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Hi, I'm wondering how to style a synthetic wig without any heat as I don't think it's even a little bit heat resistant. I basically need to make it flick out at the ends, also how to detangle a curly synthetic wig? Basically, I fail at wig care

wigs that aren’t heat resistant are usually styled with the “Hot Water Method” where hot water is used as a heat source to set a style into a wig. The hot water used in this method is often from the tap, as boiling water can be too hot. I suggest using a small amount of hair from the underside of the wig as a test piece to see how much heat your wig can take. Then adjust your water temperatures accordingly. For a flip, you can curl the ends with rollers and pour the water over top.

Another option is to not set the style into the wig and use hairspray to hold the curl in place. I do this by spraying a strand with a bit of hairspray and wrapping it around a hair roller. Then I spray the outside with some hairspray and let it fully dry. Then I remove the roller. Sometimes I will use a bit of white glue to hold the tip of the curl together. 

For Detangling: 

  1. Start on one side of the wig. Grab a small amount of hair and section off the rest of the hair using hair clips.
  2. Starting from the bottom of the strand, work out the tangles using a wide toothed comb. Then move up an inch, and work out the tangles. Repeating until you reach the top of that strand and it is tangle-free
  3. Then move onto the next strand and repeat until the entire wig is detangled. 


  1. Wig detangling spray, skin-safe silicone lubricant or fabric softener and water can be used to help work out stubborn knots. 
  2. Yes hair will be pulled out, it’s going to happen and it’s best not to stress about it
  3. Sometimes a tangle might be too crazy to work out, in which case you can cut it out. This may mess up how your wig is styled. 
  4. You may need to re-curl the wig after detangling, since the stress may loosen the set-in curls. 

Hope this helps!


Hi Friends! Today I’d love to share with you a new tutorial video. This time we are going to learn how to untangle and remove the shine of a cheap Halloween costume wig. This tutorial is very easy you just need some fabric softener (Suavitel), warm water and baby powder ♥.


*Mini Wig Detangling Tutorial*

I should have taken more “before pictures” because this took me about 6 hours total over the last couple days. The back of the wig had a section that literally looks like a plastic birds nest.

Since my wig could always use more detangling and re-curling, I will record my process next chance I get. Until then, here is what I did:

✨First I sectioned the hair starting from the top tracks to the bottom. Since this was a multicolored wig, I separated by color. Start from the top rows of tracks and work your way to the bottom.

✨You’ll find that it is not easy to separate the tracks. You’ll need a spray bottle with water + a small part of conditioner (it should feel moist enough that the wig hairs feel loose and slippery). The spray bottle need to be a mist.

✨ the only thing you need is a fine tooth comb and your fingers with the conditioner/water mist spray. Start to divide the hair by 1-2 inch sections using your fingers. You don’t have to completely detangle, each piece yet. Just detangle with your finger enough to make sections using small rubber bands. (You can see how I divided it above)

✨Once you have separated the tracks in sections, you will be using your fingers to pull apart the clumps. Also, have your fine tooth comb on hand (preferably with a pick at the end), along with your spray.

✨begin working with each section that you rubber banded. Keep in mind that most of the detangling is with the fingers. You shouldn’t really use a comb until you have separated the sections of hair from the top of the track to bottom. You begin pulling apart the tangles a section at a time, starting from the bottom and working your way up (if you can, otherwise you can make new tangles).
The goal is to make new sections of hair, that are not tangled with the other sections of hair.
✨once you have sections within sections, you repeat the process until it is comb-able. Sometimes it is not wise to comb the entire length of wig. Just kind of start at the bottom and comb where you can.
✨ when the piece of hair is detangled, spray alot of conditioner/water mix. This makes it smooth. Try to comb out the most of the remaining tangles.

✨If it is a curly wig, spray the solution and while the hair is moist, wrap the section of hair around your finger, pencil, or pick (something long a skinny). Be careful here!!! You can make new tangles so don’t roll the hair up around the object tightly. Wait a few seconds to dry and carefully unwind the hair. You can make it a tight or loose curl depending on what you used, and how long you held the curl in place.

