Heavenly Hell

Finn Balor x Reader

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Prompt: Finn on a beach, pondering on our girl as she swam. His thoughts alternate between her physical qualities and her demeanor – pretty much her whole person, and how he felt about her lately. And when she withdraws from the water, the sight of her emerging from te sea, Finn realizes he has fallen deep for her

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Marty Scurll x Reader

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#16: Stop! Mercy, I surrender!

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“For gods sake stop singing!” you giggled. Marty was giving his best interpreation of Stand by me.

“Only if you join in!” he laughed in between the singing. You shook your head sternly, “oh come on Y/N. Let me here your angel voice.” he wiggled with his eyebrows.

“No chance Cowboy.” you shook your head and focused back on the book you were reading. As much as you loved Marty you couldn’t bare his singing… at least not while you were trying to read.

“Hey you Party pooper, try and have fun for once!” he teased you, tossing your book on the other side of the couch. You huffed and crossed your arms infront of your chest, looking up at him slightly annoyed. If Marty had set himself a goal he wouldn’t let go of it till he got what he wanted.

“Oh darling, darling!” Marty screeched,“won’t you dance with me?” he improvised making you chuckle and shaking your head emberassed. Marty ingnored your dissaproving and tugged you from the couch. You stood firmly planted in the middle of the room, Marty wiggeling around and sometimes even against you. You couldn’t help yourself but laugh.

Stop! Mercy, I surrender!” you giggled after a while. The song had changed to faster one. Marty was breathless from wiggling various body parts uncontrollably but smiled at you.

“Could I persuade you in the end?” he chuckled and put his arms around your waist, bringing you close to him.

“Not really… I’m just afraid I will die of cringing eventually.” you teased him.

“Then let me hear your beautiful voice now!” he fake pouted.

Fun on the tourbus (Luke)*


Anonymous said: “Can you please do a Luke one or 4/4 where you two are having sex in the tourbus or at a hotel and the boys hear and embarrass you the next day?”

of course, love! thank you for requesting x


“I promise they’re asleep, please baby.” Luke whispers into your ear. 

“I don’t know Luke, what if we wake them up then?” You say nervously, but you can’t ignore the feeling of lust taking over your body, especially not with your smoking hot (shirtless) boyfriend this close.

You are visiting Luke and his band while they’re on tour. You and Luke hadn’t seen each other for over four months before today, and you are both desperate for some physical affection. The only problem is that you’re on the tourbus, with three sleeping band mates only a few feet away from your and Luke’s bunk. 

“I guess we’ll just have to be quiet then.” He says, letting his lips trail down your neck. “I need you.” Luke growls into your ear. Growls. You can’t say no anymore, you want this just as much as he does, and like he said, you’ll just have to be quiet. 

You connect your lips with his, placing your hands behind his neck. You can feel him smirk in victory before he quickly deepens the kiss. You can already feel his arousal bulging in his underwear, turning you on even more. 

After some struggles, all of your clothes are discarded and pushed down to the end of the bunk. You both have to compromise a bit, since the bunk is quite small and is made to fit only one person. You are lying on your back while Luke is hoveing above you, hungrily attacking you neck as you pump his erection. 

“You ready?” He whispers seductively into your ear. You nod eagerly and line him up with your entrance, your legs around his waist. He kisses you as he slowly pushes in, but there is no need to be genle, you can’t feel any pain what so ever due to the fact that you are already so wet. You press your heels into his back to urge him to go faster, to which he happily obliges. You remember to keep quiet, suffocating your moans by biting your lip and throw your head back. Your eyes are shut in pleasure as Luke thrusts in to you.

“God, you feel so good. I’ve missed you so fucking much, baby girl.” Luke whispers, nibbling at your ear lobe. You let out a quiet moan in response. 

“Faster Luke. Harder.”

You can’t begin to describe how good it feels to finally be with Luke, four months without each other is a long time. Especially for you and Luke. 

He is using one of his hands to kneed your boob, while the other one supports his weight. He captures your silent groans with his mouth, licking his way into your mouth. He increases the speed of his thrusts, his hips colliding with yours is now the only sound that can be heard. Luke is rough tonight, making up for all the lost time with each time he pushes into you, not that you mind, not at all. 

“Fuck, I’m so fucking close.” Luke groans into your neck, hitting your most pleasureable spot with each thrust, making you cry out in pleasure. 

“Me too.” You say. “Shit, Luke, more.” You groan, almost at the edge. 

