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For those of you wondering how I prepped my long hair for wearing wigs, this answers your question!  Huge thanks to HeaHair for collaborating with me on this video!!

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Here’s a wig review I did a while ago for EvaHair!  I adored this wig SO MUCH, and I’d definitely recommend this company!

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Will a day ever come when I am not awkward?

New video is up! Next will be a makeup video and then a Q&A!
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Product review: amazon wig

So ebay has always been the go-to place for cheap wigs, am I right? Well move over ebay, cuz there’s a new competitor! Amazon! Why Amazon? Duh, 2 day shipping!! If you have prime or spend over $35 or however much their current price is, you get free 2 day shipping.

There’s some shop called Melody Susie and they have a bunch of basic, cheap wigs with 2 day shipping. I bought the one called fp703 dark brown long straight.

(ahaha look at that one hair going across my face, didn’t even notice)

It looks identical to the stock photo! The quality is actually really nice and it looks super natural. So how much is this wig gonna put you back? About $17. Yeahhhh.

One thing about most cheap wigs: they tangle reeeeally easily, so be sure to stop what you’re doing and give it a good comb now and then while you’re wearing it.

Size ordered: n/a

Recommended: Yep!


You guys sent a ton of questions about this thing so here we go:

Wig is from AnAngelHair on eBay, it’s a relatively new seller. I paid $14 shipped on auction, the buy-it-now price is ~$20.

Heat resistant, actually nice fiber. Larger cap with adjusting hooks; not Arda big, but I can jam my waist-length hair in with no issue. In the pictures I’ve already razored a lot off the back and did a touch of flat-ironing, my bad. Also I instinctively try for more flattering angles so I’m probably not highlighting the problems as much as I should’ve.

Captions on the pictures but the general idea is: it’s definitely a cool wig but it needs work. The top is thick. How thick? Visual Kei thick. I didn’t even need product. That’s usually a good thing, not so much for Jean. It’s difficult to unweft, too, because LOOK AT THAT WEFT SPACING. And the sewing’s not the neatest. How much weft is there? So much weft. It’s fine from the side, but from any front-ish angle you’ve just got way too much… Vertical. It’s so tall no matter how you squash it down ‘cause there’s just so much fiber. That’s my biggest issue.

The top color is pretty cool: it’s a blend of lavender and blonde (but it’s just a touch too purple, imo). There’s also no getting around it: the bottom half is too light brown. If I end up using this, I’m hitting it with some FW ink.

Note again that the original back was also too long; this is after I’ve taken an inch or two off most of the back with a razor comb.

Hi! I am so sad because I was so excited about cosplaying Kurisu but shit happened so I’m making this post for two reasons:

1. To make sure everybody knows about this seller on ebay and how he doesn’t care about their customers: gang688

2. To ask you a few questions in order to get the money I payed for this back:

I opened case on ebay to inform about this but the seller doesn’t answer me and people suggested me that opening a case on paypal was a better decision. 

I tried to open a case on paypal but paypal says I can’t open a case for this item because I already opened one on ebay. So my question is:

Can I close the case on ebay and open one on paypal? I am affraid that if I close the case on ebay I won’t be able to open one on paypal because maybe paypal and ebay think the case is resolved(? 

Thank you for your help and sorry for my english! 

Ebay Wig Review!

Woohoo, I finally bought the fluffy lavender wig of my dreams! I bought it from jiangpin_2011 for $17.10, right this moment it’s actually on sale for $16.92 >.< Haha but what’s 20¢ really worth…

Anyway. I love it. The bangs are really long so I need to get around to cutting them soon, but I’ve been too lazy. :P

You can see it really is suuuper long. The wig isn’t as curly or as thick as the photo, but for $17 what do you expect? It’s actually exactly how I hoped it would be, so I’m very happy. I don’t like super thick, long wigs, they are too heavy and look so unnatural. I feel like this wig is very natural looking, it’s straighter and thicker at the top, and the bottom thins out and gets curlier…similar to natural hair that’s been a bit damaged over time.

Size Ordered: One Size

Recommended: Yes!

Here are some more photos with some different styles because I couldn’t help myself:

Btw if you’re wondering about my new photo background, you will learn more about it tomorrow. ^^

Sweater: forever21

Skirt: OASAP

Glasses: Claire’s

Bunny Headband: I don’t remember T-T

Pink Bow Headband: handmade by me - available at Hellohappy.storenvy.com OR hellohappy.etsy.com

Bear Ears Hat: originally from Romwe, search ebay/storenvy/aliexpress for straw bear hat

Totoro Backpack: handmade by me - pattern/commissions available at Hellohappy.storenvy.com OR hellohappy.etsy.com

Wig review of wigfever (eBay).