I still have a few sections of this wig that I would like to improve so I will make a little video to show part of my process at least.

ocd-queen forsythia-grace I hope this helps for now

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Hi there ! 😁 I've got an old wig that is pretty frizzy at the end and not really beautiful as it was before. I heard about the boiling water method, what do you think about it ? My wig is heat-resistant btw. I really don't know what I can do to make this wig alive again 😅 Thank youuu for the advice! ☺️ (Hope my English is good, I'm French aha)

Hello there!

For a wig that is frizzy at the ends, you are going to need a combination of two things: heats, to manipulate the fibers back into place, and something flat, which will hold the fibers in that position while they cool. A lot of people have luck with using a flatiron at a low temperature to straighten the fibers back out – here’s a tutorial for that. If you use boiling water, be sure to also go back and use something to hold the fibers in place while they dry and cool, so that you don’t end up setting the fibers into a position where they are still frizzy or tangled. Be sure to fully detangle the wig /before/ adding any sort of heat or water to it.

Some wigs may be too far gone for this method to work, and in that case, trimming the ends off is your only real option, though you can get good results using heat and pressure.

Hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff


First of all, Hi, welcome to my first tutorial :)

I know that there are a lot of tutorials out there, but I just wanted to share mine with you guys ^^

Let’s get started!

Now first of all, here is what you need

1 long wig. (60 inches, beige blonde from ebay)

3 packs of extensions (mine was xpression braid in color 613)

Some brown ribbon.

A hot glue gun and lots of glue.

A whole bunch of artificial flowers.

A detangled brush.

A foam head, and needles to hold it in place.

Needle and thick tread.

Some bobby pins.

Loads of patience.


  1. Detangle your wig as much as possible. This will come in handy later on.
  2. Put your wig on a foam head and pin it down till it stays on the head.
  3. Now that that’s done with, take your extensions and the ribbon. Lay out the extension and spread it out so it I s big as possible without taking the hairs to far from each other. Cut one piece of the ribbon so it overs the hair on the short side (the long side is how long the hair is) and a little more, and cut it. Repeat till you have two ribbons.
  4. Take the glue gun and glue on of the ribbons on the short side of the hair, right at the end of the hair. When that is dry, flip the whole thing over and do it on the other side too, so that the ribbons are glued together.
  5. Repeat on the other extensions.
  6.  Now take the wig and the bobby pins and find a weft in the bottom of the wig, but not too far down. Put hair in front of the weft out of the way y pinning it up using the bobby pins.
  7. Sewing time! Sew in one of the extensions in the middle of the weft, by sewing on the ribbon, and make sure to secure the knot.
  8. Take a weft higher up in the wig and repeat. Do this until all the extensions are sewn in.
  9. Now it’s time to brush! Brush until the wig is as detangled as possible, and until the extensions are mixed into the wig. Trust me, this step is important.
  10. Take the side of the wig and braid it in a small braid, until it reaches the middle, repeat on the other side, secure with a rubber band. This will be covered by a flower.
  11. Braiding time! Now I didn’t do the small braids, but that’s completely up to you. Anyway, you part the hair in three parts and start braiding.
  12. When the wig is braided, secure with a beige rubber band, and cut the remaining of the extensions off.
  13. Now it’s flower time! Take your flowers and cut off the heads. Glue them into the wig in any way you’d like. Remember to cover the rubber band :)

And you’re done! Hope this helped you!

The final result:


Yoooo!! You guys have been asking me to do a list of preparations fro SDCC after doing one for Wondercon. So here it is! Everything you should take care of and get ready for the next four days!

Tonight remember to…:

  • Take a shower 
  • Exfoliate!
  • TAKE AN AIRBORNE – Do not risk getting CON FLU! 
  • CHARGE everything!!! Camera/phone/ipad/mp3s…
  • Do some last minute laundry
  • IRON YOUR CLOTHES/COSPLAY (I always forget to iron my cosplays and regret it when the pictures come back and I’m a wrinkled mess. Do it now so you don’t have to later)
  • Check your cosplay contacts - change the solution and make sure they are full.
  • Eat a good meal and drink some water. Please. For me.
  • Do you need petty cash for the weekend? Make sure to write a little note on your hand to stop by for an ATM (lets not get those fees for having to use a random one at the con – plus LINES)
  • Need Gas? Note on hand. 

