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So this is the second time ive had to add hair to a lace front. the first time was for @thattallsummonerguy‘s gamagori wig and i used a self threading needle with the help of @firewolf826‘s  tutorial this time around i decided to try a hook latch hook needle using @cowbuttcrunchies tutorial

i like both techniques for different reasons. the latch hook is a little hard to get into fine lace but it does a beautiful job at grabbing small amounts of fibers with out kinking/denting/damaging them in the process. the self threading needle was great for fine lace, also gathered larger amount of hair really well. 

would defiantly recommend the self threading needle if you are working with shorter fibers and looking to get a full thicker hairline the latch hook for a thinner and delicate hairline


How to Ventilate a Wig by Arda Wigs

View the Full Tutorial Here:

Podcast recommendations?

So this is what I spent my entire evening on:

If you’ve ever done any wig ventilating, you know what a slow, tedious, mind-numbing task it can be. I like to listen to audio dramas while working (to keep my sanity), but I need to find a free source of entertainment before I go broke buying the entire Big Finish catalog. :)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to listen to something while working. If you have a favorite podcast, audiobook library, or other streaming audio entertainment, please share your recs! I especially like programs that are educational (e.g. Stuff You Missed In History Class), as well as old time radio-style shows (e.g. The Thrilling Adventure Hour).

anonymous asked:

Ooooh, I am highly interesting in learning Wig Ventilation. Do you have any tips/resources you could direct me to, specifically to cut costs? From the little research I've done it seems you needs a fancy expensive needle as well as fancy expensive lace. Would fine tulle work? Any suggestions for an adorable needle?

OH YES. I am planning on making a tutorial that addresses those things specifically, actually. Getting the right tools for wig ventilating can cost a lot, so I too wanted a cheaper method.

I should have the tutorial done in about two weeks, so hopefully you’re not in a super rush. I want to do the topic justice with photos, etc.

It can be done with a regular needle, it’s just very time-consuming. More so than usual. Hint though, my trick is using these “one second needles”. They are essentially mini-crochet hooks and allow you to unhook the hair once it’s pulled through the lace. It’s faster than a normal needle, however, even the smallest of those needles is pretty thick, so you can easily break the lace if you’re not careful!

The lace on a lace-front is very small. If the tulle is fine enough, I suppose it would work. For a full lace wig, I believe the lace at the back of the head is larger since it’s not exposed like the hairline is. But at the hairline it’s important that the lace is very fine in order to make it look more natural, hence why the good stuff is really expensive (it is really expensive, I know) :/

To the person who said, in response to my wig ventilating tutorial:

Or you could just learn how to ventilate…  The needles aren’t that expensive/that hard to find

Um, yes? I said that if one wants to try the actual art of ventilating, then go for it. Or maybe you didn’t read the whole thing. :|

Regardless, I still don’t think ventilating needles are very accessible for most cosplayers, and the ones I’ve seen online are fairly expensive. Even if it’s only say $20, for many people, the lace front wig itself is an investment ($40-60+), so spending that much more on a tool might inhibit a lot of cosplayers. However, a regular needle costs like… 20 cents, if that, and every cosplayer already has one.

Even still, proper ventilation is a NEW SKILL that one needs to learn to become adequate at it. Once mastered, I’m sure it’s a lot faster than the methods I described, but my method is something anyone can do easily with no practice or training.

In the end, it’s the same result. I just wanted to share an alternate method that some people may prefer. So… does it matter how someone gets to that final product?

tl;dr This is why we can’t have nice things!