiny grasp. “What did you say his name was?”

  “It’s Tsai.” You said quietly, watching as Tsai looked up at his father in amazement, smiling from ear to ear at him. 

  “That’s a beautiful name. Oh! He’s smiling!” Mark gasped, grinning right back at his kid. This made the infant laugh with glee, stretching his arms up to the sky and wiggling in Mark’s arms. The man looked at you in alarm, afraid he would drop him. You took Tsai back into your hold, who then began to tear up.

  “He wants his dad to hold him.” You smiled gently, watching as Mark took the baby back and hugged him to his chest. 

  “God, (Y/N), our baby is so beautiful.” Mark gaped at the child, kissing all over his face before looking at you with love in his eyes.

  “He looks just like you, Oppa. He even acts like you.” You told him. Mark stepped towards you hesitantly, pressing his lips to your forehead before whispering:

  “Please let me back into your life, I never stopped loving you, and I want to be in my son’s life.” A drop of liquid hit your face, and you noticed that Mark had begun to cry.

  “Okay, I’ll give you another chance. But, you need to be up to the challenge of getting up several times a night, changing diapers and keeping Tsai occupied.” Mark nodded quickly, kissing you hard as the members whooped and cat-called behind him.

  “I’ll do anything. Thank you so much, (Y/N), thank you.” 

  You had taken a taxi to the fortress, so you rode home with Mark and the boys in their van. You informed all of them of where you had been staying and working, choosing not to reveal exactly why—though it was apparent. 

  “So, where did you come up with the name Tsai?” BamBam asked on the way home. You smiled softly, glancing over at Mark, who was playing with Tsai.

  “Oh, it came to me in dream.”