GENERAL PACKING the night before

  • Grab your business cards, badge (or printed barcode), wallet, ID, tickets, cash, printed schedule, prints or thing you want SIGNED and but them in a pile  by the door. PUT YOUR CAR KEYS ON THIS PILE. You can’t forget it this way (alternatively, put your phone on it.)
  • Grab Airborne, asprin, ibuprofen, any prescriptions or emergency medication you may need. You NEVER know when a headache will ruin your day. Bring it. 
  • I usually pack a bag of food. Cookies, granola bars, some instant ramen and instant mac and cheese (if you have a coffee maker in your room, you can have instant free hot water for quick lunches like this). AND water water water. Food around the con center is usually EXPENSIVE. This will save you time and money. (they charge like 4 bucks for water.)
  • Bring clothes of course. But specifically do not forget socks, bedtime clothes, stockings, belts, or swimming clothes.
  • HAIR TIES. Yeah I know, I forgot about those too. 
  • Make sure you have all the shoes you need. The sexy heels, and the good ol’ flats when you get tired of the heels. Also sneakers. 
  • Contact case & solution

COSPLAY PACKING the night before

  • I usually start stacking my Cosplays in folded piles by the door in order of the day I will be wearing them.
  • Put costume jewelry,belts,hair accessories, gloves, trinkets, small props, and extra pieces in SANDWICH BAGS and put them on top of the folded costumes they are for. 
  • WIGS. Pack your wigs in sandwich bags. By the door. Stuff a WIG CAP into EACH BAG so you are guaranteed to have one for each day.
  • Pack an extra sandwich bag for Bobby pins, safety pins, a needle and thread, extra thread, FASHION tape, super glue, fabri-tac, hot glue/gun, HAIR TIES (yes again), and anything you may need as back up. Extra sequins, some metallic paint for that prop you are worried about, or etc. This is your REPAIR BAG.
  • Rubbing alcohol is great to bring. It removes makeup stains and paint stains from most anything.
  • Wig Brush, Wig Detangler, Hairspray, Styling Gel. 
  • Remember how we packed the costumes by the day you will be wearing them? Now decide what civi-clothes you want to wear on each day afterward. This helps me remember what else I have planned those days. (Like after parties or contests. So now you can have contest entries, party shoes, and etc remembered and taken care of.) 
  • LIGHTENING COSPLAY MAKEUP CHECKLIST:  Foundation, face paint, sponge brushes, powder, makeup sealer, concealer, eyebrow glue, eyebrow colors to match your wig, regular eyebrow pencil, pencil sharpener, eye liner, that other back up eyeliner I know you have, white eyeliner,  eye shadow (for each character), WHITE eye shadow, BRUSHES, MASCARA, fake lashes, fake lash glue, lipstick (for each character), chapstick, lip gloss, blush, bronzer, contouring shadow, that weird thing you need for that weird cosplay (a marker or jewel for your forehead or something), CONTACTS and solution, wig glue, wig caps, hair ties, bobby pins. (I said these twice and thats because its important.) Oh and if you are making a fake beard, don’t forget the stuff you use to make it.
  • Are you wearing earrings this con? Fake nails? Need Nail glue?
  • MAKEUP WIPES. (if you dont have any, get some, they are magic. Also, q-tips)
  • COSPLAY SHOES. Each day. Piles by  the door. You got it. 
  • All props/weapons – by the door. 
  • To the left to the left – everything you need for the con in suitcases to the left by the door. 

THE DAY OF (the con or going there)

Don’t forget to..

  • Good Morning! EAT SOMETHING NOW.
  • Brush your teeth and then pack your toothbrush and tooth paste.
  • While your in the bathroom grab your Razor, Shampoo/conditioner/bodywash
  • Hair Dryer/Straightener. 
  • Do your makeup for the day then pack it all up – put it with your cosplay makeup. 
  • Take everything off the charge and PACK THE CHARGERS
  • Camera/Camera battery/SD card
  • Everything else should be pre packed from the lists above. Now get it all together! BUT DONT FORGET
  • Call your hotel if needed/hotel buddy
  • GAS/ATM remember?
  • GPS the directions if needed.
  • Boarding tickets/pass?
  • Badge pickup info?
  • Shuttle Info/shecule?
  • Now as your leaving, grab that important pile by the door with your keys and ask yourself: “Food? Cosplays? Camera? Phone & Charger? Props? Toothbrush?”


