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Six Sentence Sunday- 9/17/17

@chiefdoctor thank you for sending this last week! I felt bad because you just missed the cut off when I was heading to bed Sunday night so I figured I would just save this one for the following week. Here we have a five sentence fic to follow your opening sentence. Enjoy! (And in case it’s not obvious, it’s Victorian AU)

“My heart is broken; what can I possibly do for you?”

“Yes, I know,” he said with a nod, removing his hat as he stepped into the parlor to face her before continuing in an impossibility low and tender tone. “My deepest condolences.”

Molly opened her mouth but quickly closed it again, feeling a lump forming in her throat and a weight in her chest, afraid that if she spoke of the loss of her father the day before, it would come out in a sob.

“I am here only for you, Miss Hooper,” he murmured, gingerly reaching out to place a hand on her shoulder to bring her in till finally she found herself chest to chest with him, warm support enveloping her.

Propriety be damned, Molly let him hold her, soaking in the comforting grip of his arms around her and his cheek on her head…and instantly realizing that it was everything she needed and more.

Leader!Kurt is my favorite thing. Watching how this little munchkin went from a hotheaded agent to being the head of the NYO and doing such an amazing job was one of the highlights of season 2 and one of the most fulfilling characters arcs. And for that, here’s a little drabble of Kurt taking care of his people. A missing scene from the end of episode 2.21 Mom. 

I Will Keep You Safe

There was glass and papers and debris everywhere, and too busy assessing the damage to his office, Kurt didn’t notice her at first. It was not until he rounded his desk that he saw her. 

“Brianna?” he said as he slowly approached her. She was sitting behind his desk, hugging her legs to her chest and sobbing silently. She didn’t answer him. She didn’t even acknowledge his presence. She just pressed her face into her needs and cried harder.

“Hey,” he whispered, approaching her carefully, “it’s over. They’re gone.”

He crouched down a few feet from her, careful not to startle her. She was obviously in shock and had he not gotten down to her level, he wouldn’t have heard the words she choked out.

“It’s my fault,” she cried into her knees in a muffled voice, “it’s all my fault.”

Kurt hesitated a moment before he reached for her, his hand gentle on her shoulder.

“It’s not your fault-”

“I gave her the codes,” she said as she lifted her head slightly, “me. I was the one who gave them to her. And the director’s blood is on my hands.”

“That’s not true,” Kurt insisted, “hey, look at me,” he added when she went to bury her face in her hands. “It was not your fault. Shepherd was going to kill him either way. If you hadn’t given her the codes… you saved the lives of everyone else in that room.”

Brianna shook her head, more tears spilling down her cheeks. “I let you down,” she whispered.

“No, you didn’t,” he said, “you didn’t let me down. As far as we know, she was going to execute everyone in that room. You made her stop.”

The sound of footsteps on the shattered glass made him look up and peer over his desk. He saw Jane standing there, looking around the office. He lifted up slightly, making sure she saw him, and signaled for her to give him a moment.

He crouched back down and placed his hand on Brianna’s shoulder. “Go home,” he said, “get some rest, ok? And come back in tomorrow so we can start rebuilding our office, ok? You know you’re the one who runs this place, right?” He smiled slightly and waited for her to look at him, a tired smile barely cracking her lips.

“I’m not fired?” she asked him quietly.

“Fired? No,” he said, “I’m not going to fire the only assistant I’ve had that’s got the guts to make me sit down and sign papers. I’m not kidding. I can’t run this office without you.”

He stood up and gave her his hand, helping her up to her feet. It was then that she noticed Jane standing there. Brianna looked away, swiftly wiping her tears with the back of her hand. “Thank you, sir,” she said and walked past him, the glass crushing under her feet as she exited the office.

Kurt sighed and made his way around the desk, meeting Jane in front of it.

“Is she ok?” Jane asked him.

Kurt shrugged, “I don’t know,” he admitted, “but she’s gonna have to be. This is still far from over.”

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt Jane’s hand on his arm. “How about you?” she asked him gently.

Kurt shook his head, looking out from his office at the state of the NYO. This was his office, his team, his home.

If anyone should be feeling responsible it was him.