You both moan each other’s name, along with a line of profanities, as you come. Luke shoots his load inside of you, riding out both of your orgasms before he falls down on top of you. You’re both a panting mess, but it was totally worth it. 

“Thank you, that was bloody amazing.” Luke says and pulls out of you to plop down next to you instead, pulling you in to his side. “I really needed that.”

“It was. We can’t ever let it go four months again before we do it. It was unbearable.”

“I agree.” He laughs, kissing the top of your head before he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck. 


You wake up the next morning with your head on Luke’s bare chest and his arms wrapped securely around your body. His hands are trailing up and down your back, drawing random shapes on your skin with his finger tips. You lift your head to see him looking down at you with a lazy smile on his lips. ‘Morning Luke’ is one of your favorite Luke’s, his hair is alway a mess, pointing in every direction possible, and his voice, oh dear lord, his voice makes butterflies in your stomach errupt and your knees weak. You jut love how slow and sleepy he is, and always in need of cuddles.

“Hi.” He says, voice full of sleep.

“Hi.” You say back, smiling. 

After another twenty minutes of just lying in your bunk, talking and cuddling, you decide to go up and have some breakfast. You walk into the 'kitchen part’ of the bus, where the other boys are already sitting.

“Look who’s up guys! The love couple.” Michael says, wiggeling his eyebrows. 

“How are you feeling Y/N?” Calum asks.

“Uh, I’m fine. Thanks.” You answer carefully, confused of their strange behaviour. You turn around to help Luke with the breakfast, pouring some cereal and milk into two bowls.

“Ah, Luke, faster! Harder!" 

You turn around and see all of the guys laughing hysterically at you, mocking you. 

"You should have heard youself last night! 'Fuck, Y/N, you feel so good’.” Calum says, trying to imitate Luke. 

You can feel your cheeks starting to heat up from embarassment. “We thought you were asleep.”

“We were, but no one can sleep through all that moaning! You were like fucking animals! Are you sure you can even walk Y/N?” Michael laughs. 

“Okay guys. I think we’re being a little mean.” Ashton says.

“Thank you Ash. You are all being extremely mean.” Luke says.

“They weren’t that loud.” Ashton says before he breaks out into laughter, the other guys joing in. 

You shake your head, “at least Luke is getting some, I can’t recall the last time any of you got any action, except from your right hand of course.” You say, smirking. They all get quiet. Luke leans down and gives you a kiss, right after he gives the boys a very nasty glance, and says, “you go girl.” Smirking.


A/N: I hope you liked this one! Tell me your thoughts! (sorry for any misspellings, I always write these like in the middle of the night, idek, sorry) xx

When I’m Gone part 2

A/N: Hey there! and it’s here, part 2 of when I’m gone! Thank you so much for reading this story! hope y’all like it :D read part 1 here

Summary: Y/N gets into an accident and her soul gets stuck in Newt’s body.

Character pairing: Newt x Reader

Warnings: None

I didn’t know what to do, but I was glad Newt finally left the medjack hut. It was a little unsettling staring at my unconscious body. From their conversation I realized I had been unconscious for an entire night, and that means Newt had his injury untreated for an entire night. I kind of understood why he was so worried. I didn’t think I was dead…yet, but I had no clue on how to return to my body either. There wasn’t much I could do anyway, no one could see me or hear me.Not even Newt. Newt went to see Alby who was overlooking the builders work. We found Alby talking to Gally about some issues with the supplies. When Alby saw Newt they stopped talking “How is she Newt?” Newt shook his head “Still unconscious.” Gally snorted “Well at least now she won’t cause any trouble” “Shut your filthy mouth Gally! It’s all your shucking fault Y/N is lying half dead in the medjack hut. This wouldn’t have happened if you just minded your own shucking business !” Newt snapped. Gally was taken aback but Alby stepped in “That’s enough Newt, we’re all stressed. We lost enough today.” Gally walked away looking sour faced. 

 “He’s just upset about losing Ben” said our leader. Newt shook his head, “I should be upset about that, but all I feel is anger, and that scene of her on top of y/n attacking her keeps flashing before my eyes” “Newt”” No you don’t get it Alby! I almost lost her! I might have just lost her already! and the last conversation we had was an argument. She would’ve died hating me! How am I going to live with that fact!” I suddenly felt really sad, I wasn’t close to Ben, but the fact that he was probably banished was depressing, and hearing Newt grieve over me broke my heart. I started wondering if everything I thought up till now about him not caring about me was not true.

