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Ahkmenrah x Reader: Bluebeard

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“I’m telling you, that has to be one of the freakiest movies I’ve ever seen!” Nicky shuddered.  You and him had just returned from seeing Krampus, and he was still freaked out.  You, on the other hand, weren’t impressed by the film.  “Like, thank God it was just a movie!”

“Actually, it’s a myth.”

“What?” Nicky turned to you.

“Krampus.  He’s an actual myth.  He takes bad children on Christmas and beats them with sticks.” You said nonchalantly.  Nicky’s eyes bulged out and he looked around nervously.

“You don’t think he’ll be here one day, do you?”  You rolled your eyes.

“He’s not real, Nicky.”

“Yeah, well neither was Lancelot, and he almost destroyed the Tablet.” You shook your head and went back to texting.  Ahkmenrah came in a moment later.  

“What are we talking about?” He smiled and sat down.

“Y/N’s being terrifying again.”


“We went to see Krampus.”  Ahkmenrah opened his mouth.  “Don’t ask.  I won’t sleep for weeks.  Anyways.  We went to the movie.  And Y/N’s not freaked out by it.”

“Really?  That’s amazing,” Ahkmenrah looked at you in admiration.

“No, it’s not amazing.  This guys abducts and beats bad little kids with sticks and she’s just like, ‘nah it’s cool.’”

“It’s not that bad, Nicky.” Ahkmenrah said.

“I highly doubt it.”

“No really; it’s not that bad.”

“Well what could be worse?”

“Shesmu.” Ahkmenrah said simply.

“Bless you.” You said.  Ahkmenrah looked at you and you shrugged.

“Shesmu is one of my gods.  He greeted the good in the afterlife by serving them wine.”

“That’s not so bad.” Nicky said.

“I’m not done yet.  He served them wine made from the heads of the evil.”

“Seriously?!”  Nicky shouted.  

“That’s so gross!” You laughed.

“How are you laughing about this?!”  

“Because it’s not bad, and I can prove it!”

“You people are insane,” Nicky said.  He still listened though.

“When I was little my grandparents told me stories of Bluebeard.  He was a man with—”

“A blue beard?”

“Yes.  Now shut up.” You threw your shoe at Nicky, which hit him in the shoulder.  “He was considered ugly and asked a local noblewoman to give him one of her two daughters to marry.  At first neither wanted to because he had been married many times before but no one knew what happened to his wives.  But after a week of partying, the youngest decided to marry him.  A month into the marriage, Bluebeard had to go away on business, but he told his new wife to have as much fun as she wanted.  He gave her two keys, the big one for all the rooms, and the small one for a closet.  He said she could go anywhere in the house she wanted, but if she ever went into the closet she’d be punished.  With that, Bluebeard left.”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Nicky said.  Ahkmenrah hushed him and urged you to continue.

“Well, the wife’s friends all came over and were amazed at how much wealth she had.  While they looked around the house, the wife thought about the closet.  She was worried about her husband’s warnings, but wanted to see what was inside.  Eventually the curiosity became to great and she opened the closet.  Inside…WERE BODIES!” You shouted the last part.  Nicky let out a very unmanly yelp and Ahkmenrah laughed.  “They were the bodies of all of his previous wives.  She locked up the closet and ran back to her room.  Her key was covered in blood, and no matter how much she washed it, it would not come off.  When Bluebeard came home, he asked for the key.  Eventually the wife returned it to him.  He asked why blood was on it, but she said she didn’t know.  He didn’t believe her, and accused her of opening the closet.  He told her he would kill her, but she asked for time to pray. While Bluebeard left her to pray, she called for her sister Anne, begging her to send their brothers to save her.  Eventually, Bluebeard lost his patience and called for his wife so he could kill her.  Her sister told her that her brothers were coming, but were still a long ways off. Bluebeard grabbed his wife by the hair, and prepared to cut off her head.  She begged for more praying time, but he refused.  Just before he could kill her, knocks sounded at the door and two officers strode in.  Bluebeard tried to run, but was killed before he could get far.  With Bluebeard gone and no children, the wife inherited his riches.”  You finished.  Nicky had left during the story, but Ahk was giving you his full attention.  You blushed at his stare.   “So yeah.” You said awkwardly.  “Krampus isn’t that bad.”

“That…was amazing, Y/N!” Ahkmenrah exclaimed with a grin.  “Do you have any more?”  He asked eagerly.  You laughed.

