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“Would you like to buy a heart?”

Hearts for Sale by the artist: Miyuli
Character: the girl/ Heart Seller

I fell in love with this short story when it was originally released and I thought what better way to express that with cosplay. I’ll be debuting this cosplay and getting proper photos at Katsucon 2016 and passing out heart shaped lollipops on Valentine’s day.

Read the short comic and support this artist:

Wig: Arda
Costume and Resin: Handmade by me
Shoes: Bodyline
Tights: Welovecolors

Cosplay Tip:

Colours appear different depending on your screen settings and the lighting of the photo. When shopping for fabric online, order a swatch to make sure you’re getting the right colour and texture. Some wig sellers will also provide swatches in the form of a colour ring, these will have samples of the fiber and colours. IF you buy a lot from one seller, it may be worth investing in one of these rings. 

Got to work on this Cloud wig for @kaduout ! The design is based on a FFVII fanart series by the super talented @nikolasdraperivey

Base wig used: Dreadlock Rasta Wig Blonde from Largemouth (Amazon seller)

Wig commissions are open! Please email to pisaracos@gmail.com for a price quote.

And if you’re going to Anime Expo 2017, I will have a wig panel on Tuesday July 4th at the con. :D

imakemywings  asked:

Hi! Okay so your wigs are always spot-on for your cosplays, and I'm looking for a good Alfred wig, so I wondered if I might ask where you got yours, or if you recommend a particular site to look for one, because I've been unsuccessful so far T-T

Hey there! Thank you so much ;; v ;; I’m afraid my America wig is super old though, so I don’t remember where I got that one. But! I do indeed have some very awesome sites to recommend. :D

So first off there’s Arda Wigs. They started a new option of “silky” wig fibers recently, but I haven’t tried any of those wigs yet, so I can’t vouch for those. Arda is a very popular, American brand though, so you don’t have to worry about them being bad haha.

But yeah, my Sweet Devil!America wig is a Magnum Long from their classic collection in Natural Black. It required quite a bit of styling, but the extra fibers I got from the cutting worked great to create a Nantucket! There is also a shorter version of the same wig in case you’re not up for that amount of styling.

Also, colours can be a bit tricky to pick from Arda’s wide selection. I have some swatches of their blonde colours though, so if you’re interested I’d be happy to send you pictures!

Other wigs I’ve bought from Arda: x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x

Moving on, wigisfashion is a great site if you’re looking for longer wigs! Gotta say that the short one (ones? I can’t remember) I got isn’t as nice as the longer ones, but it’s still quality enough for me to recommend it.

A good thing to note is that their non-lace front wigs are very affordable. They are considerably cheaper than, for example, Arda, so it all really comes down to what you’re looking for.

A darker wig I’ve gotten from wigisfashion (this one) is a little shiny in the sunlight though, so that’s worth noting.

Other wigs I’ve bought from wigisfashion: x  x  x  x   

Then we have Kasouscosplaywigshop which is a store on etsy. They specialise in more character-specific wigs, though they do have a few styles that are available in multiple colours.

The ones I’ve bought from there are suuuuper nice! My Junko wig (seller pic vs my pic (my selfies have filters, so the colour is actually very accurate irl!)) and Nyo!Norway wig (seller pic vs my pics) didn’t require any styling whatsoever. My Yuichiro wig (seller pic vs my pic) did however require a bit of cutting and trimming.

Also, since you’re looking for an Alfred wig, voilà! I can’t vouch for that wig specifically, but the seller is really nice, so I’d definitely recommend getting that one if you’re not too good/experienced at styling wigs.

There’s also epiccosplay. Just like Arda they are based in the US and offer a variety of colours; both vibrant ones for more anime/cartoon-ish looks and more natural, subdued tones. I have only gotten one wig from them so far, and due to my lack of experience it went through some severe, failed styling and ended up very damaged. Despite this it was still wearable though, so I’d say they’re pretty sturdy! The colour I got it in wasn’t very shiny either, so that’s a big plus.



I hope this post was of some help to you! Also, if anyone else have any sites/shops to recommend feel free to reblog and add them!

anonymous asked:

Is there a website where you buy a majority of your wigs?

Actually, no there isn’t. All of my wigs are/were bought from a multitude of different websites and companies, and sometimes even con floor bought.

But I can give you links to all of the places I’ve purchased from that I can remember.

  • Arda-Wigs is the most notable one, and probably the biggest if not one of the biggest wig sellers in the convention circuit. Its where I got My Peridot Wig
  • Epic Cosplay is where I recently purchased my Young Pearl wig. They’re also one of the biggest names out there.
  • My Iori Shiro Wig was purchased from This Ebay Seller. They’re not cosplay wig specialized but if you need natural looking wigs, they do a pretty good job.
  • My Jinx Wig was purchased (And salvaged) from This Ebay Seller. I haven’t purchased anything from them since, but the jinx wig was okay. It served its purpose
  • My Opal Wig was purchased from This Ebay Seller. Note that I layered two wigs on top of each other for Opal, and that their store isn’t strictly wigs.

All of my black wigs were purchased from a wig/beauty shop called Abradell that was close to where I used to live.

