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If you’re my Romeo then I’ll happily drink the poison: Chapter 1

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It’s part two! Well, chapter 1, part 2 of the story. I did this instead of work for another class so that’s good haha. Anyways thank you so much for the support you guys are insanely lovely. We’re getting into the fun part of the story. As always feedback is appreciated (good, bad, random).  I love you guys so enjoy!

Prologue; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4


Word Count: 2603

Warnings: Blood (minimal). Swearing (because I love swearing)

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“Pretty swanky for a prison,” A familiar voice said. You turn around and couldn’t help but smile. Naomi and you had been best friends since diapers (minus your brother), with your parents working closely together it was easy to bond. She’d always been artistic, so it’d make sense she handle all things creative when it came to you. She was your everything. Your hair, makeup, and fashion stylist. “What a beautiful prison,” You sulk looking around your temporary quarters. You and your family slipped in through the back entrance of the palace so you could avoid the prying eyes before the big moment. Cameras would be there watching your every move, trying to capture the moment you were supposed to fall in love with your Prince. Good thing you could fake it.

“Naomi, how was the flight?” You asked as your best friend sat down a dress bag.

“Might be a little tipsy on mimosas,” She shrugged unzipping the bag. “For you, beautiful.” 

You raised an eyebrow looking at the bag to find a white off the shoulder dress with sleeves. “You trust me wearing white?” 

“Personally no, but white signifies innocence or whatever,” Naomi brushed off. “Don’t ruin it please, your mother wants to save it as royal memorabilia or something. When you and Prince Thomas first lay eyes on each other.”

This whole ceremony was dumb. You knew what he looked like, it’s not like you lived under a rock. This would just be your first time actually interacting with each other. You could have easily met him, royal circles are small and he was relatively close with some of your friends, but any chance you had you avoided him. 

“Let’s get this over with,” You sighed changing into the dress. Naomi helped zip you up and handed you a pair of nude Louboutin’s. She was moving much quicker than she normally would, considering the fact you were in a time crunch. She began curling your hair as quickly as possible while you kept watching the time.

“This would be a lot easier if you just wore wigs,” Naomi hummed. You rolled your eyes. Her and her wigs. She was obsessed with wigs and sometimes you gave in to her requests, letting her give you whatever color and style she felt were appropriate for the moment. You wondered how the people of Azure would feel about having a Queen with Rose colored hair?

“No wigs today, what if he tries to run his hands through in front of the cameras? That’s mortifying,” You said.

“Wow, you’re going to let him touch you. Falling for him already,” She teased releasing another curl from the curling wand.

“No, no, no. I’m just saying that I won’t be embarrassed. Embarrassing my new family, well that’s fair game,” You smirked.

“If you see the wig I think it’ll change your mind,” She said standing up and showing you a long walnut toned wig with highlights. It already had large bombshell curls.

“We can try it out,” You agreed. “Prince Charming will have to keep his hands off.”

Tom played with the cufflinks on his suit as the staff prepared the finishing touches. The rest of his family was already out on the balcony addressing the press talking about how they were so glad this union was being formed or whatever. 

As much as his parents claimed this was about uniting kingdoms, he knew it was just a power move. The current king and queen didn’t give a shit about Cadiella, but with the beloved princess as queen of Azure, there would be less pushback from citizens. It may seem cutthroat but business was business, and giving more authority to Azure was endgame. They wouldn’t wipe Cadiella off the face of the earth, just make sure they were loyal to Azure and backed all their conquests. 

To be fair, Cadiella wasn’t the most innocent either. While Y/N’s parents did want to stop the tension between the two kingdoms they also figured having their daughter in a power position would give her some influence over the way the two kingdoms did business. As queen she could regulate trade as she wanted, giving Cadiella the opportunity to push their exports on Azure and have the best quality products from them in return.

Tom’s loyalty remained with his parents and his people. He would do whatever it takes to make his legacy favorable. Marrying Princess Y/N may not have been his choice but it couldn’t be so hard to make her see things his way. 

“Your Highness,” Lena, one of his mother’s assistants, spoke up. She stood on her toes and placed his crown on his head. 

He did one final look in the mirror. How could the princess not be putty in his hands? His Tom Ford suit hugged against his tight upper body; his golden crown complimented his soft brown eyes; his muscular hands were adorned with rings. 

“It’s time,” She said leading Tom to the grand entrance. The gilded doors opened and to reveal the crown prince. People were yelling and screaming for their lovely Prince Thomas. 

He smiled and waved in return, always able to turn on the charm. He took his place standing next to the rest of his family. The judgemental looks from his parents earlier were now replaced with fake smiles. The Queen gave her eldest a quick peck on the cheek.

“It’s finally time for our son to meet his betrothed after many years of anticipation,” She said enthusiastically. The crowd grew quiet with excitement. Everyone looked over at the other end of the balcony where the princess was supposed to make her first official entrance.

Once the doors opened the prince was slightly shocked. She looked stunning as she strutted in front of the crowd of people until she stopped right in front of Tom.

