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Hi Friends! Today I’d love to share with you a new tutorial video. This time we are going to learn how to untangle and remove the shine of a cheap Halloween costume wig. This tutorial is very easy you just need some fabric softener (Suavitel), warm water and baby powder ♥.


*Mini Wig Detangling Tutorial*

I should have taken more “before pictures” because this took me about 6 hours total over the last couple days. The back of the wig had a section that literally looks like a plastic birds nest.

Since my wig could always use more detangling and re-curling, I will record my process next chance I get. Until then, here is what I did:

✨First I sectioned the hair starting from the top tracks to the bottom. Since this was a multicolored wig, I separated by color. Start from the top rows of tracks and work your way to the bottom.

✨You’ll find that it is not easy to separate the tracks. You’ll need a spray bottle with water + a small part of conditioner (it should feel moist enough that the wig hairs feel loose and slippery). The spray bottle need to be a mist.

✨ the only thing you need is a fine tooth comb and your fingers with the conditioner/water mist spray. Start to divide the hair by 1-2 inch sections using your fingers. You don’t have to completely detangle, each piece yet. Just detangle with your finger enough to make sections using small rubber bands. (You can see how I divided it above)

✨Once you have separated the tracks in sections, you will be using your fingers to pull apart the clumps. Also, have your fine tooth comb on hand (preferably with a pick at the end), along with your spray.

✨begin working with each section that you rubber banded. Keep in mind that most of the detangling is with the fingers. You shouldn’t really use a comb until you have separated the sections of hair from the top of the track to bottom. You begin pulling apart the tangles a section at a time, starting from the bottom and working your way up (if you can, otherwise you can make new tangles).
The goal is to make new sections of hair, that are not tangled with the other sections of hair.
✨once you have sections within sections, you repeat the process until it is comb-able. Sometimes it is not wise to comb the entire length of wig. Just kind of start at the bottom and comb where you can.
✨ when the piece of hair is detangled, spray alot of conditioner/water mix. This makes it smooth. Try to comb out the most of the remaining tangles.

✨If it is a curly wig, spray the solution and while the hair is moist, wrap the section of hair around your finger, pencil, or pick (something long a skinny). Be careful here!!! You can make new tangles so don’t roll the hair up around the object tightly. Wait a few seconds to dry and carefully unwind the hair. You can make it a tight or loose curl depending on what you used, and how long you held the curl in place.

I still have a few sections of this wig that I would like to improve so I will make a little video to show part of my process at least.

ocd-queen forsythia-grace I hope this helps for now

anonymous asked:

Where can you get good wigs for children? Any tips on this in general?

High quality cosplay wigs aren’t that common in kids sizes, kids really aren’t as tolerant of uncomfortable wigs as older people are! Children’s wigs can be found on the websites of Ebay, Amazon, Party City, or Disney (they carry princess wigs, but they can be used for other costumes!).

Here’s how to remove the shine of a synthetic wig with fabric softener:


Here’s how to curl a non-heat stylable wig:


I hope this helps!

- Mod Sky


How to Detangle Straight and Curly Wigs byArda Wigs

View the full tutorial here:


You can also make a leave in conditioner by mixing a small amount of wig conditioner and water in a spray bottle.


Okay cosplay tip todaaaaay!
So I was trying to detangle my long wonderful wig today and we’ll it really sucked ! Considering I was a noob and have never detangled a wig before I thought it was smart to just try to comb out everything… And I was completely wrong and lost a lot of wonderful hair lol but it’s okay, it’s long as ever so no one will notice come con time ! But!!! Once I washed/soaked it, and tried to com by out, I was still scared and worried cause it was still coming out as crap. But once i figured out my wig was heat resistant, A WHOOOLEERE NEWWWW WORRRRRRRLLLLLDDDDD…. Opened the fuck up!So my steps were…
Pat dry
Comb tips, section parts (so it be easier for you to comb through )
Use black hair products … Such as that clear silk stuff that comes in a small bottle! Your wig believe it or not, needs some sort of product in it. I used just like a little tree oil, and straightening spray. And when I started I flat it out, it’s so damn soft, I wanna cry.
Oh yeah! Don’t forget to wash it with a good shampoo and conditional. I used my special dove intense repair… Cause I use dove in my actual hair and it leaves my hair feeling amazing and happy!

We’ll! Anyway! I didn’t finish my repair of the wig tonight…. But tomorrow after work I sure will!!!! (:
Ahhh I love being a cosplayer!