  • Where are you parking? Parking sucks and is expensive. PLEASE research where the heck you are gonna park. Some garages arent open 24 hrs. Think about thisssssss.
  • Check the programming schedule. CHECK THE PROGRAMMING SCHEDULE. Check the schedule. SCHEDULE CHECK. 
  • Write down the rooms/times of the panels/events you want to go to. MAKE your own schedule. Seriously. 
  • WHEN IS THAT PANEL YOU MUUSSSTTT GO TO? SDCC is HUGE and overcrowded every year. ALWAYS assume your must-see panel is widely popular and get there 2-3 hours beforehand. That seems extreme – but panel rooms DO NOT CLEAR OUT before the next panel begins. So if you wanna see the Hobbit panel and before it is the Big Bang Theory— Those Big Bang jerks might sit there and fill the Hobbit room and let no one else in. GET THERE EARLY. Plan on sitting in the panel before yours if you are worried. And if the panel you wanna see is in HALL H: Plan on going the night/day before buddy. And pack a board game, your psp/gameboy and a sleeping bag/blankets. 
  • PANELS ARE NOT AUTOGRAPH SESSIONS.  Panels do not host the autograph session. If you want to meet the guest/celebrity you need to get a ticket or go to a different place than the actual panel. The panel is to watch and listen. Signing and meeting is a different event. Check the schedule to understand where you need to go for what you want to do. Or google it. Companies/studios usually make their own rules. For Legend of Korra – you needed a ticket to get a poster and signing REGARDLESS of whether or not you were at the panel. And in some cases – you need to choose ONLY ONE because you gotta line up for both. 
  • It’s okay to make a lot of plans and see a lot of things – buts crazy out there so make sure to PICK ONE THING each day that you want to do more than others. Focus on doing that unless it falls through. This will save you from running around wanting to do everything and ending up not doing anything because you missed your chance. 
  • SHOP EARLY EACH DAY. Exclusives are usually sold with a limited number each day and they always sell out by noon. Get that thing you want ASAP and then be a happy camper all weekend. Check the SDCC website to see what exlusives they have.
  • Remember to pick something up before or during the con that you can have signed if you are going to a signing! They don’t always have freebies to give you! 

Keep a granola bar and safety pins on you at all times. You never know when you are gonna faint or your cosplay rips or both! 

Please eat. Please. Eat. Eat food. No – not  just the granola bar I told you about. Food. Twice a day at least. Please. I’m guilty of fainting at a con for doing this and it is stupid and dumb and I worry about you. 

Finally – HAVE FUN. 


Detangling a Monster

I’ve been wanting to write a tutorial for a while for detangling a wig, and I created my own little situation recently that made the perfect opportunity. I newbishly sewed a thousand pounds of no heat extentions into a heat resistant wig. derp. which would be fine, if I wasn’t a perfectionist of sorts, and if I never wanted to use heat on it. Soooo….I had to pick out all of the stitches, and was left with this gem.

Hot mess, right? I thought about throwing it at my cat, but that would have just made a bigger mess, and I wanted to use it to test out wig dye recipes, so I turned on Cupcake Wars and settled down to Tame the Monster. I’ve read just about every tutorial in the known universe about detangling a wig. Between that and my own trial and error, the method I use is based on what I’ve learned from wig Queen, Katie Bair, of the Petting Zoo. Okay, deep breath. Here we go! 

Take The HM (Hot Mess) and pin it to a head. I used T-pins, but you can use round pins also. pin it all the way around - top, sides, back. Spray it down with Motions Oil Sheen and Conditioning Spray. There are other things you could use, and I have used them, but for a real mess, this is what I recommend. Don’t go crazy, or the HM will get oily. Spray from about 6 inches away, in a stripe down the sides and back (so three stripes) and then a swipe underneath.

Never comb or brush a wig when it is wet. never ever ever. EVER. SO now you can wait for the wig to air dry,or you can blow dry it on low. (remember, I’m working with a kankelon fiber wig, which is heat resistant. if you have a wig that has fiber that is not heat resistant, this will work - just dry with cool air, or let it air dry.)

This is where I part roads with many tutorials. I follow Katie Bair’s lead, because what she says makes sense - I start at the TOP of the wig. It puts less stress on the fiber, and any truly nasty snarls are worked to the bottom, where they can be snipped out. I’ve tried both methods, and Katie is right. Always start at THE TOP. 