I buy a lot of my wigs from ebay based on friend recommendations.

There’s also:

And that’s all the wig help I have right now. If you want I can make a wig website masterlist for you.

an-enigmatic-avenger  asked:

Hello! I'm looking to buy a nice blue wig cut in a bob to wear around often that looks pretty real, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on where to buy? Thanks!

Hello there!

I would recommend going to a wig seller that is known for higher-quality wigs rather than a site like Ebay or Amazon, where wigs can vary widely in quality. Arda, Epic Cosplay, and The Five Wits are all good options there. Things you should look for are good color blends and a realistic amount of shine – very flatly toned unnatural colors look far more fake than ones with a realistic blend of fibers, and  wigs with a high amount of shine can also look more fake (think of cheap party store wigs, with their neon colors and plastic shine). I’m personally partial to Arda for their color blends and low shine, but I know that other people have other preferences. 

Sometimes you can also get lucky and find wigs for fashion wear in unnatural colors like blue, so look around at shops catering to daily wig wearers, as well, though this is less common. 

Here are a couple of posts with links to wig shops: 1 2 
Be sure to do your own research on quality and especially see if you can find customer images of the wigs to determine how they look in person.

I don’t know what color or price range you are looking for, but if you have a wig in mind, feel free to send some links and images and I’m willing to look over it for you, if you want :]

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

A Word about Wigs: Where to Purchase Wigs

I got a request recently asking where I like to get my wigs from. Over the years I’ve tried four different types of wig suppliers: Party City/ Halloween Store, Arda, local wig shops, and ebay This is my personal account of the different wig suppliers and comparison pictures of their products. Here are 9 of my wigs; can you guess which one came from what supplier?

Note: A few key phrases to look for when buying a wig: densely packed fibers/wefts, heat resistant and a skin top. Those are all things you want in a good wig. 

Party City and the Halloween Store

Do not buy a Party City or Halloween Store wig! Don’t do it! You will spend any where form $15-$25 on a wig that looks terrible. The fibers are too shiny, will tangle easily and I've had the color leach from one wig and stain the inside of my hat and collar of my shirt. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how for the same price you can get a wig that is much better.

Wigs A and G are from Party City and the Halloween Store:

Arda and Epic

The two most highly recommended suppliers of cosplay wigs are Arda and Epic Cosplay. There are a few other reputable cosplay specific supplier such as Cosworks Wigs (they are the supplier found on cosplay.com) but to keep things simple I’m just going to talk about Arda and Epic. I’ve bought several wigs from Arda and they are wonderful quality wise. They specialize in wigs for larger western heads and have specialty wigs that are super long, pony-tailed, and pig tailed. Their color choice is large and they have plenty of links to tutorials as well as a forum for commissions and buying/selling used wigs. Also, their wigs are heat resistant. The only issue I have had is  their wigs are too big for me. Since I have a small forehead they sit back too far and my hairline shows through the bangs. Their prices range from $30 for a short wig to $70 for one of their specialty lace front wigs. They do have an awesome sale 2 or 3 times a year where you can get a nice discount.

I have not personal purchased any wigs from Epic but I do hear good things about them. They do have a lower hairline which should accommodate people with small foreheads like me. They are a bit pricier then Arda and their color and style selection is somewhat limited but they do have amazing sales and will run some of their wigs up to 50% off from time to time.

 B and F are Arda wigs:

Local Wig Suppliers

Local wig stores cater to woman who ware wigs on a daily bases and want a more natural look. You will rarely find crazy shades at these places but if you are looking for a good black, brown, red or white wig in short to medium length then you might try asking around and seeing if there is one around your town.  You will find that they are often less shiny then normal cosplay wigs and have coarser fibers that are good for styling. Normally the prices  at these places are comparable to online cosplay suppliers like Arda. I usually spend $30-$40 on one of these wigs.

H and D are from two different local wig suppliers near my town:


My absolute favorite place to buy wigs is ebay. No joke. I’ve gotten so many good wigs from online sellers out of China. The prices are supper cheap and many times they will have free shipping. I’ve gotten some decent wigs for about $10 (less then Party City) and some even better ones for around $20. Occasionally you’ll get a dud, for example the black and red striped wig was not the same one the seller advertised and was not as good of quality. But it was still way nicer than a Party City wig and I thought it photographed nicely.  Because I have a smaller head shape I can fit into Asian wigs without much of a problem, but keep in mind if the circumference of your head is on the larger side this option may not work for you. Also, the shipping may take up to a month so be sure to plan accordingly.

C, E and I are all from ebay suppliers:

If you have any other quesions feel free to send them my way:  http://cosplaying-on-a-budget.tumblr.com/ask

Photo credits go to: Fanboy Photos, DJ Zippy, Ken AD, Affliction Photography, Euphoria Cosplay Photography and Angela B.

mayhem-and-madness  asked:

I have been wanting to ask since your post several months ago about places to buy wigs, but I was too shy. I wanted to know if there are any particular ebay sellers you would recommend for buying wigs?