 Newt went back to working in the gardens but he kept to himself. He shouted at the few gladers who tried to approach him, and he even through a Tomato at one who I realized had once tripped me when I was carrying my food on purpose. His mind was in pain, I could feel it, but I couldn’t do anything to help. “ Put in a little more force and you’ll probably snap those vines.” said Zart as he walked up to Newt. “I’m sorry man” he sighed. “You’re worried about her, I know” Newt nodded “Why don’t you take a break and go clear your head?” Newt shook his head “Nah mate, I need to be kept occupied, otherwise I keep remembering her face, her hurt expression when she ran away, her look of absolute fear when Ben attacked her, and shuck, bloody hell Zart why did this happen?” Zart smiled sadly “ Maybe you should have been more honest with her Newt” Honest? I wondered what Zart meant by that. Newt clenched his jaw “ I gotta go.” “What are you going to do?” asked Zart. “Things I should’ve done a long time ago”. “Oh Newt, what are you up to now” I mumbled despite knowing he wouldn’t be able to hear me. 

 I was surprised to see him enter the builder’s area again. He walked up to Gally. “Gally, can I have a word?” Gally grunted in response but still stopped what ever he was doing and came up to Newt. “What?” “When y/n wakes up, I want you to stay ten feet away from her, you got that?”Newt said in an icy cold manner “ Unless its a direct order from Alby I do not want to see you going anywhere near her. Even if you are injured and dying, you will not have her tending to you, and if Clint and Jeff are busy too then get someone else, I don’t care if you die from a buggin infection, but you Stay.Away.From Her. got that? if you don’t I will make your life hell so much so that you’ll prefer runnin into the maze than staying here.” Gally stood there stunned and speechless. He just nodded and Newt walked away. If I was in my body I’m pretty sure my cheeks would have been burning red for what Newt had just done for me.

 After that he went to every glader who had harassed or pulled mean pranks on me and threatened everyone of them. The gladers were left shocked and speechless, they had never seen this cold and scary side of Newt before, neither had I, and to tell the truth I found it quite sexy. The last person he went to was Alby, and this shocked me the most. “We need to talk” he said as he entered the hut “About?” replied Alby “It’s about y/n, you need to stop being harsh on her, just because she’s the only girl in the glade Alby” Alby shrugged “I’m not being hard n her Newt, I’m being fair! Do you think it’s right for me to be partial towards her just because she’s a girl? what will the other boys think!” Newt banged his fist on the table “I’ll tell you what they think now Alby, they think that they can do what ever they want when it comes to her and get away with it! and you know what? That’s what’s been happening the past two weeks! That argument with Gally wasn’t even her fault! She was protecting Chuck! Something you and I should be doing!” Alby kept silent and stared at Newt “Fine” he sighed “I will try to be less harsh on her from now on.” “Oh you will be mate” said Newt “Because I won’t let you hurt her.” and with that he walked out of the hut..My mind was swirling with emotions. I couldn’t believe Newt cared so much about me, or was this regret? and guilt? I wasn’t sure but I still felt pretty overwhelmed.

 A little later Newt met Minho and Thomas. “She hasn’t woken up yet huh?” said Thomas and Newt’s head drooped. “Come on Sleeping Beauty it’s time to wake up” said Minho, I mentally smiled, It was nice to see someone thought I was beautiful, I wondered if Newt thought so as well. “You know Newt, you should just tell her everything” said Thomas “Well I cant bloody well do that now Tommy, can I? She’s not even awake! I don’t know when she’ll wake up!” What were they talking about? even Zart had said something similar. “Yea but, just I don’t know try telling her, maybe she’ll wake up, who knows maybe she’s just waiting for an apology” Good job Thomas, I thought, an apology would be nice, although I don’t know if I’ll wake up with just that.

  The three of them spoke for a while and then Newt headed off to the showers. Wait, the showers, was Newt planning on taking a shower? This could not be happening, I could feel my innocent mind being slowly corrupted. It wasn’t that I thought Newt would be displeasing to the eye, heck I’d be lying if I hadn’t sometimes imagined how he’d look if he chucked the tank top, but naked? no no I wasn’t ready for that, I’d feel like some pervert! a peeping Tom! Newt walked into one of the showers and removed his hoodie, he then threw his tank top into a corner. I tried not to look at first, but when I did damn, boy was I glad I decided to take a look. He had a fine toned chest, lean yet muscular just like his arms.” I could look at that all the day” I said to myself. He then proceeded to remove his pants and then I started freaking out. “No,no,no STOP NEWT! I CAN SEE EVERYTHING! please stop otherwise If I wake up, I’ll never be able to look at you with a straight face again!” I don’t know if he heard me but he stopped. He hit his head on the wall and switched on the shower, and slowly sunk to the ground as the water fell on his naked torso.”Newt” I said hoping somehow he would hear me, but he didn’t “I’m so sorry y/n” he mumbled as he kept his eyes shut and let the water soak him.

