wig pics


I still think it’s an abomination to the Queen’s English, but …

I’ve gotten used to it, unfortunately.


fucking--gorgeous  asked:

Do you know if this is a real pic or a manip or what? Lots of people are saying this is Katie with her natural hair color but I can't find any actual source past pinterest and stuff. images5 (.) fanpop (.) com/image/photos/26000000/Katie-blonde-hair-katie-mcgrath-26011726-376-500 (.) jpg

The only (real) blonde Katie photo we have is from her school days (this school photo was shared by one of her classmates a few years ago on twitter). Katie dyed her hair black a few years later and since then she’s always been brunette (and yes, in Dracula she wore a partial wig).

other pic from the school book…although in b/w