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That’s my first nationals in the books!!! I could not be happier with how it went. I really struggled with confidence the last couple of years, so I went in to NANS believing that I didn’t deserve to go and that I should still be in Prelim. The night before I rented @danceoflove‘s dress and bought a new wig/shoes/buckles, so on my actual dance day I felt like I at least looked like an Open Champion. I danced my first round the best I had ever performed on stage and came off grinning ear to ear. In my second round I still danced better than usual, but it wasn’t quite my dance class best. 

I didn’t recall, but I did get 61st, which was only eight away from placing and three judges placed me in the top half. I still cannot believe that I was THAT close, and it is extremely validating to me to realize that I do belong in Open champion, and my work is making huge jumps in my dancing skills. I’m super motivated to work towards Oireachtas, and I’m going to start feising in OC now! 

SO incredibly happy!

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What do you think G. Washington would say about today's society? Or will he be distracted by fake grass? :p

Washington would say five things:

•”Wow…the United States is still around?! I guess I owe Lafayette a few shillings.”

”Apparently you disregarded the advice in my Farewell Address almost immediately. I’m not the type of guy to say, ‘I told you so…but I fucking told you so.”

•”What is all of this crazy shit that does crazy, futuristic shit?”

•”The Constitution was meant to be a living document that evolved with time and we didn’t expect some of you to be irrational enough to believe that what we wrote in 1787 should be literally interpreted well into the next millennium. We definitely gave you more credit than you turned out to deserve.”

•”Someone could have had the common decency of letting me know that powdered and ribboned wigs, knee breeches, buckled shoes, and tri-corner hats went out of style 200 years ago. I feel really out of place, fashion-wise.”

Princess Zelda - A Link Between Worlds (Cosplay work in progress)

I’ve recently got a request to show how I made my Princess Zelda cosplay from A Legend of Zelda a Link Between Worlds. I made this cosplay for Desucon 9’s cosplay contest in July. The contest went really well and I got to the final which was really fun and totally awesome! 

So the first thing I did was to order the stuff I needed to get from Ebay. I decided that I wanted my dress to be pretty poofy, so I bought an underskirt, a long blond wig and a pair of elf ears. 

Wig: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HOT-New-Long-Platinum-Blonde-Cosplay-Party-Straight-Wig-80cm-/200974606352?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:US:1120

Ears: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Elf-Ears-for-Cosplay-and-LARP-Zelda-Anime-Painted-/151280990785?ssPageName=ADME:L:OU:US:1120

Underskirt (number 2): http://www.ebay.com/itm/11-style-A-Line-Hoop-Hoopless-Short-Crinoline-bride-Petticoat-vintage-Underskirt-/221295051151?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:US:3160

So to make the skirt I started by measuring my waist and used a circle skirt measurement calculator thingy to get the length of the radius for your waist. Since the skirt needs to be so long I decided to make the skirt as a basic circle skirt parted in to four parts, so each part I need to sew together will be ¼ of a circle. 

To finish off the skirt i hemmed all the edges and sew on a zipper in the back. Then I got the basic of my skirt, bet zelda still got this blue ribbon thing at the bottom of the skirt, I realised that if you sew on both sides of the ribbon it will stiffen the skirt and make it look a bit weird. Therefore I used some kind of glue thing that activates when being ironed that’s usually made for lazy people who wants to hem their curtains, and finally sewed the top edge of the ribbon. 

To make the pink top I folded the fabric in two and basically just cut out a folded rectangle with a hole in the fold to fit your head and pinned it to my body before I sewed the and cut the excess fabric. 

For the arms I used an old tshirt I didn’t use anymore and cut out for pattern and just made it extra big before I attached to the armpits in the pink top. Remember to make the sleeves too big since they’re kinda flowy and not body fitting. For the blur ribbon I used the same method as I did for the ribbon at the skirt. The cape is cut in a rectangular shape which is bigger at the bottom. After a lot of thinking of how to fasten the cape I realised that it was easiest to just attach it to the neck of the pink top. 