“Honey, I’m German.  I have tons.”

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PREVIOUSLY: “He could still feel her red velvet cloak slipping away under his fingers as she pushed him off of her.”

SUMMARY: It started with seven minutes, maybe it doesn’t have to end with ten.

A/N: this is late but it’s fine bc i’m kind of happy about it and i wasn’t literally falling asleep while writing it, so that’s an improvement. but anyway i hope you guys enjoy this since a bunch of people seemed to like the first part :) my boy albert deserves more appreciation.



Y/N was haunted by those seven minutes in the closet. She could remember the brief filling of kissing Albert, the way his fingers had brushed her waist and she had gotten scared, pushing him away. She wanted to talk about it. She wanted to spend hours reliving the words they had said, days describing those few seconds when their lips had touched and the world had disappeared. But Albert was still Albert. He was annoying and rude, and the fact that he was cute or occasionally made a funny joke didn’t change that. So she kept quiet. She told Sarah and Crutchie that all they had done in the closet was argue. She bit her tongue and stole glances whenever he was around, wondering why he hadn’t told anyone either.

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T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (3/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Language Guys

Summary: You and your twin brother Devin work for the Avengers, he’s an active agent who is far from being Bucky Barnes biggest fan, but you’re a simple assistant whose carrying on the secret affair with Barnes. How bad could this get, as long as no one finds out right?

A/N: Angsty, cute series for Buck, because I know I need more Buck on my blog. If you want to be tagged let me know!!

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Steve waves you over once he spots you rear the door, wondering if this was a smart idea coming out with your boss and his team, especially since Buck was a part of it and nobody knew about the two of you. You nod at Steve starting towards the team in your jeans and white cami, you pull at the cardigan you had on over it, feeling awkward as you join them at the table.

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Hello, could you do QN reacting to having a couple fight with their new wife and in the morning their wife is gone along with their newborn baby. They go and look for her and bring her bavk home and they make up. Im soo sorry if this doesnt follow the rules >•<

I’ve seen this requested multiple times and I have been a bit hesitant to write this, but I hope this is okay! 

S/O leaving with their child:

Reiji Kotobuki

He could not believe this was happening to him. He had woken up the next morning to find his loving wife and their newborn baby gone, along with their suitcases and clothes. He could not fathom why she would leave so unexpectedly, until he remembered the heated argument the previous night. He honestly did not mean to take his anger out on her, work has been stressful lately and he has not been there to help with the newborn. But when voices were raised and things were thrown, he just let it all out. Which resulted in the predicament he was in now, pacing around the house empty of baby laughter and love. He has called everyone he knew, including his bandmates but to no avail did they see his partner of recently. He hopped into the car, disregarding still being in his pajamas, while searching the city for any sign of his wife’s car. With phone glued to his ear and voice mails quickly filling up did he begin to lose hope, on the brink of tears. It wasn’t until he noticed that familiar car parked at the side of a road. After quickly pulling over and running towards the driver side of the car, was he confirmed it was his wife’s tear stained face with a sleeping baby in the car seat in the back. Breathing a sigh of relief, he was determined to make up with his wife who seemed equally distressed as he and bring her back home.

Ai Mikaze

The droid did not understand was going on, all he knew was he was feeling the emotion called panic and distress. He had come home that early morning after a long tour to see no sign of his wife and newborn baby. The only thing left was a note left on the table, filled with reasoning of their absence. She had left him, he has not been paying enough attention to his family since he was an idol and she has been left with the burden of almost raising the child completely by herself. She has resulted to moving back to her parents house, just temporarily until she figured out what to do next. The cyan-haired idol knew what he had to do, he needed his family back. Truly, he is nothing with his wife and child. With panic escalating and his body overheating he quickly made his way to the home his wife and child would be at. Not even caring of knocking, he quickly made it to a familiar room and opened it to confirm his theories of her being in there. Immediately he scooped her into his arms and for the first time ever, cried. Shocking his wife, never had he cried in front of her, even when his baby was born. The rest of the day was spent with tears, apologies, and mending broken hearts. 

