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5 Things to know about the Danny Phantom Phandom

1. They are absolutely insane. The show has been cancelled for 10 years and the fandom is still very active and engaged. They just don’t know what to give up the ghost (pun COMPLETELY intended because, this phandom lives on dead puns)

2. A good 50% of Phandom headcanons and materials are better, more interesting and more well thought out than canon. About 30% is the most heartbreaking, disturbing, horrifying angst you never imagined could exist. The remaining 20% is the weirdest, most bizarre crack that become phandom inside jokes.

3. We talk about a reboot a lot but Hartman recently put up some new material speculating on what happened to the characters and most of the Phandom huddled in a corner around their beautiful fics and headcanons and hissed. Most Phans live for the fanon and have no interest in adhering to proper canon.

4. The shipnames are weird af and you have to squint your eyes and turn your head to make sense of half of them. Like??? Timely Intelligence? Makeup Honor?? Psycho Cereal??? What kind of names are these (you don’t even want to know what these ships are for because some of them are wiggity wiggity whack yo)

5. Everyone fandom has their dark spots but I can truly say that after 4 years very active in the Phandom and 8 years on and off, this is one of the nicest, most open and welcomes fandoms I’ve ever been in. There are problems sure but I met some amazing, kind and talented people in this fandom.

Bingiplier as Dippy Fresh part 1
  • Wilford: That's why i've prepared a back up search engine with a more supportive attitude
  • *Bingiplier skates in*
  • Bing: Wiggity, Wiggity what's up dude bros?! I'm Bingiplier! I like skateboarding, supporting my friends and punctuating every sentence with a high five *raises hand*
  • Bim: Oh don't mind if I
  • Google: *clears throat*
  • Bim: Sorry I can't leave him hanging *high fives*
  • Google: You're dead to me

theitalianscribe  asked:

Prompt: the Mabel born during the Transcendence (who is is Mabel's mindscape?) And Dippy Fresh hanging out in Mabel's mindscape. Madness ensues.

It was unfair of her perhaps. Or unkind. Or both. 

And while Mabel begrudged Dipper nothing, would gladly share almost anything of herself with him, she still needed some privacy and space. And since her mind was not the sacrosanct place it used to be, she occasionally had to play dirty.

“What’s his wiggity wiggity whackalack deal?”

Mabel smiled, and took another sip of her tea as her real brother, her actual brother, fled like a big chicken from the sight of the guest at her tea table.

“I have no idea, my freshest of all my brothers. More peppermint tea?”

Dippy Fresh did a complicated hand sign which produced some unreal colors and five dimensional shapes which Mabel took to mean yes.

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on dippy fresh? especially on how violently dipper reacted to him (idk if you've seen the deleted scene abt dipper snapping his neck? that was wild)

boy this is a can of worms probably better left closed. but,

I think Dippy Fresh embodies a lot of what Dipper considers to be his own inadequacies; Dippy’s confident, cool, “fun”, someone people like and want to hang out with. Someone his sister seems to prefer over him.

Obviously that’s not true. Mabel was just upset and hurt and wanted a brother who wouldn’t leave her at the time. But Dipper going through hell to rescue a sister who seemingly doesn’t want to be saved and has replaced him with someone she (seemingly) thinks is better, who also happens to represent a lot of his deepest insecurities, is about the emotional equivalent of Stan being socked in the face after rescuing Ford from the portal–maybe worse.

“Yeah! Wiggity-wiggity-what’s up, dude-bros? I’m Dippy Fresh! I like skateboarding, supporting my sister, and punctuating every sentence with a high five!”

That’s a freaking blow, man.

And Dipper is understandably upset. That anger’s not really directed at Mabel, probably because Dipper blames himself for what happened to her and thinks he deserves this, thinks she’s justified in being upset and wanting to hurt him, because he hurt her and he knows she’s scared. Instead a lot of the anger goes toward Dippy Fresh. 

Dippy’s everything Dipper isn’t, and some of which, I think, Dipper wishes he was. He’s jealous. Everyone seems to like the “new and improved” Dipper more. He’s probably straight up annoyed because Dippy’s just obnoxious. And he’s furious because Dippy represents his failing as a brother. He screwed up. He wasn’t good enough. He got replaced.

Whether Bill intended for Dippy Fresh to exist or not, I definitely think Dippy was meant to rile Dipper up and get he and Mabel fighting. But Dipper feels too bad to place any blame really on Mabel so the blame falls on him and it doesn’t work. He’s just really angry at himself instead.

Which is how I rationalize Dipper aggressively killing a version of himself in Dippy Fresh. He hates what Dippy Fresh is and he hates why Dippy Fresh exists so screw that guy. He’s taking his place back as Mabel’s brother and he’s gonna do a way better job of it than Dippy ever did. Not to say Dipper’s about to start wearing his cap backwards, but he’s going to a better brother, in his eyes, this time around.

If Dippy was meant to expand the rift between the twins too, or even represent the rift itself here, then by killing Dippy, Dipper’s also tearing down the last barrier of sorts standing between he and Mabel, the last potential obstacle that could cause problems between them.

this is literally the best digital drawing i’ve made in my life oh my god

it took me less then 30 minutes so,, :D

oh yeah!! i watched the emoji movie in 3D yesterday and gOSH DANG DIDDLY WIGGITY WIGGITY D A R N .

tbh it’s not the greatest movie ever. so if you’re choosing to go watch the movie despicable me 3 and the emoji movie, i recommend you to go to despicable me 3

i need to see despicable me 3,,, aND CARS 3 TOO


we had a cd for cars and i remember it being scratched up so we couldn’t really watch it lol

k i’m done,,


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How the Nordics introduce themselves

APH Denmark: Wiggity wiggity what’s up, dude bros? I’m Denny Fresh! I like Legos, supporting my family, and punctuating every sentence with a high five!

APH Sweden: My name’s Berwaldface and I care what you think

APH Norway: I’m a highly functioning coffeephile, do your research.

APH Finland: I see you when you’re sleeping. I know when you’re awake. I know if you’ve been bad or not so be good for goodness sake because god damn it the coal is ruining my carpet.

APH Iceland: I’m beauty I’m grace I’m not Alaska for God’s sake.

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