The two stood eye to eye as everyone watched with bated breath. They were both sizing each other up. He gently took her manicured hand before getting down on one knee. There was a collective gasp heard throughout the crowd. He took his free hand and popped open a ring box revealing the traditional Holland family engagement ring passed down from generation to generation. He slipped it onto her left ring finger and then brought the hand to his lips for a kiss.

“It’s finally nice to meet my Queen,” He said and the crowd went wild.

After the main ceremony, you and Tom went inside hand in hand. As soon as you were out of view from the public you both pulled away. Your families were out there interacting with the press, saying there would be more looks at the lovely couple later.

“You really poured it on thick there,” You commented folding your arms over your chest. You watched as he removed his crown and ran a hand through his curls.

“I mean we’re putting on a show darling. The people have to love us,” He chuckled as someone came up and took his crown to return it to its case. You handed over your crown as well. The maid scurried off, leaving you two alone again.

“Yes well, now we have to keep up the romantics,” You said smoothing out your dress.

“Good thing, I’m your real life Prince Charming,” He smirked. Before you could respond there was the sound of broken glass. You started to run towards the sound before you felt an arm around your waist. You quickly shoved your lovely fiance off. 

“What are you doing?” Has he lost his mind?

“You need to stay back, I’ll go handle it. You just go hide,” He said pointing you off in some direction.

You roll your eyes before continuing to head down the long corridor towards the noise. He let out a loud sigh before following behind you.

“The clicking of your heels is driving me insane,” He grumbled. 

“Oh really?” You asked playfully before purposely stomping your feet even more. 

The two of you made it to the source of the noise to find a broken glass window. He started to poke around the shards to try and see what caused it.

“Glad to know your security team is so attentive,” You grumbled looking around.

“Shush, no ones hurt are they?” He grumbled as he picked something up from the glass. A bullet. “Long distance range.” 

“I think we should get out of here,” You suggested slowly backing away. Before you could register what was happening Tom tackled you to the ground as another window broke. The two of you collided with the ground and you let out a scream. At your scream, someone ran in to find you two.

You saw a face that you’d only seen online, Prince Harrison Osterfield. From what you remembered he was your soon to be husbands partner in crime. He ran a hand through his hair, laughing at you two.

“Already sealed the deal?” He chuckled.

“What do you think we fucked against the window until it broke?” You scoffed. “You’re an actual idiot.”

“Woah no need to get testy, but I do know my best friend can be very persuasive,” He said gesturing to how disheveled you two looked. 

“We were shot at,” Tom said bluntly. “Hence the broken glass. And I couldn’t just let her die so that’s why we’re on the ground.”

You moved to stand up before letting out a hiss of pain. Some shards had gotten into your legs. “Dammit,” You groaned. 

“Harrison, find a maid and tell them to call a doctor,” Tom said getting up. “I’ll take her to her room.”

“Thanks,” You grumbled as Tom sat you down on your bed. You had tried to walk back, but that sort of failed so he just picked you up and carried you back.

“Couldn’t let you bleed out, would have been bad press,” He smirked, earning another eye roll from you.

“I feel loved,” You said sarcastically. 

“You know what this relationship is just as well as I do. We’re both here to make each other look good,” He said.

“Aw, I thought we were in love,” You fake pouted. 

The door swung open revealing both Queens. Your mom rushed over to your bedside looking at your legs. She was still in her ceremonial dress with her crown still fastened in her hair.

“My poor angel,” She said. “Someone get me some tweezers I’ll remove it myself.” You couldn’t help but smile, thinking about how she’d always patch you up as a child. She was always hands-on even though she could have always had nannies do the work for her. She was always there to kiss your boo-boos and sing lullabies.

“The doctor is on the way,” Tom said.

“Great, I still want some tweezers to help my child,” Your mother spoke now with more authority.

“Just go find some Thomas,” His mother spoke up. Tom sighed and went off to go find tweezers. “Do you think you can make it to the party?”

“You know, after almost dying I’m not really in the mood for it,” You say sarcastically.

Tom returned with a first aid kit. You gripped tightly into the sheets as your mom removed the pieces of glass. “OW!”

It took your mom about 3 minutes to remove all the glass. She then cleaned it with alcohol, which burned like a bitch but you knew better than to swear in front of your soon to be mother-in-law. Finally, she wrapped your wounds.

“Well, glad to know you’re alright,” Tom’s mother smiled.

“May I talk to you for a minute,” Your mother said gesturing to the hallway. The two shared a look before stepping out of the room. 

“What was that?” You asked once the door shut. Tom shrugged sitting down next to you. “Um, this is my bed.”

“In my house,” Tom brushed off pulling his phone out of his pocket. 

“Well, I’m a guest and guests should be given their privacy. So go,” You said shooing him away. He stayed put. “Hello…didn’t you he-” Before you could finish he slapped a hand over your mouth.

“Shh, I’m getting a headache,” He said. You narrowed your eyes and bit down on his hand. “Fuck!”