Ranmaru Kurosaki

He knew this was all his fault, why did he come home late that night? To make matters worse, he was under the influence when he finally reached home to be greeted by his worried wife with a newborn in arms. As of recently, the hot-headed idol has picked up a bad habit of relying on a certain poison in a bottle which led to an unpleasant side of him to come out. Of course his arrival had caused a heated argument to break, but he never thought she would result to leaving him and taking his child! He watched as she packed her bags and left, only for him to pass out on the couch due to the effects of the cheap alcohol. Only when did he wake up with a killing hangover did he recall his actions and the previous events. he called her number only to find it turned off and leading straight to voicemail. He was desperate now, contacting everyone he knew only to find out from sources she had checked out a hotel room. After speeding to the hotel, did he find his tearful wife and confused baby. He was determined to make things right, wanting nothing more than to bring the only people he had ever cared about home. 


The count really done it this time. He once again let his arrogance come first before his very family, as he shamefully stared into the empty dresser drawers and lack of baby clothes ripped off the hangers in the closet. His wife, the love of his life, had left him along with their newborn child. Why? The heated argument that broken out the previous night. Raised voices, things thrown, words sworn, and most of all regret. He knew he did not deserve his family, but he was simply nothing without them. Feeling so hopeless and useless, he just sat on the couch with head in hands while tears fell. Only did he hear the familiar babbling of his precious baby did he raise his head to see his family has returned. Although she knew he was in the wrong of the argument, she still wanted to mend the broken relationship for sake of their newborn baby. And for the first time, did he see the great count beg on his knees for the return of his family. Words of promise spilling from his lips with tears rolling down his face, finally realizing that he needed to become a better man for his family. 


Just read a tweet that made me angry. Something about a going on a three-day trip and this dude says he packs three pairs of shorts and three shirts, and his wife packs “her whole closet and goes shopping for five more outfits”.

Isn’t this a played-out cliche, first of all? Honestly, though, dude, you can wear that shirt and shorts to the office, to a restaurant, to a social event. If it gets cold, you can put a hoodie on. You’ll be fine, it’ll look, if not totally, then at least reasonably respectable.

Now, if a woman wore the same thing to a social event as she’d be expected to wear to the office, or just threw a hoodie on for a night out, you can bet there are people judging her. Obviously, she doesn’t care about presenting herself, they’d assume.

Because she’s always on presentation in a lot of the places where you just exist.

That tweet isn’t a pithy joke and also, fuck you.

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Xerooooo! Give me UmiMaki: 30, 46 and 49 please

A/N: An early birthday present to @lovelivellama. This was much harder than I expected it to be. I hope you enjoy it.


“It’s not what it looks like…”

“Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.”

“Well, this is awkward…”

Maki cursed herself for ever asking for help. The plan completely backfired once she opened her mouth, let alone to troublesome people.

“You should give up trying to make her dinner. She’ll only have a heart attack if you end up burning down the house.”

Maki scowled at Nico’s words when she had visited them for help. Although she wanted to deny it, Nico was right. Maki was useless when it came to cooking, let alone do anything in the kitchen besides making coffee, getting food out the fridge, and using the microwave to heat the cold food.

But right now, Maki would rather be homeless than do what she was going to do. In her hands was a bag; and in that bag, was a sexy cop outfit and a pair of handcuffs.

“I can’t believe Kotori was able to convince me to buy these…”

It was do or die. Tonight, is Maki’s fourth wedding anniversary with Umi and she wanted to change things up with her lover. So, to get some ideas to surprise the other, Maki went to their friends for help. Low and behold, this was what she ended up with.

Maki began to strip out of her clothes. Her fingers slid across her fair skin and began to imagine activities that were to come once Umi returns from work. Before things got hotter, Maki snapped herself out of it and decided to take a bath to freshen herself up first. After her bath, Maki exhaled deeply to convey her mixed feelings about cosplaying. She was having an internal debate on whether this was the right decision or not.

“Maybe we should just do what we usually do.” She was beginning to have second thoughts.

“Umi-chan can be easily swayed by other women if you don’t mark her as your own Maki-chan.”

It irked her that Nozomi said that to tease her, but the red-head didn’t believe Umi would ever be unfaithful to her, especially if it pertained to “making love” with another. After all, this was Umi she was talking about. It was hard to not get her lover to say what they were doing is “shameless”.

Shaking the thoughts out of her head, Maki finally decided to put on the costume. It didn’t feel any different from the outfits they once wore when they were school idols, but nonetheless was not any less embarrassing. The leather of the shorts and blazer hugged her curves tightly. Maki smiled to herself while imagining the face Umi would make once she walks into their bedroom. Unconsciously, the red-head began making various sexy poses in front of the large mirror. Umi may say that she’s being shameless, but the red-head knew better because her wife is a closet pervert. Maki was so engrossed in her own little world that she hadn’t realized that someone had entered their house.