He said nothing. And Jane understood. She squeezed his arm. “It’s not your fault either,” she told him, repeating the words he’d said to Brianna.

He wasn’t sure how much he believed her, but he nodded.

“Come on,” he said, “let’s get you settled.”

There might not be much left of it, but he was going to do his damnedest to keep what was still there safe and protected.

Especially Jane.

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Ooookay for the Drabble Challenge, since you want to have fun 79 is a pretty funny one

Going with a rare jealous Molly theme for this one lol. The whole jealousy thing isn’t usually the most entertaining to me, but this did amuse me. ;D

79. “My name isn’t Leslie...who’s Leslie?”

Molly tapped her foot impatiently on the floor, sitting with her arms crossed in Sherlock’s chair. There were some things that needed to be said when he got back, and she was ready!

When he finally burst through the door and grinned at seeing her sitting there, she instantly jumped up to greet him with a stern expression.

“And where have you been?” Molly questioned.

Sherlock’s brow furrowed in confusion as he unwound his scarf and hung up his coat. “Working a case of course.”

“Oh yes, a case, of course!” Molly drawled sarcastically.

His eyes narrowed. “What’s this all about?”

Molly whipped out her phone. “Well let’s see. I got an awfully interesting text message from you a few hours ago.” She held the phone up, reading aloud. “‘Come on, Leslie, you know what I need. Meet me in a half hour and I promise you’ll be glad you did. Nobody else has to know. It’ll be our secret!’”

She glared at his blank expression as she went on.

“Funny that I got this text seeing as my name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?!”

Sherlock’s lips slowly lifted in a smile, which then morphed into an actual laugh till he was almost doubled over in hysterics. Molly wasn’t so easily amused.

“What? What is so funny, Sherlock?! I swear to God if you’re involved with some woman when we’ve only been dating for two weeks and haven’t even-”

“Molly!” Sherlock finally came over and stopped her, placing his hands gently on her shoulders. He managed to slow his laughter and speak calmly. “Molly, my text message to Leslie was for a case.”

She still looked dubious. “I dunno, the wording seems a bit suggestive to me.”

“Leslie was a witness to the crime I’m investigating. I needed the details and hadn’t been able to get them till today. Fear of being implicated in the whole thing can cause people to be a bit tight lipped, so it’s taken some convincing. And besides…” Sherlock smirked. “He isn’t at all my type.”

Sherlock quickly took out his mobile, opening up the saved contact and showing Molly the picture of Leslie…the middle aged, bald, and very male Leslie.

Molly’s eyes widened. “Oh…well that does…change things a bit.” She felt her face burning up with embarrassment and smiled sheepishly. “Sorry about that. I kind of let my imagination run away with me.”

He smiled affectionately, reaching up to stroke her cheek. “Honestly, Molly, don’t you know by now that there’s nobody else that has exactly what I need? I’d never need anyone but you.”

Her blush was now less embarrassment and more pleasure at his words.

“Really?” She looped her arms around his neck, leaning into him. “Well you’re all I need as well.”

“How convenient that we’re on the same page,” he purred while dipping his head down to meet her lips, very quickly making her head spin and her heart race.

Molly pulled away and gazed up at him. “I kind of wish that text had been for me though,” she murmured, tugging a bit at the top button of his dress shirt as she bit her lip. “Asking me to meet you and promising me I’d be glad if I did…and that it would be our secret.”

Sherlock’s lips spread in a slow smile. “Mm, yes that does sound like an appealing invitation.” He leaned down to try and kiss her again but she stopped him.

“I really hate to cut this short, but I was actually only stopping here briefly on my way to Bart’s for my shift.”

“Mollyyyy!” Sherlock groaned desperately as she stepped away from their embrace and headed for the door.

“Tell you what,” Molly offered on her way out. “Before I see you tomorrow, how bout you work on sending me some new texts during my shift.” The way her eyes sparkled wasn’t lost on Sherlock’s skills of perception.

“Mm, yes I think I will do that,” he agreed, grinning now at the interesting idea. “And I look forward to hearing just how moving they were when I see you.”

“Yes, I’m already looking forward to telling you all about it,” she agreed with a little giggle.

