wig is not final

Since people like the color of my Noctis wig I wanted to do a comparison to @ardawigs newest color “Blue Grey” which is the most similar to the color I got from dying an Arda wig.

It’s the best alternative in my opinion to dying =u=)b while it is on the blue side more it is still rather nice.

Left is my wig (I used a white Magnum long Arda wig for it) and the right is the Blue grey wig.

If you’d like to know how to dye your own wig to get the color I did I have tutorial up on how to do that.

All sewn elements are DONE. Finally.
Only two things left: stylize wig and attach goggles (finished earlier) to its base.
I’m proud and so… so tired.
I didn’t have time for this cosplay, that’s why i was fighting with it since august last year!

(In all this layers I feel like warrior in armor…)
 Better photo [LINK]

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