wig with highlights

Thinking of releasing a tutorial book on how to style cosplay wigs, it would include topics like.

  • Simple styling 101
  • How to make defying Gravity spikes
  • What materials I personally use and how to use them.
  • A video showing how I go about styling a simple wig and a more advanced one
  • How to make obscure hair shapes, like Pokemon and Yugioh hair styles.
  • How you should transport and maintain your wig.
  • Using foam and other materials with wigs
  • How to sew in wefts
  • How to dye a wig/do highlights and lowlights

I’d have it all in a nice booklet and a digital .PDF for those who don’t want a physical copy. I’d probably make it like five bucks for the digital and ten for the physical. Would anyone be interested in something like that?


Hey guys! At Anime Midwest this weekend I wore my Ty Lee cosplay, and I’m super proud of this costume because of all the work I put into it (especially the wig, there’s a highlighter in there if you’re wondering). getting it all together has been an incredible learning experience and thank you everyone who stopped me to take pictures, it made my day. (Shoutouts to @sailboat-sparrow @yama-gucci and @the-fourth-musketeer for your constant love and encouragement during this💕)

This is a progression of the state of the costume leading up to con!


So I finally get to the part of story that Rock appears

-He is a first year student
-He is in the Puzzle Club in Binan High
-He is very veRY VERY chuunibyou
-He wears a black wig to hide those highlight because the SC confronted him (and in the last pic, he thought to himself that Arima’s smile is scary :p)

Though one bit that makes me a bit sad is that so far all the character (except mc of course ) are all voiced, but the student council are not /_\