I finally just got around to updating this, i just tagged you all and if you’ve changed your url i’ve updated you on this list, and i also removed inactive blogs. 

Ayyyyooo, so i decided to make a Follow Forever because i was bored (plus i recently hit my goal), and wanted to just appreciate you amazing people (or whatever you are)! So i just wanted thank you guys for bringing the most amazing dashboard and i really appreciate every single and you guys make me smile everyday and i love you so much and i just want to hug and meet all of you!! And thanks for giving me a place where i can fangirl over AHS and its amazing cast and not be judged or look like an idiot. :)

people in bold are people i really love and are my favorite favorite blogs ;)

[ A B C D ]

a-h-s-coven, american-horor-story, americanwhorestory, a–h-s, ahmericanhorrorstory, ahswitches, bitchcraftmadison, coventhisbitch, cordeliascrew , sister–misty-montgomery, diantostyle 

[ E F G H ]

exceptvodka, evanthomaspeters, fionalaveau, fiercetaissafarmiga, foxxayye  gallifreyanhorrorstory​, horrorstorylilybanana

[ I J K L ]

isolemnly-chastain-swear, kazehh, kyles-ass, lanalikesnobanana .

[ M N O P Q ]

misty-dayum , myrtlesnowing, mistysdelia, myperfect-obsessions, mh-asylum-coven, misterturtleface, marziiporn, misteyday, misscordeliafoxxy, mstynicks, n3kromantik nodontgoawaytate, narcissisticwednesday, needsanewrug,  pepperforpresident, qoven, queenofthehorrorstory

[ R S T - V W X Y ]

russian-nugget, robichauxs-murder-asylum, sarahpaulsons-upperlip, sailorsofthemoon, sistasatan, sarrahpaulson, sevenwonderz, sister–satan, taissawhore, the-baddest-witch, taint-it-up, tastetate, this-road-goes-2-ways, unfairmiga, wifest, witch-betch, witch–pleaseyouwillendinflames, youcancallmejoey.

And that concludes my Follow Forever. P.s im sorry if you didnt make the list and i know im forgetting some of you, so sorry.