I use a large tooth comb to slowly work my way down through the fiber, stopping immediately if I hit a snarl. I then try a slow tap to see if the snarl is workable. Think about tapping an egg with a hammer. (yeah, I know, WHO WOULD DO THAT?!) tap, tap, tap. Anything that is untappable, I examine closely and see if I can gently pull out the extra fibers with my fingers. 

Most snarls aren’t actually knots, but just fibers that are tangled. Just like that drawer you have filled with every charger and plug known to man, it just needs a little patience! Back to slow combing and tapping. 

Make sure you get the underside, as well. When you get to the bottom, if you have any fibers that are unfixable or completely trashed (you can’t fix frizz - the fiber has been stretched out of shape, and plastic can’t be un-stretched), you can snip it out. 

Here is one side fixed, compared to the rest of the nightmare. 

You can see a glimmer of hope, and kittens!

Continue around the HM. The key is to go slowly, and to have patience. If you feel like throwing the comb or the wig, take a break and have a cookie. Then come back and start again. It’s better to fix it than to buy a new wig! 

When I’m finished with the large tooth comb, I like to go back over with a regular tooth comb to check for smaller snarls. If I were storing this wig, I would loosely braid it, tuck the braid into the cap, and put it into a gallon zip lock. This previous hot mess, however, is destined for my back porch, and wig dye experiments. 

I hope this tutorial helped you in some small way, or at least gave you a smile. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)


ladyordith  asked:

After con how should I de-tangle and store my wig?

Start on one side of the wig, and section off a strand of hair. Starting from the bottom inch, use a wig brush or wide toothed plastic comb to gently comb out theknots. Once the bottom is detangled, move up an inch or two and work out the next section. Continue to gently comb through the wig, working up the strand until you reach the top and then moving to the next strand. 

There are some tutorials for detangling wigs here.

Is the wig styled? If so you may want to keep it on the wig stand/wig head. You can then put this wig in a wig box for safe keeping. If you don’t want to build a box for it, I suggest keeping it in a bag or somewhere where it won’t get dusty. 

If the wig is unstyled you may still want to keep it on a wig head, but you could also store it in a container. Wrapping the wig in a hair net (they usually come with one) is a simple way to keep it from tangling. For longer wigs, you may want to very loosely ponytail or braid it. Loose is important, if it is stored with the styling too tight it may crimp your wig.

Hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

Have you guys ever done a de-weffting tutorial, or know of any? I'm afraid to damage the wefts of the wigs I need to take apart so I've been puttinf off making my Condesce wig for close to two months...

We haven’t, but de-wefting is pretty straightforward!

  1. Grab a seam ripper.  You can probably do this with tiny scissors too, but a seam ripper is going to make your life much easier.
  2. Find the edge to a weft that you need to remove.  All wefts are attached by being sewn into the netting or elastic, so you need to seam rip that thread out to remove the weft.  I find it easiest to pull the weft back slightly so that I can see the underside, and then shove the seamripper between the weft and the netting to rip the stitches out.  Don’t just pull each individual topstitched thread out (the ones that you can see on the top of the weft) - there is a second line of stitching that holds the actual hair to the weft , so if you pull both lines the fiber itself will come loose. Seamripping along the underside of the weft helps target the right stitch line.
  3. Keep seamripping until you reach the end of the weft and then remove.
  4. Be really careful about keeping your wig detangled as you do this, or else you will have to spend some time combing.

Alternatively if you don’t actually need the netting, you can cut the net with scissors and remove your wefts that way.


Prepping a wig! I curl, straighten, and detangle my wigs while they are on a hanger. I find it easier than a tippy wig stand or tangle inducing clamps. 

For long wigs I brush them out with a plastic brush,  I usually start from the base to dislodge any knots around the scalp. Once those are brushed down I switch to brushing from the ends up. I’m really mean to wigs, I hack at them until the tangles come out and smooth the ends with a flat iron on a low heat.

I curl my wigs with this curling iron on a medium setting. I curl them like you normally would, but bobby pin the hair together before sliding them off the barrel while they are still coiled up. Once the curls have cooled down I remove the pin and ta-da, pretty curls! 

I’ve never melted a wig this way. Which might just be luck, but it has worked on all my cheap $15 ebay wigs which are definitely not made from “heat resistant” fiber.