“Who would have thought it would rain so hard so suddenly.” Umi entered the house drenched from the storm followed by a blonde in the same state.  

“I know. Sorry about this Umi, even though today was supposed to be your anniversary with Maki.” Eli apologized for the intrusion.

“It’s fine. It’s not your fault that the trains stopped working because of the rain and you have no way home.” The blue haired woman took off her shoes and wet blazer. “I’ll go try to find us some towels and see where Maki is.”

Umi leaves Eli and goes searching for clean, dry towels. The blonde began stripping, taking it upon herself to go to the bathroom to clean herself and find some of her spare clothes she leaves at their house. However, before she could even make it there, she was stopped by Maki.

“Y-you’re under arrest for s-stealing my heart! Prepare to be punished for it!” The red-head had her eyes tightly shut and a nice red hue painted across her face.

“Well, this is awkward…” Eli was baffled at the bold statement that was clearly not meant for her.

“Ueeh?!” Maki’s face lit up red like a tomato, brighter than a Christmas light.

“Maki?” Upon hearing her voice, Umi returned to where the other two were. “Have you seen the…?”

Words fell into silence when she saw her wife cosplaying as a cop, on top of Eli, who was half naked on the ground.

“Umi! Before you jump to any conclusions, hear me out first!” Eli feared for her life and wished she could tell Nozomi that she loved her one more time before her lifeless body is sent to her wife.

“It’s not what it looks like…” Maki spoke softly, a blush still clearly present on her face.

The red-head could not look at her lover in the face. She was too embarrassed and wanted the earth to open and swallow her so she could disappear. That was, until she was picked up by Umi.

“Umi?” Eli gave the couple a puzzled look.

“Make sure to lock the door with the spare key under the plant pot after Nozomi picks you up.” Umi looked over her shoulder with a cold smile as a warning to the other. “And make sure to keep your mouth shut about what happened along with erasing what you saw from your mind.”

“Y-yes ma’m!” Eli felt a cold rush crawl up her spine which did not come from her cold, wet clothes.

“U-Umi…?” Maki spoke weakly.

“You’re shameless…” Amber eyes averted followed by a blush on Umi’s cheeks.

“I-it’s not like I did this for you or anything…”

“Oh? So, it was for Eli?” Umi raised an eyebrow at her wife.

“W-who knows?” Maki looked away to avoid her gaze.

Closing the door, Umi put Maki on the bed and got on top of the other. In her most seductive tone, she leaned in close to Maki’s ear and whispered. “Should I punish you then Officer?”

That night, the two ending up having one of the best out of many.

Imagine Loki trying to spice up the love life when he thinks ‘the bedroom’s getting stale’, he waits for his girlfriend/wife to return from shopping, clad in nothing but a green bow around his neck, but things start going downhill from there when she returns with two other Avengers. Loki hides in the closet, cursing and hoping they go away.

Out of the BDSM closet?

I’m straight as an arrow. Everything about a woman turns me on. I have known this since I was in kindergarten. Kindergarten, consequently, is about the time I began in that kindergarten sort of way to assert my dominance on the world around me. I of course didn’t realize that was the case, but only on looking back over the years do I understand that’s what was happening.

If I wasn’t straight..if I was gay…would I have come out of the closet and been true to what I was at the core of my being? I like to believe that I would have. I like to believe that I would have had the courage and the strength to not live as huge a lie as pretending to be something which I was not. I will never have to pass that test.

I have, for some years now, held the belief that we do not chose our sexual orientation. I certainly did not. I just knew, always knew, that I was attracted to girls at first and women as I became a man. How is it any different for gay men and women, or even bisexual men and women? They are discriminated against still today, for what boils down to being born into a minority.

Here is my point. How many of us in the BDSM lifestyle talk openly about our lifestyle and the choices we make in it? I believe that we are what we are, gay or straight, male or female, dom or sub. I think that perhaps we are refined in our formative years by the experiences we live through, but the kernel of what makes each and every one of us what we are is there within us at birth. I think about a wolf pack, but I look at my family pet. A boxer. You’ve seen his pic in this blog. I wasn’t there to pick him out of the litter, my son did that. I don’t know how he was with his brothers and sisters, but he is not an alpha. He just isnt. He always adopts a submissive attitude with each and every other dog he has met. That’s fine with me, since it keeps the fighting down.

