“I’m Ten, but my father-in-law was number Five” & “I have three kids and a beautiful wife” - David Letterman Show, 29th October 2014

“We’ve always played that side of life very close to our chest, just to seek out a bit of life at home. But I have three kids who didn’t ask to be in the public domain. They’re twelve, three and one, so that’s obviously what life is about. But my wife and I both try to protect the kids.” - TV Week (Australia), November 2014 

“You get a family, you get forced into things. We have a small dog named Myrtle, which is a little furry Cockapoo thing. Um, the family ganged up on me. It’s very sweet, but it wees." - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, 10th November 2014

"Well, yeah, I like to keep it relatively private. You know, I have a wonderful wife and a wonderful family and I’m very proud and thrilled to have them in my life.” - Good Day L.A., 11th November 2014

“Watching my now father-in-law as a young boy was a huge influence on me. It’s very peculiar the way that particular part of my life has worked out. But he happened to have a rather wonderful daughter.”  All Things Considered, 12th November 2014

“Also watching online is my lovely Georgia and Ty, also very sorry they can’t be here. I’m sorry you’re not here but I love you very much, and you’re the reason I’m standing up here, obviously." - Bafta Scotland, 16th November 2014 

"My wife’s mother’s American, so my wife’s half-American, so I’ve got, you know, I’ve got a bit of a link there. So my wife keeps me right, she’s very, she’s got a good ear so she can help." - The Queen Latifah Show, 18th November 2014

"I guess I quite like being the holder of secrets. I enjoyed it last time. I didn’t even tell my wife, so we had that going on at home, which was quite fun!" (about keeping Broadchurch secrets) - Total TV Guide, January 2015

"I watch a lot of children’s television. I mean mostly I watch children’s television. Er…what else do we watch…[would you be a voice on Peppa Pig?] Of course I would! No I mean, CBeebies is the only place I would get genuine approval for working on in my house.” - Matt Edmonson Show, Radio One, 11th January 2015

“There’s some confusion in my kitchen back home as to why I’m on the radio so Ty, Olive, Wilfred, yes this is Dad, I am here, I’m just doing a silly thing with a friend of mine but I’ll be back later don’t you worry.” - The Christian O’Connell Show, 12th January 2015

“With the first series we kind of - we kind of er… it was a bit of a game, that I wasn’t gonna tell her and she was gonna try and sort of, see if she could - [what kind of game? Yeah? Put the mac on and let’s play?] Haha, I don’t take it home with me. And er…because of that we’ve sort of continued that into series 2, so she has no idea what’s coming up." - The Christian O’Connell Show, 12th January 2015

"I think a beard is easier than stubble if you’re talking about - I don’t think she minded the beard actually. But as I say, it’s less abrasive than a stubble, which is a bit harder to cope with.” (re: Georgia coping with his beard)  - The Christian O’Connell Show, 12th January 2015

“And obviously I’ve got to thank my wonderful family, my amazing wife who has lied to me about tonight [smiles]. But Georgia, and Ty and Olive and Wilfred, who make everything possible, um, but much more importantly, make everything worthwhile, thank you, I love you very much." - David Tennant accepting the surprise Special Recognition Award, National Television Awards, 21st January 2015

"No! No, my wife is such a good liar, it’s horrible!”, answering the question ‘You genuinely had no idea?’ re: his NTA award, Radio Times Covers Party, 27th January 2015

“Thank you to my wonderful wife Georgia, for coping with the hair extensions apart from anything else. She combed and blow-dried… I rocked them, and Georgia kept them nice. So thank you.” - What’s On Stage Awards, 15th February 2015

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