Things didn’t really end up working out that way after Molly’s shift though. In reality, once she did come back to Baker St…there was very little conversation involved. 😉 

If Jamie and Claire could text: Wedding Eve (1x06|1x07) Edition
  • Claire: cheerioooooooooooooooo yon brAwginge
  • Claire: wot wot
  • Claire: wot
  • Claire: woooooooooooot
  • Jamie: sry who is this?
  • Claire: WIFEY
  • Claire: fiansay-eY actually
  • Claire: that does nt look spellt correcticallement
  • Claire: willie gave m ur digits
  • Claire: it all fine. Cos we're affionzed.
  • Claire: affiunced
  • Claire: nope
  • Claire: snot it neithr.
  • Claire: B E TROTH ED
  • Jamie: are ye *quite* alright mistress Beauchamp??
  • Claire: SCPLENDLID
  • Claire: ...
  • Claire: why
  • Claire: is it because of youstoo drunjk?
  • Jamie: ...
  • Claire: wemakealovelllymatch
  • Claire: good to haveawhiskey manround the house
  • Claire: tent
  • Jamie: ...
  • Claire: patchofmud
  • Claire: oy! fiancé duty numbeone
  • Claire: HA
  • Claire: spiellerd it ringhtthat time
  • Claire: 👍
  • Claire: but anywhey HAVEADUTYFORYOU
  • Jamie: your servant, my lady
  • Claire: exlent
  • Claire: ~ohsomuchmorewhiskey in my hand plz. empty here
  • Jamie: I dinna think that's a good idea, Claire
  • Jamie: I'll be there in a moment
  • Claire: coming here? W/ 🍸?
  • Claire: wait
  • Claire: Ono
  • Claire: tomyroom?
  • Jamie: ...aye?
  • Claire: ohhhhhhnoooooooo
  • Jamie: just to make sure you're safely abed w some water n bread to settle yr wame
  • Jamie: ?????
  • Jamie: what's wrong MND?
  • Claire: wots mnd
  • Jamie: nevermind
  • Jamie: why did ye say oh no
  • Claire: cause u r
  • Claire: maannnnly
  • Claire: andyousmell like
  • Claire: camping
  • Claire: and beefjrky
  • Claire: and it makes mewanttajump yourvirginbones whereyoustand
  • Claire: but I'm mariagedddddd
  • Jamie: not til tomorrow lass
  • Jamie: but I'll take as a compliment? i suppose?
  • Claire: jesush Rooseveltchristmas piece of toazt
  • Jamie: be there to tuck ye in momentarily
  • Claire: don't doo itttt
  • Claire: stay ye back
  • Claire: forbidden tasty ginger fruit
  • Jamie: autocorrect?
  • Claire: um?
  • Claire: hold on 1 mo
  • Claire: ...
  • Claire: YES
  • Claire: Evrything from last 20 mns=Siri
  • Jamie: ha, oh aye?
  • Claire: gwing Togo vomint now

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How would the UF and SF Bros react to an S/O who got a bit wifey when they finally moved in? Like, running around the house cleaning, cooking dinner for them, doing the laundry, and greeting them with a kiss and a smile no matter what time they got home (unless it was like after 1 or 2 a.m., then they'd better prepare for the coldest shoulder of their LIFE).

UF Sans: Uhhh….ok? He is weirded out a bit at first. He is used to Papyrus beeing all cleaning and cooking and just keeping the house clean and get food on the table. But he isn’t used to somebody else doing that. And then you always greet him so friendly and nice and with so much love, it just weirds him out to much. So much he needs a drink, or two or maybe 10. 

He stumbles home in the middle of the night, and you are there, but not greeting him like usual. You ignore him and go to sleep without eve a goodnight. He sleeps on the sofa, afraid that he completly fucked up. Expect him to make it up the next morning, but expect the most nervouse and twitchy aplogy you will ever get.

UF Papyrus: You divid all the chores up, and have the best organized household in the Underground. Your tasks are cleaning the lower part of the house and doing laundry, his are cooking and cleaning the upper part of the house….also cleaning up after Sans. Together with Sans lazy ass it’s like you two are already a family plus child. He comes home late often, having much work to do and understands that you are upset with him coming home os late.

