I presented my final project (a piece of original choreography and really my first time doing choreo for anyone older than like 9) for my HS dance program today. I was freaking the freak out all week but it went SO well and I am so proud of my dancers & the work we all have put it all year. The judges were super super complimentary of it and honestly I couldn’t feel better about how it went. :)

A Gil Talk!

I see a lot of people still discussing Gil and the issues they have with him; while that is important into fully analyzing a character I actually want to talk about an interesting tidbit in his person. Particularly, I loved the part where Gil opens up about wanting complete honesty in the relationship. It’s funny, because it seems like it comes out of left field to an extent, however, if you used SAM to help you beat him in poker the segue is very smooth. This bit of dialogue actually could’ve been expanded on to give him a totally more interesting storyline + arc. For reference here is what he says:

“I knew you were using SAM to beat me at poker. Have to say, it was pretty obvious.” 

“Oh yeah?”

“And it didn’t phase me– if I had SAM, I might’ve done the same–but… I’m serious about you Ryder, and I want to do this right. I want absolute trust. I’ve never had that in a relationship, honestly, I’m drawn to the danger of not having that. But with you, here.”

“You want to feel safe. Me too.”

“That’s what it’s about. We should always know that we have each other’s back. That we can be completely real with each other.”

So here’s my whole take on this to hopefully give Gil some justice on some unshorn beauty in his persona + get some good Gil talk out there. Gil loves poker, right? He likes to gamble, that’s why he says he’s drawn to the “danger” of not having trust. This makes sense, he probably didn’t have much luck when it came to relationships (hint hint, why Ryder says the line “Lucky at cards, unlucky at what?” when flirting), and ultimately liked the thrill of what could happen as it kept him on his toes. He’s stated he lives his life with no regrets and does what he wants in the moment; that reflects in his whole view of past relationships. This could also explain why he is so flirtatious, he likes the thrill of meeting new people (especially those he’s attracted to) and seeing where it goes from there.

In large part of his arc revolving around being more mature I think we are supposed to see that in how he asks you before you meet Jill, if he should introduce you as his friend who likes to flirt or his guy. He’s openly discussing being serious with Ryder and not wanting to risk anything. This further gets established in his romance scene where he asks you for absolute trust.

I think this is a beautiful and tragic aspect of Gil’s character; lady luck has not been kind to him with his relationships and his pain with possibly lies, mistrust, and cheating have left him only wanting one thing out of a relationship: trust. It’s beautiful really; and I have to say as a gay man I’m happy he got this kind of trait because it can really help show how a lot of gay men (especially in my life) truly care about the importance of communication and trust. 

This is the direction I wish Bioware had gone with Gil, I like the idea that he may have had trust issues and his relationship with Ryder mends those feelings or helps him find a relationship that is purposeful in his life. I also just realize that as I wrote about that bit of dialogue the parallels to poker and his love life are so BLATANT! Like I love the idea that he is so good at a game about luck, but his luck wasn’t with him for the men he found. It scratches my writer ear so well to see this kind of stuff laid out, I just wish it got more of a spotlight in his narrative!

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First I'd like to say that I'm really enjoying the hell out of IKYW. It's well written & the storyline keeps me coming back for more. However, and perhaps this is just a reflection on me, but I feel like it's all too easy. The automatic acceptance & understanding of everyone including our main girl just seems a little too good to be true. Could be that my Supernatural loving heart's just trained to need the angst though. I can't wait for the next chapter.

i refuse to make danneel or gen out to be anything but the amazing women they are in this series, so no drama will come from within padackles to that extent

however, it’s not an easy path outside of that. we’re still at the beginning, there’s shit to come