NEXT BATCH OF NEW SHERLOCK BLENDS DONE! I am so sorry I can’t stop doing the thing.

All of my other  Sherlock blends are still available on Adagio (x)! Keep an eye out for more new blends soon!

Wiggos kit for 2013

What’s in the picture? This spread displays Bradley Wiggins’s kit for 2013. Pictured are roughly 300 items of clothing (a good chunk of which are socks; each rider gets blue, black and white socks, both short and long), including the standard jerseys and shorts but also the new Team Sky belt, chamois cream, Paul Smith-designed shoes, transfer jacket and essentials case. Wiggins also gets a few personalised items, like ‘mod target’ base layers. Ian Stannard’s base layers have ‘Merci Essex’ on the chest.