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@minyoustar well I can’t deny that it’d def be easy to cosplay her with this hair. And my glasses are also convenient! Skin colour is not so inaccurate either. Oh and I do very much adore wifi. And own a blog with chat noir and ladybug ✨

Guys omg today I was wearing my Lady Wifi hoodie that I painted and in my college creative writing class a girl went up to me and was like:

“Did you paint that?”

and I was like

“Oh, yeah.”

and then she asked me what it is and I started freaking out so bad because I didn’t know how to tell this twenty-one year old chick that I, an adult, am obsessed with a children’s cartoon enough so that I painted a hoodie of it.

So I told her that it was some abstract thing and she nodded and was like:

“I see what you mean. That’s a wifi signal right? Are you trying to express how technology today is taking away our individuality?”

and I was like “Yeah man, duh.”



My friends and I cosplayed Miraculous Ladybug villains (I’m Lady Wifi) for New Con PDX last/this year.  Even made some new friends!  

I loved having a new year’s countdown with other cosplayers.  For the formal ball I created what I’m calling “Queen Wifi”–my headband lights up!  I got my prop signed by Cristina Vee, the English voice actor of Ladybug herself!  Can’t wait for next year!

It’s been so long since the last time I cosplayed as Alya nor Lady Wifi!
Can’t wait to cosplay her again.  My friend and I did a photoshoot few months ago and we still have pictures to share so stay tuned on @ladyblog-source :)

Cosplay “vs” Art concept

Photo: Katya Perin Cosplay Photography (FB)
Edit: Erik Paredes Photography (FB)
Nino: Erik Paredes 
Alya: @xemyxc aka Emy cosplay (on FB)
Art: @mikasrockbells

Lady Wifi and Ladybug

Taiyou Con 2017


So. My dad decided I need a summer project to keep me busy, and offered to show me how to use bits of pipe and stuff “to make steampunk things”.

And because I’m a nerd, my immediate thought was “COSPLAY”, followed by “STEAMUNK HOLTZ COSPLAY”. So now I have something to do with my life and my bank balance for the next few weeks: design and assemble a steampunk proton pack, plus sidearms. I’ve made a pact with myself that I have to contribute to the project every day, so that I don’t let it slide or lose motivation.

Monday was spent looking round all the hardware shops in town and getting VERY EXCITED, followed by buying one or two pieces to play with just to get used to how they worked (images #1 & #2). I really like the tarnished effect the blowtorch had on the pipe, and I’m now tempted to blowtorch random bits of the ensemble to make them look cooler. Tuesday was spent researching what the gadgets look like and sketching out some designs that resembled the originals while looking about a century and a half older. I also tried to figure out what bits and pieces I could use for everything. (Image #3: the pack itself. Image #4: the proton wand and sidearms. Image #5: the outfit.) Today’s job is going to be trawling every hardware aisle and charity shop in town, trying to get as much stuff I can use for as little as possible. Wish me luck~