wig and buckle

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What do you think G. Washington would say about today's society? Or will he be distracted by fake grass? :p

Washington would say five things:

•”Wow…the United States is still around?! I guess I owe Lafayette a few shillings.”

”Apparently you disregarded the advice in my Farewell Address almost immediately. I’m not the type of guy to say, ‘I told you so…but I fucking told you so.”

•”What is all of this crazy shit that does crazy, futuristic shit?”

•”The Constitution was meant to be a living document that evolved with time and we didn’t expect some of you to be irrational enough to believe that what we wrote in 1787 should be literally interpreted well into the next millennium. We definitely gave you more credit than you turned out to deserve.”

•”Someone could have had the common decency of letting me know that powdered and ribboned wigs, knee breeches, buckled shoes, and tri-corner hats went out of style 200 years ago. I feel really out of place, fashion-wise.”

Reasons Why I Love Running Spotlight
  • You don’t have a whole ton to do, but what you do have is important
  • Similarly, (at least for this show), your job is pretty easy but you’re not bored
  • You get to actually watch the show
  • This means you get to see things that you notice only having watching the thing 100 times that not everyone sees if they only see it once.
  • This also means that you can look at production pictures and know exactly what is being said/sung, which I strangely love
  • Headset conversations

And now, the Cell Block Tango!