wigged matt

List of people who should have played Grindelwald

-Colin Farell
- the guy who played him in deathly hallows
- a mop
- tom hiddleson
- daniel Radcliffe in a blonde wig
- tom Felton
- matt smith
- David Tennant
- the kid from home alone
- a snake
- a shadow from a subway sub
- Judy Dench
- the ghost of Shakespeare
- me in a blonde wig


Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…


Guess who has their Matt Holt and Keith Wig? This gal right here, i still need to cut and style Matt’s wig as well as style Keith’s a bit more but aside from that Matt is done and Keith I just need his jacket, boots and contacts. ^^ Also I have sent in the email for booking the Voltron Photoshoots, and someone has booked a Gravity Falls shoot on Sunday for Anime North 2017. So hopefully everything works out. ^^


Matt Ishida wig is a go!  I haven’t watched much Digimon, but Hhhhammy and Pyropi have insisted that this character is known as quote The Lone Wolf unquote, and that this is a Real and Serious thing that is true.  This set also features a photo I took of the wig after I glued most of a pack of short wefts into an Arda Jaguar, but before I started trimming and spiking it - which is apparently a great way to make a Red Fraggle wig.

This was actually my first time making defined anime spikes, so I’m pretty pleased with it!


Matt Smith and Rosamund Pike attend The Chemical Brothers ‘Don’t Think’ Immersive Screening, August 3rd 2012.