But he makes it up to you somehow, everytime. He also tries to take some work home with him so you won’t have to wait up for him for so long.

SF Sans: You two have now a competition running on who will be more wifey. You actually have a scoreboard in the living room. You are cleaning the living room? HA! Watch him clean the kitchen in half the time and score another point. Papyrus sits inbetween all those chaos, getting dusted of or vacuumed from tiem to time, just done with everything.

He usually doesn’t come home late, but then he got held up one time and came home very late, having to pick up a sleeping Papyrus from Muffets too. You ignore him the moment he steps into the room, but he won’t have that. he will wiggle himself intbetween your crossed arms like a snake, giving you the best puppy eyes somebody without eyes can manage. He will apologize and promise you to give you another point just for waiting up for him for that long. Can you really resist him like that?

SF Papyrus: He is a bit taken a back by how…homey everything suddenly is with you around. Sure, Sans kept the house clean and made food, but his brother wasn’t home most of the time, they barely had time to spend together, Sans training either by himself or with Alphys, Papyrus working his multiple jobs, so the house was clean, but not warm and comfortable, like a hotel room you spend only one night in.

You beeing there also brought the brothers a bit closer together, Sans wanting to compete with you about who can clean and cook the fastest and the best, an so spending more time at home. Cleaning was a form of training after all…at least the way he cleaned.

The way you always greeted Papyrus at the door made every day just a bit more berable. He spend a few evening at Muffets, longer then he intendet to, not drowning his sorrows in drinks or passtries, but more just trying to hide from the world in a booth in the corner. When you ignored him for the rest of the evening he felt like an asshole. He didn’t knew you what exactly you were angry at him for, Sans usually not minding him staying out for longer then usual, so he didn’t manage to put two and two together that you were angry at him for staying out that long.

He will sneak around you like a kicked puppy, making breakfast and trying to make it up to you somehow, or at least find out what he did wrong.

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Well, i'm not good at thinking HCs but i have this one. Molly is the only one allowed to correct Sherlock in front of others. He not only doen't get mad at her, but also he's really proud of her and smiles at her when she's not looking. :) <3

You ARE good at this lol! I love that one actually. I think he would be super proud of molly anytime she’s being her awesome intelligent self, even if sometimes that means she corrects him. 💕

                   UNDER THE CUT    is #400 + 100x100 icons of my actual wifey  LILI REINHART  as betty cooper in season one of riverdale,  from episodes 1-3. i originally used them for my betty indie ( @gentlescul. ), but i’m changing my icon style, and i don’t want them going to waste  !! if you do use this, please like and/or reblog and give credit where it’s due bc this took awhile to make.

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  • Regina: Emma, dear, there's a bug in -
  • Emma: *protective wife mode activated* EMMA SMASH!
  • Regina: ...
  • Regina: It's dead, Emma.
  • Emma: *puffs her chest up like a proud german shepherd puppy*
  • Regina: *can't help laughing at her dorky wife* I love you. *kisses her cheek*
  • Emma: I love you too.
If Seventeen must do a drama/anime parody, it should be Ouran HS’ Host Club


[Well, I’m doing this with visual-priority, just imagine they can act so good to be in the role that is given)

Haruhi: Seungkwan

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(c’mon 👆this is so haruhi, lowkey seungkwan but still take no shts)

Tamaki: Vernon Hansol

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(the half-Caucasian one, but of course we need to bring back his cuter and clingier side of hansol out of vernon first tho)

Kyoya: (on stage) Wonwoo

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(looks very emo, read books, good with suit and glasses, voice is as deep as pasific ocean, cold first impression but actual wifey)

Hitachiin Twins: Jihan (Jisoo-Jeonghan)

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(prettiest boys, great with any hairstyles, devious as hell, …and their “forbidden brotherly love”)

Honey: Woozi

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(…need more explanations? child of cutesy and savagery)

Mori: Mingyu

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(tol mingyu is tol, also… jigyu is happening)

Renge: Hoshi

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(imaginative, loud, melodramatic. these screams hoshi more than anyone else)