I think much the same thing happens with people. I don’t believe one can learn to be truly dominant. It’s a charisma, a force, a sense of self. I believe one can chose to behave submissively. I mean, even Doms have bosses we have to listen to, right. But again, I think to truly BE submissive it comes from within. It’s just what you are.

So BDSM is how we express our sexuality, and that is a choice. Or is it? If you crave to be under a dominants control and at the core of your being nothing else will satisfy that need of self, have you lost the option to choose? Or have you become slave to your own submissive need.

But unless you are walking your sub down a crowded street by a leash, it’s quite simple to keep your BDSM in the closet. Many if not most people don’t really talk about what goes on in the bedroom. I learned this in my early 20s when I had a gay male coworker. We became fairly close and had many deep conversations on smoke breaks. He put it to me this way, “you don’t picture what I do in bed and I don’t picture what you do in bed, and after that we are just two guys talking and smoking.” He was right.

I think that is what’s wrong with people who are anti-gay. They can’t get over picturing those two men or women in bed. People can be so stupid.

So back to the BDSM closet my wife and I are in. We don’t go to a party and go, “Yeah, I like to tie her with rope and flog her tits and ass and fuck her with a plug in her ass! What? You don’t do that too? Why not? No its not sick it’s what we do…what do you mean I need to leave???” I wouldn’t shy away from the conversation, but I don’t bring it up either. Our parents don’t know and why should they? Our siblings don’t know what we do, but then, I don’t know what my siblings do.

I guess it’s like religion and politics…not topics to bring up in polite conversation. Come to think of it, it’s kinda comfy here in my BDSM closet. At least there are cool toys here.


Just because you were newly married didn’t mean you two couldn’t have fun. And tonight, that’s exactly what you intended to do. It was Zayn’s birthday, his 25th to be exact and Perrie was throwing him a surprise birthday bash at one of London’s hottest clubs. It had been a while since you’d last gone to a club, especially with Harry. Most of the time, he’d have a little too much to drink and you’d have to keep him down on the seat next to you to have him settle. But the lusty look in his eyes would have you melted into the palm of his hand and he’d drag you to the dance floor; his body pressed to yours, his hands on the small of your back sliding just a little too far down, and the closeness of your faces.

You looked back at him, his tall body standing in the bathroom doorway as he tried to slide his jeans on. He took a breath when they finally fit snuggly around his waist and his eyes met yours, catching the smirk on your face.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow and went to grab the shirt he had picked up off of the bed. You laughed and shook your head, digging through your own closet.

“I don’t know what to wear,” you shot him a pout and he laughed, clearly amused.

“You? My lovely wife, whose closet is going to collapse from so many dresses, doesn’t have anything to wear?” He smirked and made his way over to you. Hitting his arm playfully, you laughed before turning back to the racks in front of you. His arms snaked around your waist, his lips finding their place on your neck.

“Wear anything, babe. You look beautiful in every single thing.” You felt your heart melt and you relaxed back into his chest, a smile on your face.

“I love you.” It came out as a whisper. You felt his lips curve into a smile against your neck and he planted a soft kiss to it.

“I love you too. Now hurry and pick something before we’re late.” He playfully slapped your bum before rushing off so you couldn’t hit him. “I like that little red dress I bought for you!” He yelled out from the bathroom, beginning to work on his hair. Rolling your eyes, you dug through the closet to pull out the dress he’d mentioned. You held it out in front of you and scanned your eyes over it. It was a decent dress, something you figured would fit the event for tonight. Sliding out of your pajamas, you’d managed to slip on the dress; it’s material instantly clinging to your curves. Making your way over to the mirror, you turned and examined it from behind; the dip on the back falling to the small of your back and it stopped in the middle of your thighs.

“Hey babe?” You called out, your eyes still examining the dress on your body in the mirror.

“Hm?” He hummed, his fingers making their way through his hair to give it the messy look he loved sporting.

“Does this…make me look fat?” You looked back at him, his head instantly peeking out of the bathroom. He narrowed his eyes, you watched as they fell along your body from head to toe, before he shook his head.

“You’re joking, right?” You heard the sink turn on and he quickly dried his hands off with a nearby towel. He made his way to the bed, sitting on the end, and held his hand out to you. Quickly taking it, he pulled you between his legs, his hands landing on your hips.

