wig (purple)


This is her current hair from what I understand. First photo from a party at her work, second from Amsterdam, third Instagram story, fourth and fifth from hanging out with friends, sixth from twitter. It appears that she had a light purple, it faded to lavender, then to a really light lavender pink. Could the top be a wig? Yes, but in the first photo you can see her scalp so she either has a really great wig maker or purple hair and potentially some extensions. I didn’t actually think it was her hair until it started fading honestly. Or there’s potentially she has a lavender wig and very light lavender hair. Either way there’s color in there, and before that I believe she had blonde in it? Her roots aren’t super grown out either, I’ve left my own hair alone for a month or two and the roots are much, much longer, so that color is newer.

-Admin Emma

the signs as weird/dumb lana lyrics

aries- my daddies in the trunk of his brand new truck
taurus- lalalada soft ice creammmmmm
gemini- come on u know u like DOOH lil girls ;)
cancer- *wailing and crying*
leo- buy my purple wig for my mermaid video
virgo- *moaning and panting*
libra- don’t treat me rough, treat me really niceys :)))
scorpio- my pussy tastes like pepsi cola
sagittarius- i get high on hydroponic weed
capricorn- i wanna die (x5)
aquarius- it all seems stranger…. than a stranger
pisces- i’m in the back doing crack