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Wash That Con Right Out Of Your Hair! -- A guide to washing your wigs!

Hi everyone! 

So in light of a recent conversation, the topic of washing a wig came up! Being the ever helpful person I am, I decided to make a little tutorial on how I wash out my wigs. This can be used for getting out product that you may have used to style it, or it’s just really gross. (Summer cons, I am looking at you)

That being said, I do have a few disclaimers I want to address! First of all, this method is my way. I am in no way a wig expert. But this works well for me. Next, I am using a wig purchased from Arda-Wigs. Their fibers are high quality Hiperlon , so they can stand the heat! If your wig is Kanekalon , or if you just don’t know, do a little more hunting before using this guide! :3

It is also recommended to use an actual wig shampoo. But I am cheap…. SO here we are. Now lets get started! :D

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Honestly Bedussey is so iconic, the poor recording quality of the background music, the fact that the credits call him peter, the outfits, “What the fuck BANG BANG who the fuBANG who the fuck do you think youre dealing with”, when pete changes his shoes for no reason, the single out of context shot of patrick in his underwear on the couch, patrick’s weak little slap, the weirdly jaunty chase scene music, the slo mo when pete jumps, the wig washing ashore, whenever i’m feeling down i just watch bedussy bc it makes me feel like i’ve got my life together

Cosplay problems...

Welp. We can’t do any new cosplay this year due to our shortage of funds (and I had gotten all the new contacts for Yuffie, Vincent, Kakashi, and Gaara too 😭)

So prepare for the return of Loki and Vergil!

Although Vergil might need to be re-sewn since I have lost a total of 40lbs since I was last in his shoes 😂😂😂 but this might be a good time to post an updated makeup tutorial and perhaps a wig washing/re-styling video 😉

Adjustments may be made to Loki as well, we will have to see!

So if you guys have any requests, questions, or any commentary at all (you can talk about how much you love our butts I don’t really care what it is 😆) WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

I know we haven’t been on or truly present within the last couple years… there have been ups and downs, laughter and tears, deaths in the family then births in the family…. it’s been an intense ride for a long while but we still appreciate everyone in our community and your love, respect, and patience ❤️

Much love from @talldarknloki and I ( @pikaboubou ) stay calm AND COSPLAY ON EVERYBODY!



Tutorial: How to Wash a Wig by Arda Wigs

View the full tutorial here:

The Theory Of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff:-

Ever wondered to yourself ‘’If young Pietro was in 1973 then why does he still look young now?’’ OR maybe “Where was Scarlet Witch in X-Men?’’

Did you watch ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ first then get confused when you watched ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’? I have the answers you have all been looking for right in this post, (Thanks to some research and my Marvel Encyclopedia).

1.) X-Men: Days of Future Past

Here, you’re gunna find two people who DO NOT look like twins. (He doesn’t even look 12 minutes younger unless you pull off the wig, wash the silver stuff off of Evan’s eyebrows and ask him to pull a puppy dog face).

They may not come across as twins because that IS, in fact, our very own Pietro and Wanda Maximoff! (Of course she looks about 9). They look all innocent considering they have a big bad Daddy! *insert grumpy face here*

Oh! And if any of those of you who DON’T know who their ‘Villan’ Dad is who has supposedly died (*See Avengers: Age of Ultron split below*) They are the children of the one and only ‘MAGNETO’

Quite funny too, because in X-Men… they lived in Washington DC and didn’t really have Russian accents (as I recall). 

Pietro’s first appearance was in the fourth X-Men comic on March in 1964 which makes X-Men entitled to do whatever they want with the Past, Present and Future Pietro. In my opinion.

2.) Avengers: Age of Ultron

Who was that really attractive boy in the new Avengers Assemble again?? Was it Paul..? Nope, can’t be it. Patrick? Nope..

Peter? pETER? 

I think that girl called Wanda just called him Pietro, sounds like Peter.. yeah?


Where’s the silver leather jacket? Headphones? Pink Floyd shirt? Long silver hair? You’re killing us MCU! 

Did anyone remember the part where Pietro and Wanda said that their parents were killed by a big nuke with the letters ‘S T A R K’ imprinted on them? I’m not being funny, but if you were with your mum and ‘Dad’ then wouldn’t Daddy dearest be able to shift that metallic explosion somewhere else before they were blew up?

*LiGhTbUlB* LOGIC!i!

Are your accents real? No, no really… Tell me a poem in Russian and add my name in every two lines without realizing it. So let me guess, The AoU twins are good looking Rip Offs of the X-Men siblings?

bTw, everyone who writes Wanda x Vision fanfics/cracfics/imagines ARE BAES… bc u got something more spot on than the MCU = In the comics… Wanda and Vision did actually get married ;)

Pietro didn’t approve though.. okay anyway….


I recently washed my Mabel wig, and made this step-by-step video on the whole process. It’s really important to wash your wigs every so often. Repeated use and hairspray will wreak havoc on a wig, but washing it out will make it look soft, shiny, and brand new again!

Cosplay Tip #118

Wash your wigs!

Many beginner cosplayers don’t know about wig cleaning, but it’s very important. Washing your wigs can refresh and clean them, and when done properly, it makes them look a lot nicer. There are many tutorials for how to wash your wigs online!

Ladies, I know some of us have some wig collections stashed somewhere (me included) and sometimes we don’t really know how to take care of them or wash them etc. Here is a quick image to show you how to wash your wigs.

I personally don’t wash my wigs often because I hardly wear them. But if you are a regular wig wearer, I suggest you wash them maybe once a month? Once every two months? Just to get rid of the dirt and sweat. Do not wash your synthetic wigs as often as they will just get matted and you will be sad :(

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Why do guys not want to get interested in what their girl likes?? Why do we have to endure whatever sport season, cars, and shit just for yall to find us “interesting” but they can’t carry a discussion on if blending brushes or blending sponges are better or help me wash my wigs or grease my scalp?