How to Detangle Straight and Curly Wigs byArda Wigs

View the full tutorial here:

anonymous asked:

How does one prepare a long wig for con use? I'm trying to prevent tangles but all I've gotten so far was to spray it in water until it slightly strands, then hairspray, comb it out, and then let it dry.

So if you’re big into math and knot theory and want to somewhat understand why wigs get tangled throughout the day you can read this nifty study called 
“Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string”

Spontaneous math articles aside, there really isn’t a way to stop a long wig from tangling unless you fully prevent the hairs from moving or being able to tangle. The hairspray thing you were suggested makes the hairs less likely to bounce around, and thus reduces tangle. 

There are some other things you can do to help control it:

  1. Coat your wig with silicone spray lubricant OR spray a mix of fabric softener and water
  2. Carry around a wide toothed comb or wig brush and come your wig out periodically
  3. Carry a dryer sheet and rub your wig down if it gets staticy
  4. Store your wig in a loose braid or ponytail
  5. Carry a large hairclip and clip your hair when out in the wind or running. 

myrawringoreox-blog  asked:

Hello~ I know this is a really stupid question, but do you know the best method to detangle wigs..? I've tried brushing my wig out with a comb and it didn't work. The wig started shedding and I even tried a detangling spray... I don't want the hair to fall out of it either because it is a very thin Ciel wig.. Please help me and I'm sorry if I sound like a Baka..

So first off, the method: 

Tools: You want to be using a wig brush or a wide toothed comb and you may want some large hair clips to keep the hair you aren’t working on out of the way.

  1. Section off the hair into small groups (like if you were doing braids) and clip the excess out of the way. 

  2. Starting with one strand work out the knots at the bottom of the wig, working gently. I suggest starting on one side of the front of the wig and work your way around. 

  3. Once you can get a comb through the bottom inch easily, move up an inch or so and continue to untangle until you can comb through the whole strand. 

  4. Then repeat on the next strand until you’ve worked through the whole wig.

It can be time consuming to save a very tangled wig, but it can be done. Sometimes the knots are very stubborn and there are a few solutions to make it easier to detangle the wig:

  1. Lightly spray the knots / wig with silicone spray lubricant. Since this is a strong smelling product you will want to do this in a well ventilated area and let it sit for a day for the fumes to calm down.

  2. Spray the knots with a mixture of fabric softener and water. Some people let their wigs soak in a water / fabric softener mixture.

  3. Spray the knots with hair conditioner or hair detangling spray. I haven’t used these for wigs but they do come recommended by other cosplayers. 

Even with time investment and detangling sprays you may find your wig getting some damage, this is inevitable. Tugging on the wig to detangle will result in lost fibers, but hopefully you’re only losing a couple from each strand you detangle, rather than a large chunk.

You may also comes across tangles that just won’t come out, for whatever reason it has become a super knot and it’s just not worth the effort. In this case you may have to clip it out, and then further cut and style the wig to hide it.

Best of luck!


You can also make a leave in conditioner by mixing a small amount of wig conditioner and water in a spray bottle.


Okay cosplay tip todaaaaay!
So I was trying to detangle my long wonderful wig today and we’ll it really sucked ! Considering I was a noob and have never detangled a wig before I thought it was smart to just try to comb out everything… And I was completely wrong and lost a lot of wonderful hair lol but it’s okay, it’s long as ever so no one will notice come con time ! But!!! Once I washed/soaked it, and tried to com by out, I was still scared and worried cause it was still coming out as crap. But once i figured out my wig was heat resistant, A WHOOOLEERE NEWWWW WORRRRRRRLLLLLDDDDD…. Opened the fuck up!So my steps were…
Pat dry
Comb tips, section parts (so it be easier for you to comb through )
Use black hair products … Such as that clear silk stuff that comes in a small bottle! Your wig believe it or not, needs some sort of product in it. I used just like a little tree oil, and straightening spray. And when I started I flat it out, it’s so damn soft, I wanna cry.
Oh yeah! Don’t forget to wash it with a good shampoo and conditional. I used my special dove intense repair… Cause I use dove in my actual hair and it leaves my hair feeling amazing and happy!

We’ll! Anyway! I didn’t finish my repair of the wig tonight…. But tomorrow after work I sure will!!!! (:
Ahhh I love being a cosplayer!