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My headcanon towards the Elven Queen as a fighter was that she was a skilled longbow archer (I also like to believe Legolas got that from his nana ❤) . I’ve proposed two different armour and weapon designs. First one which is more to light armour and her favourite bow (i wonder what she’d call it? any suggestions?). Second is to match more with Thranduil’s armour. Not as flexible when it comes to moving but has more heavy armour for better protection.
Requested by: prowlingthunder and anon

The signs as 'Lost Girl' Characters
  • Aries:Trick
  • Taurus:Lauren
  • Gemini:Hale
  • Cancer:Dyson
  • Leo:Bo
  • Virgo:Mark
  • Libra:Tamsin
  • Scorpio:Aife
  • Sagittarius:Vex
  • Capricorn:Kenzi
  • Aquarius:Evony
  • Pisces:Ciara