Drop Me A Line - Asks as Beatles’ Singles

Love Me Do - top 5 favorite love songs?
From Me To You  - do you write letters?
Thank You Girl - person in your life you’re most thankful for?
She Loves You - favorite band?
I’ll Get You - favorite solo artist?
I Want To Hold Your Hand - right handed or left handed?
This Boy - favorite instrument?
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand) - how many languages do you speak?
Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You)  - favorite place you’ve been?
Long Tall Sally - Height?
I Call Your Name  - last person you called?
Slow Down - favorite song to drive to?
Matchbox - do you smoke?
I Feel Fine - song i like to listen to when I’m happy?
She’s a Woman - top 5 favorite female singers?
Bad Boy - top 5 favorite male singers?
Yes It Is - best concert you’ve been to?
I’m Down - song i like to listen to when I’m sad?
We Can Work It Out - whats more important to you, peace or standing up for what you think is right?
Paperback Writer - favorite book?
Rain - favorite weather?
Lady Madonna - are you religious?
The Inner Light - sunrise or sunset?
Hey Jude - artist you most want to meet/hang out with?
Revolution - what song/album would you put on repeat right now?
Get Back - old fad you wish would come back?
Don’t Let Me Down - song that reminds you of a friend?
The Ballad Of John And Yoko - favorite lyric?
Old Brown Shoe - favorite outfit?
Across The Universe - where do you want to travel to?
Let It Be  - last song you listened to so much that someone eventually made you turn it off?
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - what would you name a son/daughter?


show: hey pay attention here while creepy nurses bring in IV bags full of this new memory-erasing drug

show (a little later): and now wiggins is going to literally point out the special drugs he’s been mixing up for sherlock in an IV bag

show: but, uh…

show: don’t worry about that second one, it’s probably nothing


The three amazing gifs above were created by the lovely @rominatrix. :D I’m in the midst of writing/brainstorming my first fic in almost a decade (!!!!), and I wanted a gif showcasing how John and Martin acts when he’s angry and wishing to inflict harm on someone. After revisiting this scene in HLV and screaming THIS IS IT!, I inquired about having her create gifs for me since she’s doing commissions. If you’re interested in having her do gifs for you (cause she’s great and you too can have kick ass gifs), check out her commissions URL here!

The Child In Time

So I don’t like the ending of the new movie Ben C is in. I sherlollified it, and made it better. Enjoy!

Some angst, a happy ending.

The worst twelve hours of her life, of all of their lives. Molly had been at the shops, Rosie Watson hanging onto the hem of her coat while Molly reached for some boxes of macaroni and cheese off the top shelf. Rosie knew to always hold onto Molly’s coat, always. Something must have caught her eye, because the next thing Molly knew, little Rosie was gone. Gone in the crowded Tesco and no one seemed to know where she’d gotten to. Molly had thrust her phone into the face of every employee and person in the queue, begging them to identify the smiling little girl who decorated her phone’s background. 

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These are for you!!!

Sherlock Holmes fancast

Richard Armitage as Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Darvill as Dr John Watson

Toby Jones as Mycroft Holmes

Maggie Smith as Mrs Hudson

Gary Oldman as Inspector G Lestrade

Natalie Dormer as Mary Morstan

Cate Blanchett as Irene Adler

Daniel Huttlestone as Wiggins

Bill Nighy as Professor James Moriarty 

Russell Crowe as Colonel Sebashtion Moran

David Tennant as Charles Augustus Milverton

All is Fair

Holmes and I had just turned onto Baker Street on our return from a stroll in Regents Park, when my companion grasped me by the wrist and dragged me back around the corner.

“Whatever is the matter?” I asked of the fellow. “Have we an enemy lying in wait for us, somewhere?”

My companion only snorted in response. He was on his knees in the slush, gathering a handful of snow that had not yet been trodden into a filthy, sodden mess.

“What the deuce are you doing, old fellow?”

“Will you be quiet?” he snapped in response. “Make yourself useful, Watson; are those carol singers still singing?”

I stared down at him in disbelief. “Holmes, you simply cannot throw snowballs at the carolers!”

He gave an aggrieved sniff and raised his eyes to meet my gaze. “I do not intend to throw snow at all of them! I simply wish to throw snow at the young scoundrel at the back of the group.”

The ‘young scoundrel’ in question, I discovered when I inspected the group, was Wiggins, one of Holmes’ Irregulars.

“But why would you wish to throw snow at Wiggins? He is among your best Irregulars!”

“He is the most resourceful,” he responded peevishly. “And also the most cheeky. He hit me with no less than three snowballs yesterday and encouraged some of the younger and more easily led of the Irregulars to do the same.”

I patted my friend’s shoulder sympathetically. This explained how he had come to be so wet and chilled when he arrived home, to say nothing of his foul temper, that evening.

Holmes stood, brushed off his knees, and then we crossed the road so that we would be walking behind the singers, many of which were members of Holmes’ Irregulars. As we passed them, Holmes artfully threw his projectile without drawing the slightest attention to us.

“Oi!” Wiggins protested with a gasp as his hat was knocked from atop his head. “Who did that? Who threw that?”

Holmes pressed a finger to his lips and addressed me with a satisfied smile. “The debt is paid,” said he, softly, with a twinkle in his eye. With that, we re-crossed the road and returned to our welcoming hearth and a warming drink.