“You’re so beautiful,” he grinned. His height now matched with yours as he sat down, he leaned in to press a kiss to your lips. “And I wouldn’t imagine my life with anybody else. Stop trying to put yourself down, okay?” You wrapped your arms around his neck and couldn’t help but smile.



45 minutes later, you were both ready to go. Looking in the mirror one last time, you ran your fingers through your hair and looked down at the black heels that gave you some height.

“Babe, come on! Niall’s here!” Harry yelled from the bottom of the stairs, earning an eye roll from you.

“I’m coming!” You yelled back and grabbing your clutch off of the bed before making your way down the hall and towards the staircase. His eyes watched your legs as you took each step one by one, the smirk on his face growing bigger and bigger.

“You’re such a pervert,” you mumbled before reaching the bottom step. He laughed, his hand intertwining with yours, and leaned in to press a kiss to your cheek.

“Love you too, baby.” He grabbed his keys off of the foyer table and made his way out to the car with you. Already sitting in the backseat, Niall was on his phone laughing at whatever he thought was funny. Whenever you went out to things like this, Niall made sure he rode with you both because he always seemed to end up completely wasted. Opening up the passenger door, he helped you slide in before making his way around and into his own seat. Revving the engine, he shot you a smile and made his way down the busy London roads.


“Aye! The newlyweds are here!” Louis yelled out from the VIP section closed off on the second floor. You laughed and looked up at your husband, his arm sliding around your shoulders.

“Hi, Louis.” You smiled and sat on the white leather couch, the coldness from it sending chills up your spine. You greeted everyone else and watched as Harry leaned into the waitress to order a couple of drinks before he sat down next to you. “Not too much, right baby?” You said into his ear over the loud music. He grinned and nodded, his eyes having a playful side to them.

“Of course, my love.” You knew he’d end up getting carried away and you’d be the one to drive home; it was his best mate’s birthday after all. You leaned into him and smiled, joking around as everyone else began to join the rest of you.

“He’s almost here!” Liam called out, his phone in his hand. You scurried to a corner near the bar clutching on to Harry’s hand so you didn’t trip over your own feet. He stood behind you, his arms snaking around you waist and pulling you to his chest. The music’s volume began to decrease and everyone was hushing one another. A blindfolded Zayn made his way into the lounge with Perrie holding his hand tight.

“Alright, babe. Go ahead and take it off.” She smiled and watched as he reached behind his head to pull the bandana off.

“Surprise!” Everyone yelled out in unison. Zayn scanned the room, breaking out into a smile immediately. You watched as he leaned down to say something into Perrie’s ear before he kissed her lips.

“Aw, how cute.” Harry joked from behind you, his chin resting on your head as he let out a laugh. Laughing, you softly elbowed him and turned to face him.

“Be nice, mister.” He laughed again, his hands splaying on your back.

“I am being nice, missus.” He leaned down to peck your lips and he looked up to eye the waiter with his drinks. “Over here!” You rolled your eyes and pinched his cheek softly.

“I’m going over to the girls,” you stated as he grabbed the drinks off of the tray. He turned his eyes back to you and nodded.

“Okay, but you’re dancing with me once I’m a little tipsy.” You laughed and nodded, leaning up to kiss his lips.

“Behave.” You hurried off to join the rest of the girls in a corner to begin the night.

“So how’s the married life?” Eleanor yelled over the music. You laughed and shrugged.

“It’s nice,” was all you managed to say. “Weird to call him my husband though.” The rest of them laughed and leaned over to look at Harry, some of Perrie’s friends admiring for a bit too long. You watched him; the way he laughed when an already drunk Niall told pointless stories, the way his fingers pushed his hair out of his eyes, and the way he shot a wink in your direction when he caught you staring. You blushed and quickly looked away, shaking your head.

“Aw, he still makes you blush!” Perrie laughed and leaned against the wall with a smile on her face. The heat in your cheeks remained only this time growing warmer.

“Shut up,” you laughed and took a sip of the alcoholic drink in your hand. You tried to keep it at a minimum, knowing you’d probably have to drive two drunken boys home tonight.

“Are we going to go dance or what?” An eager pal of Perrie’s shrieked out with a grin on her face.

“Let’s do it!” Perrie yelled back and grabbed your hand, leading you downstairs to the dance floor with the rest of the girls following behind. They all huddled together, their hips beginning to sway to the sound of the music before you quickly joined. A couple of giggles and drinks passed along, you found yourself having a good time. They downed a couple more before they excused themselves for a few seconds to rush to the bathroom, leaving you to dance alone on the floor.