Nekozawa: i need someone with darker aura than wonwoo, (darker) DK

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(ironically, he’s actual sunshine, but yeah i need this 👆 dokyeom, about to switch his part with wonwoo but dk with glasses is too cute to be kyoya)

Kasanoda: Jun

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(instead of yakuza successor, we bring you an ip man)

Yuzuro Suoh: Seungcheol

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(in case you forgot, he is Tamaki’s dad. His character? The gif above represents him already *insert single rose*)

Yasuchika Hani & Satoshi Mori: Dino & The8

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(Younger brother of Honey & Mori with same visual clues but different aura)

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1, 9 & 37 for Will for the Drabble thingy please. Thank you💕

1. “I’m in love with you.” 9. “You’re such wifey material.” 37. “Relax.”

I was calm and collected until I heard the door slam. I jumped and ended up cutting myself with the knife I was using to make food. I hissed in slight pain moving towards the sink to wash away the blood before he could see it. Knowing him he’d probably freak out and then start laughing but mostly freak out.

“Y/N! How are you?” He strolled in, dumping his bag and jacket on the sofa and walked towards me.

“Not too bad, I’m just bleeding. No big deal.” I smiled at him shortly returning my attention the cut, which hadn’t stop bleeding at all.

“What the fuck? How did you even manage to do that?” He started panicking and started rummaging through the cupboards looking for a first aid bag.

Relax. It’s only a bit of blood.” I sighed trying to picture what was going through his head.

“What do you mean ’relax’? You’ve cut yourself and you’re telling me to relax. For fuck’s sake! You’re bleeding!” He exclaimed finally finding what he was looking for.

“You’re literally overreacting for no reason, it’ll stop in like two minutes.” I rolled my eyes, letting him clean and bandage up the cut.

“I’m overreacting because and I hate seeing you hurt because I’m in love with you, even if you’ve stubbed your toe, I’d probably call an ambulance.” I let out a small laugh to lighten his spirits.

“Well, I’ll continue making dinner, for once it’s not a microwave meal.” I laughed knowing that would get him a bit annoyed.

“Listen there’s nothing wrong with microwave meals! They’ve done nothing to you!”

“Whatever, you always say that and then you’ll eat my food and say it’s better than a Tesco meal deal.” He rolled his eyes taking a piece of food from the stove and popped in his mouth.

“That’s only because you’re such wifey material. Actually, now that I think about it that’s the only reason why I’m in love with you.” He laughed, earning a playful punch.

“Sleep with one eye open, Lenney.” I said, putting on the best angry face I could.

“I’ll try my hardest, you weirdo.” He kissed my cheek and ran into the living room, sending a playful smile my way.

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ⟶ A Bellarke Hogwarts AU

written by @prosciuttoe a.k.a. my wife a.k.a. the greatest person in the whole world and, today, the birthday girl. Emily, I love you to the moon and back ♥

“What is with you?” he snaps, “Look, I’m sorry if I tarnished your precious reputation out there, being associated with a muggleborn like me-”

“That is not what this is about!”

“That is exactly what this is about,” he fumes, fingers trembling as he shoves them into the pockets of his pants forcefully, “Princess Griffin, directly descended from Salazar Slytherin, all high and mighty and better-”

“Shut up.” she says, voice tremulous, but he can’t seem to stop the vitriol tumbling off his tongue, bitter and angry, wonders if he’s imagining the taste of blood caught between his teeth-

That’s when she kisses him, backing him up against the wall, her fingers tangling in his tie to pull him closer. Her lips are insistent on his as he exhales shakily against her cheek, his teeth scraping against hers.

She kisses like how she fights- unrelenting and bruising, all heat- and like everything with them, it becomes a competition. Clarke bites down on his lower lip until he moans into her mouth, and he slides his hand down her spine to palm her ass, crushing her to his chest until she squeaks. She digs her fingernails into his side, chipped and uneven against his skin, and he buries his fingers in her hair, twisting it in his grip.

Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin’s rivalry is a thing of legends- Slytherin’s head girl and Gryffindor’s golden boy. But that doesn’t exactly stop them from making out either.

Read the story on AO3