 A few minutes later he walked out, his pants partially drenched. Newt made his way towards the medjack hut again. “I wonder what he wants” I said to nobody in particular. he came and sat beside my body. “y/n” he said as he brushed my bangs to the side of my face “Wake up love, please wake up” he placed his palm over mine “ I promise everything will be better when you wake up y/n, I won’t let anyone do you wrong. I’ll make sure everyone’s nice to you. You won’t have to suffer anymore, you can go back to being that fun loving cheery girl I know you are deep within.” if I had been in my body I was sure I would have shed a tear by now “And I’m sorry for ignoring you the past few weeks, I’m really bloody sorry. I was a slinthead. I won’t do it again. You see the truth is, the truth is I’m in love with you” I could feel my imaginary heart beating radically now, did Newt just say he loved me!? this made no sense! “I only ignored yo because, because I was afraid to love you, afraid that it wouldn’t work out, that I might get my heart broken,or things would end badly. You’re the only beautiful thing in this hellhole, and losing you would just make this place unbearable again. So please, even though you probably hate me now, please please wake up. I know I’m being selfish, but do it for me. Do it for this shank who forgets how to smile when you’re not around.” Newt stared at my body, but I made no signs of movement. I really wanted to hug him right then and was praying to any God I could remember to send me back to my body now. Newt gazed at my face lovingly and stroked my cheek gently, and before I knew it he was bending down towards my face. I internally squealed watching the scene unfold before me till Newt finally closed his eyes and placed a warm gentle kiss on my lips. 

 I felt something soft and moist on my lips and instinctively I kissed back. “Y/n?!” I heard Newt say in a shaking voice and I opened my eyes. I saw him staring at me in disbelief. “Newt?” I stammered, His eyes widened and a look of relief washed over him  “y/n! you’re awake!”  I looked down at my palms, I stretched my fingers and then wiggeled my toes, I was back in my body again! “I’m back! “ I squealed. I grabbed Newt’s collar and pulled him into another kiss. This kiss lasted longer, his hands gently cupped my face while mine went to the back of his head to play with his hair.It was as soft as I imagined it to be. We pulled apart but pressed our foreheads together “I’m not sure what just happened y/n” said Newt “But I’m bloody hell sure that I love you y/n and I’m sorry for whatever happened” I giggled and replied “It’s fine Newt, and I’m quite confused myself, but I know that I love you too.”


‘‘Oh…My…God!’‘ Wade exclaimed as he saw all of the ten puppies look up at him, their tails wiggeling and their ears up right.

‘‘They are adorable! Can we take all of them?’‘

You sighted, knowing there was no way out of this from the moment Wade had spotted the puppies. You had intended on taking only one, but oh well…

‘‘The more the merrier, I guess?’‘ You grinned as your heart fluttered up at the puppies little barks. Wade in the meantime threw his hands in the air with a shout of joy.

‘‘Hell yeah!’‘

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Looking dangerous

Prompt me Gallavich <3

“I want a dog.” Mickey said when they were laying in bed one morning.

“Um… okay… why?” Ian looked at his boyfriend, surprised.

“ ‘cause we live in a shit neighbourhood, we’re gay, and there’s a lot of people who might want to get back at me for… stuff. I have a baby to protect…. and you." 

"Well, Yevgeny might need a bit more protection.”, Ian chuckled. 

“Oh come the fuck on, you know what I mean. We’ll go to the shelter today and I’ll get us a big fucking dog. One of those… pitbulls or whatever they’re called.” Mickey slowly reached for his pack of smokes. 

“Mickey, a dog could be a danger to Yevi… what happens when he starts crawling or walking and the dog thinks he’s prey or something?!”, Ian snatched the cig out of Mickey’s hand and took a deep breath. 

“We’ll train him well. I will. We need a dog.”

Ian rolled his eyes. If Mickey wanted a dog, nothing would stop him. 

They were, to be honest, adorable. 

All the wiggling tails, the happy squirms, the friendly faces. Ian almost forgot how bad of an idea a dog was when the shelter employee lead them around. 

“…and here we’ve got Gilbert. He’s a black lab, very friendly, great character.”