Hello! Honestly, when looking for a wig on eBay, we just generally browse around until we find something we like! However, there are a few rules you want to use when using eBay:

  • Check the seller’s Feedback. Generally, if they have under 500-900(ish) sales, we’ll probably steer clear unless it’s very obvious that they’re a new shop. Just in case! Having a great score AND great comments on their wigs is a wonderful sign that you’re going to get what you see on the page. Also, look through the Feedback thoroughly; for instance, see if you can find anyone commenting on the exact wig you’re looking to buy! Seeing the opinion (or any potential problems) from another buyer’s perspective is much more trustworthy than the big bold text from the seller themselves.
  • Carefully look at the photos. Do these look like photos you’ve seen before? Do they use cosplayer photos, or photos on a wighead? Are the wigheads all the same, or do the photos look similar? Does the WATERMARK match the store name? A lot of times this last question will be a no, but many eBay stores have several shops all under one department. However, if you see a store using a friend of yours or a cosplay-staple like Kipi in their product photos, youuuu can take a wild guess that you won’t be getting exactly what you’re seeing in the mail!
  • Look carefully at the description of the wig. Talking about fibers now, you’ll generally only see “Synthetic” as the fiber type, and that’s fine! But sometimes you’ll see more than that; you’ll see eleora, kanekalon, toyokalon, monofilament, heat-resistant, ect. And that’s where it comes into personal preference.
  • Eleora is a very high-quality fiber, in fact it’s kanekalon merely treated with a chemical to make it softer and more manageable. HOWEVER, due to this, it doesn’t take dye well, so that’s something to consider if you’re looking for a wig to color. Toyokalon is a step down from kanekalon, and monofilament wigs are very high-end because they’re often used to help those with hairloss (you can find synthetic monofilament wigs, but many will be human hair and, therefore, MUCH more costly!). Consider how you style wigs as well. For me, having a “heat-resistant“ wig isn’t always a requirement because I grew up styling wigs with gentle heat from a blow dryer, and I still refrain from using curling irons and straighteners most of the time simply because it’s not what I’ve taught myself to do. But if straighteners, curling irons, and hot water treatments are your thing, then you definitely want to make sure that "heat-resistant” is part of their description!

  • Are you looking for a pre-styled wig or an unstyled base wig? This is completely a personal preference, but I wouldn’t consider buying a wig that comes with heavy styling from an eBay seller and would, instead, look for a commissioner. The reason for this is that shipping is HARD on wigs. Even wigs that I’ve shipped bolted to a wighead and taped and glued TO the box have slipped off and gotten knocked around, and with eBay wigs, the sellers more often than not DON’T send the wig on a wighead, but instead cram it into a soft package envelope or a small box. It seems very risky to me if your wig is supposed to come with spikes or very particular curls, so just use your discretion (and, again, look through the Feedback!) to see if you want to give it a shot. I HAVE seen very nice prestyled wigs that friends got from eBay, but have personally just considered them lucky and we all give a resounding “PHEW!” together.

Of course there are other things to look at, too, like shipping times and seller locations, but usually if you have plenty of time to spare, ordering wigs from another country isn’t too big of a problem.

And that’s about it! I hope this has been helpful, as we don’t have particular sellers that we use every time, we just do our best to make sure they’re legit before making any purchases!

Good luck and take care!

anonymous asked:

I kinda have a big head and long thick hair so putting my wigs on is a huge pain in the ass. I do plan on trimming/ cutting my hair a bit. Do you have any tips that could help me resolve this problem?

If you have a big head, then you may want to purchase from non-chinese sellers. Chinese wigs tend to be on the smaller side, while wig shops like Epic Cosplay and Arda Wigs are known for having more room. If you prefer the pricing or the appearance of chinese wigs you can always make alterations so they can fit larger head sizes

As for the thick and long part, it really depends on how thick and long. 

Shoulder Length: 
Wetting the hair and slicking it back helps, then you can fit it all into a wig cap easily, use bobby pins / hair pins to help keep everything in place. Try to avoid having lots of the hair in one place as it can warp the appearance of the wig, with longer wigs you can usually hide the most hair just above your neckline. Then pull the wig on overtop, and adjust. as necessary. If this isn’t working for you then you may want to try …

Armpit Length:
This loose ponytail + hair flip tutorial looks really effective, but may not work well on really thick, or really long hair. If this doesn’t work then you may want to try…

Mid Back or Longer:
Braid your hair and wrap it around your head, holding it in place with hair pins. This is a great tutorial that shows how it works with reallllly long hair. This is also a good tutorial for this method. The challenge with this is to not put too much bulk into one area; try to distribute evenly otherwise you will end up with visible lumps.

Hope this helps!

So, at AX yesterday, I was hanging out with my fellow DMMD nerds when we came upon a wig seller stand. Curious, we went in to look more closely at the wonderful colorful wigs, and we immediately spotted an Aoba wig. However, the price tag did not have it under “Aoba: Dramatical Murder” as one would expect.

Aoba, you are no longer Aoba but….


Koujaku was under “Tattooed Hair Dresser.” Sorry, no pictures, I have a crappy phone camera and we forgot cause we were laughing.