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Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 3/5/14

When I decided to embark on making the new Suicide Squad Movie’s version of Harley Quinn, I quickly ran into a problem. All the pigtail wigs I could find (such as Arda’s Chibi) had bangs. And SS’ Harley? Completely bang free.

So I decided to create my own pig tail wig, with a mock skin part.

To make your own you’ll need:

2 wigs in your desired color

A wig head

Fabric that matches your skin tone

Glue, I used e6000


Clips, bobby pins, hair ties ect

A curling iron

First things first is your going to start removing wefts from where you want your hair part to be, my wig had a small skin top so I decided to continue my part down from there. I pinned my wig to my wig head (you’ll want to pin it stretched out a bit since it will loose elasticity) and removed each row of wefts in 3" widths

Now your going to have a big ol’ bald spot. Right down the center of your bald spot your going to glue down a 2" wide strip of fabric the length of your desired part

Now starting in the center, your going to glue down three or four rows of wefts, going VERTICALLY down the skin tone fabric. You are going to glue the wefts down so that the hair is laying in the opposite direction that you want it to go. Because, like in the second picture above, you’re going to fold the wefts over

So, once your rows of wefts have been glued down, and you have waited a few hours to ensure they’re dry, you’re going to fold the wefts over one row at a time, and use a curling iron to press the part down flat and in place. Then repeat the whole process of laying down wefts and folding over on the other half of your wig.

One half done

Both halves done.

Now once you have your center part created, you’ll want to glue some wefts on the underside of your wig to fold over the edges. This stops the ugly flesh tone band of the wig from showing and ruining the look.

Once that’s all done its onto the fun of styling some bouncy pig tails! If you use this tutorial for any of your cosplays, please tag me in photos! I’d love to see!

Here’s a few pics of my pigtail wig a la Harley Quinn:

Hands Up
Vince Staples
Hands Up

“Hands Up” - Vince Staples

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