For the pink apron on the skirt I used this pattern and just painted in yellow, red and blue with fabric paint.

For the accessories and armor I used craft foam, a heat gun, hot glue, wood glue and painting. For the rhinestone in the crown I used a button that looked like a crystal that I found in my local craft store. When making the crown, remember to make it a little bit bigger that your head since you’re most probably going to wear a wig underneath. For the belt buckles I used air drying clay with craft foam inside/underneath so when I’d sewn on a peace of craft foam to the belt I could just melt them together with hot glue. The belt is fastened in the back with velcro. 

The wig I ordered was a little too long for my taste so I had to cut off about 10-15 cm to get it as I wanted. For the bangs I also had to do a lot of cutting since she got a pretty identifiable front with the separated bangs and the longer parts hanging loose in front of her ears. Also make sure to have some blue contacts and spirit gum to fasten the ears. 

So that is pretty much how I did it! I also painted the painting of her from the game which was used on stage during my performance in the cosplay contest. Good luck!

xx Cosplayer - Mathilde Bakken Thoresen (check me out on Facebook!)

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What do you think was the most significant mistake made by the founding fathers?

1.  Not prohibiting slavery throughout the United States.  We know that if the Founders had abolished slavery, we probably wouldn’t have had a United States, but political expediency doesn’t excuse the hypocrisy and inhumanity of allowing slavery in a nation founded on “liberty”, “freedom”, and “equality”.

2.  The Founders should have placed a notice somewhere in the Declaration of Independence or Constitution that said this:

“Attention Assholes of the Future:  This is a living document and, as such, it will and must evolve with the advancement of time and technology, growth and national maturity.  It should not be considered Gospel and held to the standards of the era in which it was created, especially over 200 years later.  It is the foundation upon which the framework of this country is built, but like any type of construction, it should be renovated, remodeled, and restructured to fit the needs of the American people and the time in which they live.  In order to sustain the ideas and ideals behind this wonderful nation, you must recognize the organic nature of this incredible document, allow it to develop and progress, and certainly not hold fast to a rigid interpretation of it since it was created in an era completely alien to yours.  Had we been able to foresee the possibility that you dumbshits would interpret is as if you were still wearing powdered wigs, stockings, and buckled shoes, we would have simplified it for you, but we didn’t because we assumed that Americans of the future wouldn’t be jackasses.  Now shake off the stupid and make us proud that we took this awesome, beautiful country from the natives who rightfully possessed it for thousands of years prior to our generous gifts of slavery, smallpox, religious fanaticism, and alcoholism.”   



Asking Price: $300 + shipping (or best offer) What you get: wig, coat, pants, belt buckle, wife beater, and shoes. Condition: Excellent.  The costume has been worn 3 times. Sizing: Pants will fit anyone in the 5'2"-5'7" tall and 32" waist range (also fits comfortably over my 38" hips).  The coat will fit a variety of sizes.  Shoes are Men’s US 8. Description: This costume features hand-painted text and artwork on a fully-lined coat.  The pants have a clasp fly and elastic gathering at the ankles.  The wig is one-size-fits all, a very lightweight pompadour that requires minimal care to maintain (periodic light hairspray).  The belt buckle is hand carved out of foam and can attach to any belt. In total this cosplay took 50 hours to construct, 20 hours spent hand-painting the jacket, and 7 hours spent styling the wig.  It won Best Journeyman Costume in the Hall Costume contest at Anime USA 2013. If you purchase this costume you will literally have a complete Mondo Oowada cosplay that you can put on your body straight out of the box.  All you need to bring to the party is a belt - and maybe a stick of butter. Additional detail photos available on request.  Payment can be made by Paypal; shipping is not included (but should not exceed $13 for shipping within the US).  Requests for shipping outside the US will be considered on a country-by-country basis. Interested buyers should contact me at phoenixstarr44@gmail.com or NON-ANONYMOUSLY via tumblr askbox. (photography by KDoranPhoto)