wig preview


I finished Automata a few days ago and I’m down to the last ending soon. (Just gotta work hard for it;; )

Nines is by far my favorite. Please protect the boy!! (I’m also planning to cosplay him because that outfit is just so cool and he’s cool and I had so many feels and uhhhh)

Also a preview of a 2B print I’m planning to sell at Desucon this summer. Needs some revising though, not entirely happy with the landscaping… ;o;

Gonna go play for a bit nowww


 WIP April O Neil Cosplay Costume. NO makeup preview, wig isn’t styled, leggins aren’t the right color yet.

First: The yellow shirt :

 I bought a basic long sleeved t shirt. (In fact, I bought it twice because my first painting test was a disaster)

then I put the masking tape and painted inside the shapes with textile paint. ( do not use spray paint,it will look awful, believe me, I had to trow away my first shirt :/)
I cut the t shirt bottom to make it look slightly shorter and did the same with the sleeves. Then I did the masking tape and painting procedure again.
et voilà !

Second : the dark green under shirt.

I couldn’t find one so I bought whatever I could find and dye. I found a grey long sleeved cotton leotard I dyed and then cut it and sewed it  to get a normal shirt .

Third : the wrist cuffs

I had this old unused faux suede skirt in my wardrobe. I decided to sacrifice it and cut 4 stripes for each wrist. I sewed them together, added a scratch on each side and it was done 

The star patch :I bought an iron embroidered patch with a blue and sewed on it the shapes I had previously drawn. ( I still need to stitch it to the denim short pants)

I also painted yellow a white hair band.

The wig: I bought an orange wig on ebay but it came a lot longer than on the image reference, so I’ll have to style it.

I found the socks online ( ebay I think)