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soft boy @danisnotonfire 💐🌻

inspired by that little moment in the video where he kept doing sweater paws. that jerk.


Howdy y’all, I’m selling a few of my old Cosplay Wigs!

I kind of have a bad habit for throwing my money into wigs for cosplays that I’m not 100% committed to, so basically I end up with a buncha wigs that I’m never going to use (or have in the first place)!

Unless stated otherwise, all of my wigs are new, never worn, and are being sold as they came to me:

Please only send inquiries about item specifics through eBay!

I accept Paypal and ship worldwide!

So many questions…


was tagged by my lovelies @changkyuh and @agustlab and @pinkx-bomb and @jungee for selfies! ^_^ so i was bored and pulled out the wigs and colored contacts. hahahaha

p.s. i’m totally suing the person who i bought my contacts from. they sent both different colored of blue!!!!!! hahahaha

i now taggggggggg: @iwishiwaslessawkward @hobipd @omojinyounghobi @dailydoseofdia @bangtanchats @jindoorguy @chokemeseokjin @cosykims @dt-minsuga @zephyoongist @daintywriter @hyungmon @hopeful-afternoon @jiminables @helloblamebts 

you don’t have to do it if ya dont wannaaaaaa~! XDD


Saturday evening Sonic photos from Katsucon ✨  (thank you @medicinevendor for taking these!!)