wig buyers

PSA: Do Not Purchase from Shop2009mb

So. Once upon a time, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a wig from a cheaper company. The photos looked good, and it was a great price! What could go wrong, I told myself? Absolutely everything.

I will give shop2009mb some credit. They are quick communicators, and ship at a great rate. I don’t think I have ever received a product I purchased from China so quickly.

It would just be great if, you know, I got the product I paid for.

This is the beautiful wig I paid for. Great length, beautiful colors. It works perfectly for Twilight Sparkle!

 This sad sack of shit is the wig I received.

So, you know. Ten bucks. Not a big deal. I sigh, accept that I dropped some money on a wig that wasn’t what I wanted, and leave negative feedback. This is about the point everything goes to shit.

The seller immediately contacts me. Asks me why I left negative feedback on the item. I explain that the wig I purchased is not the wig I received, and they ask me (with some anger) why I didn’t contact them before leaving feedback. Because… that’s not how transactions work? Whatever.

And I start getting two different lines of feedback. I can
A. Have a new wig shipped out to me
B. Get a partial refund

So, not wanting a repeat performance (but still wanting my wig), I request pictures of the wig I would be receiving. 

LO AND BEHOLD it is the fucking same incorrect wig as I was sent the first time. So I say no thank you, I would prefer to receive a refund on the item. Super fair, I’m not asking for a ton of money. Once again, I immediately receive a response:

It’s kindly phrased, sure, but the message is clear- I don’t get my refund until I fix my rating for the shop.

I don’t tend to be so pessimistic, but this is one of the rudest and most guilt-tripping messages I have ever received as a buyer- and I’ve sold shit in the lolita community. You don’t badger your buyer on the fact you’ll lose your job, and you don’t swear on a religious basis you’ll give your refund.

This is all over seven fucking dollars. Absolutely unbelievable. The shop has good reviews, but it’s probably from endlessly heckling unhappy buyers in the same way I’ve been. I’m at the point I might just call eBay in and let them deal with this, because this isn’t how you handle incorrect product and unhappy customers.

TLDR; shop2009mb is incredibly guilt-tripping and rude in refunds. Their photos are stolen from other companies, so don’t trust what you see!


Still trying to sell these things or possibly trade them off. It would really help me out of you could possibly signal boost this?

  • Fionna Dress: $20 ($30 with the hat)
  • Fionna Hat: $13 ($30 with the dress)
  • Blue Jacket: $20
  • Stocking Wig: $26
  • Red Wig: $20 SOLD
  • Blue Wig: $15  SOLD
  • Vanellope Racer: $50 SOLD

Prices do not include shipping are negotiable and I may be open to trades, but cash purchases are going to take higher priority since I still need to pay for my teeth among other things . Everything is first come first serve so if you have the money right then and there, then you get first dibs. I’ll mark items as sold the minute I receive payment. If you’re planning on sending payment via snail mail, then you better send it off within 2-3 business days and provide a tracking number because I’m tired of waiting for weeks and hearing nothing back until I ask.

Serious buyers only.