Your’s mom took the other Queen to an open sitting room and shutting the door behind them. 

“I thought the point of us coming so early was because Y/N was going to be protected,” Your mom argued. “Now they’re both being targeted.”

The Queen of Azure sighed taking a seat. “Look, we both knew there would be some pushback from our two kingdoms uniting.” She rubbed her temples. “No one was hurt, if Thomas wasn’t there she probably would have been dead already.”

“Why are you not panicked about this? Someone’s trying to kill our children,” Your mom said getting flustered. 

“It’s just a tool meant to scare us into backing out of this deal, which won’t happen. We’re going to be a powerhouse when united, and I don’t know how you do it in Cadiella but Azure does not bow down to threats. We fight. Your daughter is about to be our Queen and she better not crumble,” She said fiercely. 

“Y/N can handle anything. But what I won’t allow is for your people to blame her for whatever mess you’ve gotten Azure into.”

“I don’t know why we’re blaming my people when it was probably whoever came after your husband because of his poor leadership.”

Your mom froze, her hands slightly twitching. She stepped closer to the other Queen’s face.

“Don’t ever talk about him, again,” She said with a calm tone. “You know you should be grateful to him for all he did for you. If it wasn’t for him then we wouldn’t even have this arranged marriage because if it was up to me I’d never let my child marry a son of a bitch. But I will honor him and commit to the deal.”

Tom’s mother rolled her eyes. She was used to threats by now. “As long as Thomas and Y/N put up a united front for the public, we can handle the rest. They’ll be fine,” She assured. “Oh and don’t tell them anything we find out about this situation. They might get cold feet about their nuptials.”

“So I’m supposed to pretend like someone isn’t on the hunt for my child because she’s marrying our enemy?”

“See I knew you could keep up,” Tom’s mom said condescendingly. “If she’s anything like you then when she finds out she’ll rebel, which I will not tolerate. So it’s your job to keep the little princess happy and under your thumb.”

Your mom calmed herself down. “Fine, I’ll make sure she’s cooperative.”

“Great, now let’s get back to the happy couple,” His mom said making her way out of the sitting room and back to Y/N’s. The two Queens stood in the doorway to find you yelling at Tom while throwing pillows at him as he yelled, ducking your hits.

“So much for a united front,” Your mom grumbled. 


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Helping Positions Avaliable for #TidesofHetalia

International Jobs

•Graphic artists

A. Designing merchandise to raise money
B. Creating graphics to advertise, plus drawing things to use as graphics in the video editing

Social media managers
A. Manage a tumblr, Facebook, and maybe Instagram or something???

A. Tying together the clips to music and adding special effects
B. 3d??? If you have this skill it would be awesome

• Thumbnail and story team
A. I want this video to tell some sort of a story! This is going to be just like thumbnails for animation projects

A. Dance choreography
B. Fake combat choreography
C. Any sort of specialized equipment dance

Formal letter writing team
A. If you’re good at writing letters, grants, and essays, then you can join this team and write letters to businesses asking for their donations and help!

Prop makers (this can be done anywhere as long as you are willing to ship what you make)
A. Weapons making
B. Prosthetic making

Wig/Cosplay making/prepping (same as above, you must be able to ship)
A. Designing and shading/highlighting wigs

• Management team
A. Coordinating posts with letters and shipping props. Basically supervisors

• Donation management
A. Researching which non-profits are best to use
B. Working with them to manage and track donations
C. Manage the money we raise from selling merchandise

Local jobs (must be able to reach southern Maryland once maybe two times)

•Cosplayers (this is the only job where we will turn people down for repeats, etc. Also, you will likely have to make it here the most, second to maybe the camera team. Send a picture of your costume to us if you have one!)
A. Of course, countries that WERE pirates
B. If you want to get creative and do something else though go ahead (ie. China or Russia)!
C. Also mermaids and other mythical or fun things that go with the theme!

•Makeup artists
A. FTM/MTF and other stage makeup
B. OR special effects, body paint, and prosthetics (especially for a possible UV scene and a mermaids!!!)

Wig artists
A. Anyone who can style a wig and help Cosplayers get them on, and attach them well so they don’t fall off. This isn’t designing the wig, just getting it on and making it look good.

Dance/combat/musicians (can also be Cosplayers)
A. If you have any sort of special skills, can dance well or take a martial arts class or can play an instrument. You can do this and another job! It’s just important for me to know. If we have a fire dancer or a color guard pro we need to work it into the story

•Video and photography team
A. Exactly what it sounds like; recording and taking photos. Having your own camera isn’t necessary but if you do have one let us know!

A. literally you just run around and keep track of what happens and how and send it to the social media managers

Each of these jobs is a great opportunity for you to grow your experience and get resume pieces in your field! I will personally write you a letter of recommendation and answer phone calls from potential jobs or colleges telling how much you did to help us.

Message/submit to me with what job you want to do and I will add you to the Discord Chat I set up!!!

If there are any other skills you think you can use let me know in the message! Think you can do multiple jobs? That’s no problem either! Just let me know!