wig trade

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hey everyone! i recently bought this wig only to find that it was too short for my intended purposes so i was hoping that someone would be willing to trade me for it. it’s really white-blonde, soft, and hangs in a pretty natural way (though it came with a little curl action at the ends).

it’s currently unstyled and looks as shown in the photos though i’d be willing to cut it for you if you want (i can do some basic stuff)!

i’m looking for any of the following wigs:

  • a long-ish (mid-back) black wig - preferably wavy
  • a pretty pastel wig (any length but i wanna see it first!)
  • a dark or light brown wig (idk what id use it for but id find something)
  • any wig that isnt blonde? i have a lot of blonde wigs and i dont need one more haha

we’ll both pay for our own shipping fees and i might also be interested in trading for props or other things?

pm me on tumblr if youre interested!


Hey there i am looking to trade my super kawaii brown wig i got from shuto con for a more natural looking one! It comes with two brown pigtail extentions and holds its curl really well. It is heat resistant on lower temps and is very comfy! i am looking for medium long length of good condition, of perhaps these colors aubrun, dark dark brown, this brownish lavender below will have first priority perhaps black. with curls would be nice. other colors are acceptable though!