Hello, everyone! Here is my review of one of my trusted eBay wig stores, wigfever! I really trust this store because they have good customer service and their stock photos are legit. Now let’s cut to the chase :D 

Here is the wig I ordered from wigfever: 


Shipping took two weeks to get to me and it was packaged well. I also received a free wig cap from them! Here are photos of the wig worn: 


Here is the wig under the sunlight: 


The wig is of high quality and it is very thick! However, since it is long, I have to brush it a lot so it won’t get tangled. I really recommend buying from wigfever. I would give the store a 10/10!



I was planning on posting this a while ago but I have the attention span on the web of a small dog.

Mintz here reviewing Mahou-Kei’s Lavender Mint Split.

Reviewing this on a neutral stance. I’ve had both one good and one awful experience with her. This is my opinion based on what I prefer and find to be expected in wigs I use for cosplay, lolita and fairy-kei coords. So let’s just get right to it.

Quality. 2/5

It’s an incredibly thin wig. And the puff things were no thicker. Just a teased mess. I was planning on straightening the puffs anywho and TBH they look 5x better that way. However it DOES make how thin they are much more apparent.

The wig itself, thickness aside, IS heat resistant. I tried hot water straightening until I went at it with a hair dryer which worked MUCH better. I’m very suspicious of when things are labeled heat resistant and aren’t certain brands. (Cosplaywig, Arda, The5Witz, Epiccos and many taobao shops are heat resistant, but I know from experience many GLW wigs are not so it’s made me wary of “off-brand” wigs.) It’s soft, yes, many wigs are so that’s no surprise.

How thin the wig is really takes away from it, imo.

Accuracy: 2/5


This was advertised as a Lavender and Mint split. It is not.

Lilac and Seafoam is more like it. The purple has a good pinkish hue to it making it a solid Lilac. One more shade on the green side and it would have been the perfect hint of Miku Green.

Because it wasn’t the color advertised it, in fact, doesn’t match anything in my wardrobe besides my Soft Cream Skirt. (I have no intention of using the two together.) I was hoping that it was just the monitor colors being off since no one who had purchased mentioned it being so off color.

I wouldn’t recommend it for lolita at all. I wouldn’t recommend it for fairy-kei unless you’re doing a very bright, extremely 80s inspired outfit. Better for a rave outfit of some kind tbh.

Price: 3/5

I understand that buying wigs from a wig supplier or taobao en mas can be expensive, but $55 base price for a short wig and short pigtails? Even GLW has the same type for less than 45. Plus the shipping price one could be paying an upward of $65 for a short wig and matching puffs.

This was on sale for $45 however so I decided to take the dive… I was almost shaken off from going through with the purchase because of the shipping fee.

Shipping: 3/5

The shipping jacked up the price to it’s retail. And it took more than 3 weeks, which is ridiculous for something coming from Texas. The packaging was secure and nice but the time and price have me teetering on giving more points. :/

Overall. 3/5

It’s an okay wig. Not too good. Not too bad. Maybe not for me. We’ll see.

If I wasn’t able to straighten the puffs I would have definitely taken points away.

I’ll stick to MintyMix. I’m not really happy with any of the businesses Kyandi’s trying to run. :/


As promised. I’ll make this quick, more comments in the captions.

So F- for customer service: I ordered these on Nov 10. I also sent 3 emails about combining two orders and not a single reply to date. 

Scruffy: (I’ve flipped out one side with a flat iron for reference) Fiber’s pretty nice though Arda’s still got my vote. It’s nowhere near as thick as they claim, but it’s still a solid wig. There’s some crimped fiber, but it’s generally quite smooth. HOWEVER. The cut is stupidly choppy. There’s “blunt” style, and then there’s “really bad haircut”. This is the latter and I would absolutely not wear this without trimming the ends. Older iterations of this wig were nowhere near this bad.

Rose Long: (I’ve flat ironed the ends and cut bangs and short layers up top) for Shiroba! I’m very pleased. Oddly, the fiber is nicer than the Scruffy’s. For a wig of its length, it’s decently thick (even after I trimmed in the short top layers) and it doesn’t tangle too badly. 

Overall: …What the hell, coscom? I’d love to get another long wig from them but the shitty service and month+ shipping time FROM THE US is just dumb. Sale or not.


KING XXIV by Nico Nordström
Via Flickr:
Model: Nicole Blackburn + Moses the Sphynx cat Styling/Hair/Photography: Nico Nordström Makeup: Anna Wallace Wig courtesy of Michi Lafary

Out-of-bag review of Cosplay.com Shop Clover wig

I noticed there aren’t all that many reviews of the Cosplay.com Shop wigs, and probably for good reason; Cosplay.com has a horrible track record of not shipping items out on time, shipping the wrong item, and all sorts of nasty problems that discourage people from wanting to buy from there. However, I myself have absolutely inhuman luck with buying from Cosplay.com, and I absolutely needed a color they had that none of my usual sources carry, so risked it. My luck carried through as I got my wig 100% within the estimated time. I hope to follow this up on a review of how well the thing styles, but here is a review on the Clover wig in Light Purple just as it came, right out of the bag.

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