Gilbert looked like straight out of a dog food commercial, rolling around, trying to lick Ian’s hand and almost jumping on Mickey. 

“…well Mick? He’s kinda cute.” Ian patted the labrador’s head lightly. 

“I don’t wanna fucking cute dog. I want a guard dog, something that people show respect to. Not a fucking fluffy ball of fur.”

Ian felt a bit sad when they left Gilbert behind to look at a “dangerous” dog. 

“This is Buzz. He’s a rottweiler. Got kicked out of his last home because he almost killed the wife’s secret lover.” The shelter employee chuckled. “By… you know, ripping off his dick.”

Ian sent Mickey a “Fuck No”-face, but Mickey seriously looked like he considered to take home Buzz.

“He’s huge.”, he stated.

“Yeah, about 100 pound of muscles and teeth.”

“No, Mickey. We will not get this dog. He’s too dangerous for the baby, and probably for everyone else as well.”

“Yeah, but at least I know that you’d never cheat on me if we had this dog in our house.”, Mickey grinned.

“We’re still not getting him.”, Ian put his foot down.

“If I may suggest one last… I see that you both have very different ideas, and honestly, ”, the shelter employee turned to Mickey, “your boyfriend’s right, if you have a baby, you should not have a dog like this in your house. Other dogs might be just as suitable without being a danger to a child.”

They found themselves in front of a kennel that held one lonely dog. It was grey, with a white spot on its chest and one around its left eye.

“This is Suki.”

The dog looked curious when she heard her name and came over slowly.

“Well, she does look… impressive.”, Ian admitted.

“Yeah, she’s a pitbull.”

“Aren’t they like, super fucking hardcore?”, anticipation glistered in Mickey’s eyes.

“Well, they can be.”

The shelter employee opened the door to they kennel and they entered.

Suki came towards them, slowly wagging her tail, looking interested.

“Hey little girl…” Ian got down on one knee. Suki carefully sniffed his hand, then came a little closer, wagging her tail a bit more.

“She seems friendly!” He looked up at Mickey who was biting his lip.

“Yeah, she’s an angel. Looks like a killer, but a saint at heart.”

Suddenly, Ian felt wetness against his cheek. Suki was dragging her wet, pink tongue across his face!

Mickey grinned. “She wants to eat you, Gallagher.”

“I think she likes me.”, Ian proclaimed while wiping his cheek. Suki was trying to get between his arms to get him to pet her. 

“She’s absolutely child-friendly. Spayed, so no puppies, and she’s quite well-trained.”

Mickey looked at Ian. Then he got down on his knees as well. Suki came over to him curiously, then nudged his arm with her nose. Mickey couldn’t oppress a smile. 

He let his hand run through the dog’s grey fur and Suki pressed against his hand desperate for love and attention.

“Come on, Mick. She might not be dangerous, but she’s cute. And at least she looks dangerous.”

Mickey was too occupied petting Suki to answer.

“Mickey? Please… I like her.”

“Yeah…”, Mickey finally replied, “me too.”

Suki was supposed to sleep outside, but this night, Ian just couldn’t bring himself to close the door while her sad eyes looked at him through the dark.

With a whispred “Damn it, Suki.” he let her back inside.

“Wha’s the fucking dog doing in here?”, Mickey screamed out when Suki jumped into the bed on top of him.

“She was lonely outside…” Ian pulled off his shirt and trew it into the laundry bin.

“Yeah, and?!” Mickey looked pissed.

“YOU wanted a dog!”

“Yeah, but not in my bed!” Mickey tried to shove Suki out of the bed, but she was too heavy. Plus, she suddenly seemed to be made of gum.

“Suki, come here.”, Ian said, calmly, and pointed to the rug next to his bed.

Without hesistation, the pitbull got up and obeyed him, curling into a furry grey ball next to Ian’s side of the bed. 

“Good girl. Daddy’s pissed 'cause he thinks that I’d rather cuddle with you than with him.” Ian petted her, then got under the sheets, grinning at Mickey who was grinding his teeth.

“Fuck you, I just don’t want her in our bed. She’s huge.”

“Well, apart from that, she kinda reminds me of you.” Ian pulled Mickey into his arms.

“What?! Why?”

“She looks tough but isn’t, she loves pancakes” (Mickey had left his breakfast unattended for a minute the other day… and had come back to an empty plate) “she’s also really cute and she obeys my orders!”, Ian replied with a smug grin.

“Hey I don’t obey your orders!”

