wig vase


I totally forgot to share these and I really want to share this adventure. So here it is, the making of my Sailor Moon wig.
This wig is entirely made of party store wigs (you can see the shininess in the beginning). The base wig is a school girl wig, and the long tails are made of two plait accessories.
Neither of these are heat resistant, and melt into a horrible burned mess when in contact with a flat iron. Which made straightening them with one interesting, but I somehow managed to achieve it.
The buns are solid hair, which I rolled up and used tiny clear rubber bands on, as well as using the hair ties attached to the tails.
I made wefts from the ends of the wig using craft glue and a hairdryer, which I then attached using hot glue to make the bangs/fringe, and fill in a few bald spots. The next step was to curl them using rollers which I left to sit for a few hours and then hit with a blow dryer.
I sprayed the whole thing with dry shampoo to reduce the shine and texture it a little. Overall I think it turned out pretty well, considering I’ve never done something like this before.