You felt a warm heat from behind you and turned around to be faced with an unfamiliar man. Sure, you’d seen him a couple of times in the tabloids but you’d never been face to face with him. You watched as his eyes danced along your body and you suddenly felt extremely vulnerable.

“Can I help you?” You yelled over the loud music so he could hear. He leaned in close, his lips almost pressed to your ear and you could smell the alcohol lingering on his breath.

“Just trying to have a dance, baby girl.” His hand fell to your waist and pulled you to his chest, a gasp escaping your lips.

“My husband’s upstairs.” You tried to pull his hand off and looked up at him. “Let go of me.” You spat out.

“Your husband?” He laughed. “You mean that curly haired punk?”


He was leaning against the balcony upstairs, his eyes scanning the crowd on the dance floor looking for you. He watched the girls weave their way in and out of people before disappearing into the bathroom, but you weren’t in sight. He squinted his eyes, hoping it’d clear up his sight from the alcohol, as he scanned the crowd once more. He felt the color drain from his face when he saw another man’s hands on you. His fingers were gripping the cup in his hand as he continued to watch, his blood boiling.

“What the fuck?” He mumbled when he continued to watch. He saw you try to remove the man’s hand and when he didn’t budge, Harry had enough. He quickly stormed towards the stairs and made his way down, pushing through the crowd towards you.


“You mean that curly haired punk?” A glum smirk was plastered on his face as he continued to eye you in the skin tight dress.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The all too familiar voice came from behind him. His hand slowly released you with an eye roll before turning to your husband.

“I’m trying to dance,” he took a step closer to him. “Is there a problem?” You watched Harry took a step as well, his face red with anger.

“Yeah, there is. That’s my wife,” he spat out. Alcohol and an angry Harry was never a safe mix. His eyes went dark and his fists clenched, ready to take a swing at any second. You quickly rushed to his side, stepping in between and looking at him.

“Harry, baby, just ignore him.” You tried to calm him down, your palms pressed to his chest trying to get his attention.

“Move out of the way, babe. Go back upstairs,” he growled and pushed you behind him softly.

“Yeah, go back upstairs, sweetheart. Let us handle this like real men. I mean, that’s if your little pop princess can handle it.” The older man spat back, his voice taunting Harry. You watched as Harry’s breathing got heavier and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

“Watch your fucking mouth.” He was fuming by this point. You began to panic and you looked around, your eyes locking with Liam’s up in the balcony. You shot him a pleading look before turning back to Harry, the man grabbing him by the shirt as well.

“H-Harry, please stop.” Your voice was shaking now. The crowd began to form around you and you tried to take a step closer to him before you felt warm arms grab you by the waist.

“Go back upstairs, we’ll handle this.” Liam quickly said before looking at you. You turned and saw the rest of the boys rushing towards your husband.

“Liam, stop him! Get him out of there!” You yelled before Eleanor and Perrie tried to drag you back to the stairs. You watched as it intensified before the boys interfered, quickly pulling Harry away from the man and making him let go of the grasp he had on him. You felt the tears spring to your eyes and watched as the bouncers came through as well, pulling both of them apart and dragging the man towards the entrance.

“He’s okay,” Perrie tried to calm you down as she took you back upstairs to the lounge. You turned your head, watching as the boys were dragging him back up the stairs behind you. You noticed him swiping at his lips before looking down at them and you realized he was bleeding.

“H-He’s hurt,” you felt your heart sink and watched as he made his way up the stairs. You quickly made your way to him and wrapping your arms around his waist, letting a tear fall down your cheek.

“You should head home, we’ll take care of things back here.” Louis came up to you and squeezed your shoulder. “Clean him up and get him in bed.”

“I’m fine,” Harry mumbled and looked at you. “Did he hurt you? I’ll kill him, I swear I’ll kill him.” You quickly shook your head, your hands cupping his face.

“You’ve done enough, Harry. Come on,” you took his hand in yours before giving a small wave to everyone and making your way towards the entrance. “Give me the keys.”

“I’m driving.” He stated daringly.

“Over my dead body.” You reached into his pocket and grabbed the key before helping him stumble into the passenger. After making your way around and climbing in, you revved the engine and made the drive home.


“Why didn’t you just let me handle it?” He looked up at you as you wiped away some of the blood on his lip. You had settled him on to a stool and shook your head.