“You remember all the times you sucked my dick cause I told you to?”

“That’s different!" 

"I don’t think it is… I tell you what to do it, you do it right and you get a treat…”, Ian wiggeled his eyebrows suggestively. 

Mickey pouted. 

“Oh come on…” Ian ran his hand down Mickey’s bare chest. “Who’s a good boy?" 

"Fuck you, Ian!" 

"Nah… I’d rather fuck you.” Ian sank his teeth into Mickey’s neck, while Suki was quietly falling asleep next to them. 


‘‘Dean! Are you almost ready? We have to go!’‘

Your voice echoed through the hallway of the bunker, all the way to Dean’s room, where the oldest Winchester was still taking his time to get ready. You and Charlie on the other hand, were already completely dressed and ready to go in your medieval outfits. The three of you were going to a cosplay event in the neighbourhood for which Charlie had invited you to come. Much to your surprise, Dean had been enthusiastic to come along, unless his younger brother who had politely declined the offer.

‘‘I am coming! Jeez, give a man some time to get ready!’‘

From the corner of your eye you could see Charlie rolling her eyes at his comment, after which she planted her hand in her side and tapped impatiently with her food on the ground.

‘‘Dude, you have been getting ready for almost three hours straight! Hurry up, beautyqueen!’‘

You could hear Dean grumble as a response, before the door of his room finally opened to reveal the hunter, who was dressed in a medieval tunic, complete with sword and shield. As his eyes met the two of you, he raised his arms in a questioning way.

‘‘And?’‘ Dean asked, wiggeling his eyebrows at the two of you. ‘‘How do I look?’‘

‘‘Perfect,’‘ You smiled at him, slightly giggeling at his enthusiasm. When he heard your response, Dean’s eyes shot up to yours and for a moment he looked baffled as he took in your apparence for the first time. You saw him swallow for a moment before he opened his mouth to reply, his voice sounding amazed.

‘‘You…You don’t look so bad yourself, princess,’‘ He winked, and you felt your cheeks heet up in a response. From next to you, Charlie shook her head as she clapped in her hands before turning around and walking towards the door:

‘‘Alright, flirting is over, bitches. Time to go, follow the queen!’‘

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‘‘Happy birthday!’‘

Dean’s eyes shot up in surprise when he heard your voice coming from in front of him. The first thing he saw was a huge pie which was held directly in front of him, covered in lighted candles and glaze, which caused a surprise expression to settle down on his handsome face. As his eyes traveled up even further, he saw the two hands which were holding the plate. Two hands which, obviously, belonged to you.

With a big smile you watched Dean’s confused and surprised expression as he looked at you, speechless. With a playful smirk tugging at the corner of your mouth you rolled your eyes at him, as you spoke:

‘‘Hello, birthdayboy! Listen, this pie is getting a bit heavy, so if you could…’‘

Dean seemed to snap out of his trance when progressed what you’d just said, as he quickly stood up and carefully took over the pie from you, as a grateful smile appeared on his face. As soon as he’d set the pie down on the table, he looked at you again with his green eyes, shaking his head before asking in his gruff voice:

‘‘(Y/n), what is this for?’‘

You chuckled at his confusion once again, before throwing your arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug.

‘‘It’s for your birthday, smartass,’‘ You told him, smiling slightly as you felt his strong arms wrap themselves around you. Deans eyes widened in surprise before he pressed a kiss on your forehead, his eyes softening with love.

‘‘You remembered?’‘

‘‘Of course I remembered! Well…actually Sam told me and I had to run to the shops at the last moment, but I will count that as remembering.You are my boyfriend after all.’‘

You smiled up at him as he slowly pulled back, your heart warming up at his expression. Dean wasn’t a softy, he was hardened by the horrors he had faced in his hunter life and you knew this, but the way he looked at you now made your heart melt. How someone who had faced so much death and loss still could manage to look so loving and caring, you would never know.

‘‘Thank you,’‘ Dean said, his voice suddenly more quiet as he ran his hand over his face. ‘‘This is more than I could ask for, really.’‘

You frowned at his words, knowing how he’d grown up. Birthdays probably weren’t really up high on the Winchester’s priority list when they were younger, but stil…

However, you managed to smile brightly at the oldest Winchester, before wiggeling your eyebrows and pointing over to the pie, breaking the silence as you did:

‘‘How about we ate some of that pie?’‘

Dean gave you one of his trademark grins, as he pulled you in for a hug once again.

‘‘This is why I love you, (Y/n) (L/n).’‘

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