“Because I don’t want you getting hurt. I don’t want you getting hurt over something so stupid. I don’t want you getting hurt all because some asshole didn’t know how to control himself,” you sighed softly. “I only wanted to have a good night with you.” You watched his eyes sober up a bit and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I’m not hurt, baby.”

“You’re bleeding, Harry. I can’t stand when you’re like this.” You continued to dab at his lip. He grabbed your hand, stopping you, and pulled you between his legs.

“Hey, I’m okay, my love. I’m fine,” he whispered soothingly. “I just,” he sighed. “When I saw his hands on you, I lost it. I wanted to kill him right then and there because I saw the look on your face.” He rubbed his face and shook his head. “When we got married, I vowed I’d do whatever I can do and more to keep you safe. That’s what I was doing tonight; keeping you safe.” You felt your heart flutter and wrapped your arms around his neck, your fingers tangling in the hair at the nape of his neck.

“You don’t have to fight to keep me safe, Harry.”

“I fight because I don’t want anyone to take you from me. You’re my wife, you’re mine.” The grip on your hips tightened and you blushed, leaning down to kiss his nose.

“You don’t have to worry about anyone taking me from you,” you whispered, your forehead pressed against his. “I’ll always be yours.”

There you go, darlings! Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope you and everyone else enjoys! Also, I’m not sure I’ll be able to post a new one shot until this Friday because I have a few university things going on this week, but I promise I’ll try my best! Leave me some feedback and let me know what you think! Don’t be afraid to drop by my ask for anything else as well! Love you, dolls. 

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I'm going to need some more Gail and Holly inside the closet please.

You asked for it.

[Link to Part I] [Link to Part II]


Bill Peck stopped just shy of the dining room entrance and followed the sound of the voice. He pinpointed its location within half a dozen feet: The front entrance closet to be exact.

A small familiar hand slipped out through the gap in the door. It gesticulated wildly, beckoning him over. When he was within arms reach, the door swung open and the hand surged forward, grasped his wrist, and pulled him into darkness.

“Elaine, what are you up to?” Bill asked as the door closed behind him, trapping them inside the tight space built for one.

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Sonia wonders sometimes if Jennifer actually existed, or whether she made her up. 

She’s wishing now that Gemma had never existed.

Gemma: I saw your husband on TV the other day. I hadn’t realised how well-known he is. I suppose he’s like sort of famous by association because of all those sports stars he represents, right?

Sonia: Roy has worked extremely hard to get where he is. He knows exactly what his clients priorities are, he never switches his phone off, he has excellent analytical skills, and never puts a foot wrong when it comes to making business decisions -

Gemma: Wow. Quite the loyal little wifey, aren’t you? Whoever would have thought?

Sonia sets her jaw and stares into the middle distance. The triplets are upstairs playing with Apollo and everything is quiet apart from the odd excited shriek puncturing the air.

Gemma: It just got me thinking that the people who write the gossip column in the paper might be interested to know that his wife has some interesting sexual habits. I can see the headline now, can’t you? ‘TOP SPORTS AGENT’S WIFE CLOSET CARPET MUNCHER AND SEXUAL PREDATOR: VICTIM TELLS ALL’

Sonia: Actually, those rumours have surfaced before. They didn’t harm Roy’s career in the slightest. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, it seems-

Gemma: Yeah, but that’s pretty much all they were, weren’t they? Rumours. Innuendo. Yes, I’ve done my research, Mrs Goddard. This time it’ll be different though. The young, innocent girl you so callously seduced and used for nothing but your own sexual pleasure has evidence, you see. Phone texts, photos. It might even be insinuated that I would lose my job unless I bowed to your perverted demands! Oh, the shame and humiliation of it all!

Gemma rubs imaginary tears from her eyes. Sonia has a gut-wrenching image of Angus turning up to school, people staring, whispering behind their hands. His bewilderment and confusion.

Sonia: Blackmail is an extremely serious crime, Gemma. I don’t think you realise what you’re doing-

Gemma: What blackmail? There’s no blackmail. I’m not telling you all this to try and extort money. I fully intend talking to the newspaper and I’m doing it because you’re a cold-hearted bitch who needs to be taught a lesson. I want the world to know what you’re really like. I had real feelings for you and you just shat all over me. You rich people think you can treat everyone else like dirt. Well, you can’t. You can go fuck yourself, Mrs Goddard. Speaking of money, can I have §20 for a packet of cigarettes? All this stress has me smoking like a goddamn chimney.