wife with a knife


Krystal Surles breaking down while testifying against Tommy Lynn Sells

It was the 31st of December 1999, when serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells entered the trailer home of Terry Harris early in the morning. Terry himself wasn’t home, but his wife and four other children were. Sells was armed with a butcher knife and went into the room were 13-year old Kaylene (Katie) Harris and 11-year old Krystal Surles were sleeping in a bunk bed. Sells lay down next to Kaylene on the bottom bunk and began sexually assaulting her, that’s when she snapped awake and began yelling for help. Kaylene tried to get up but Sells stabbed her. He then turned the bedroom light on and stabbed her a total of 16 times while slitting her throat multiple times. She died almost instantly. Sells then remembered that Krystal was laying on the top bunk and quickly slashed her throat before leaving the trailer home. Krystal pretended to be dead, but got up after a while to look for help. She thought everyone in the trailer home was dead, so she walked to a neighbor’s house to ask for help. Krystal Surles survived the attack and identified Tommy Lynn Sells as the killer.

Tommy Lynn Sells was sentenced to death on the 8th of November 2000, and was executed by lethal injection on the 3rd of April 2014

Pennywise & Child Reader Imagine

Warning: Contains child abuse, family death, mild gore, and the reader being a cinnamon roll with a sad ending…for now.

Note: This is my first ever post. Pennywise is a bit canon at first but once he warms up to you (the reader) he is OOC so be warned if you don’t like characters not being canon. Anyways enjoy!

The…It, didn’t exactly know how to explain his relationship with the human girl. The little girl should’ve been digesting in his stomach a very long time ago, yet he couldn’t.

Just less than a year ago it was mid morning when the clown-alien-thing heard screams of a child calling out for help. Pennywise had grinned thinking, it was time for lunch and stalked from the sewer drain to watch and plan an attack. A little girl only 7 years old was running like she was running from the clown himself.

Pennywise grinned imagining what he could do to lure her in. Maybe transform into whatever she was running from—if it was truly anything. He had seen children screaming before out of joy and pure amusement but the closer the girl got he noticed she was truly scared covered almost entirely with bruises and cuts.

The clown continued to watch curious now, as a man ran in holding a knife. Judging by shabby clothes and the way his gait was uncoordinated and tipsy the man had been drinking too much of what the humans called alcohol. Penny’ had tried the drink once many, many, many, years ago but found the burn unpleasant and it didn’t affect him at all except make him feel nauseous.

“Someone help! Please!” The little girl cried.

Maybe if he let this show continue out just a little bit longer the child’s meat will tenderize even more. Then he could eat the man for later after all the disgusting alcohol is out of his body, ugh, it ruined the flavor just as bad as humans who smoke. He heard a shriek and saw the man had the little girl pinned to the ground by her neck holding a knife over his head.

“You! You are the one that killed her! Devil spawn!”

“Daddy! Stop!” The little girl sobbed.

Pennywise couldn’t help but feel…interested in a strange way. He narrowed his eyes and stepped a few feet closer as the little girl continued to cry for help.

“You killed my wife Lisa!”

“Daddy no!” The man lifted the knife higher and the girl shrieked, “DADDY!”

The girl closed her eyes expecting agonizing pain, but instead she felt nothing except her father loosening his choking grip on her neck. She refused to open her eyes, even after she heard a loud thud. The girl finally cracked one teary eye open and saw a clown with a grinning smile was standing by her feet.

At first she felt a little frightened until she noticed that he was the one who had killed her abusive father. He outstretched a hand and the girl trustingly took it smiling shyly, “Thank you.”

“Your welcome my dear.” The clown said before doing a magic trick revealing a bright red ballon out of nowhere made just for you.

You wiped your eyes with your sleeves before taking the string smiling. You had never really gotten a ballon. Your father never took you to a carnival or fair before so you were excited.

“Thank you Mr. Clown!” You smiled running up and hugging Pennywise tightly.

The clown was used to the gesture from his victims but for some reason this one caused a strange feeling inside of him. Penny raised his hand and gently stroked your head unsure of really anything. Why was he doing this?! He should’ve grabbed you by the neck and taken a bite already.

“Bye Mr. Clown. I hope I’ll see you soon…will I ever see you again?”

Wrong question to ask kid.

“Yes kiddo, in the near future.” He answered grinning.

You were too innocent to understand and ran off. Pennywise growled frustrated with himself. Why didn’t he….?! The clown heard the wail of police sirens and grabbed the dead carcass before dragging it back into the sewers with him. At least he has a bigger dinner now.

A few days later Pennywise heard an all too-familiar voice calling for him.

“Mr. Clown! Mr. Clooown! Mr. Clown I have a gift for you!”

The clown growled knowing he should’ve let the man kill you but put up an act and stepped out. You were standing there holding a big box in front of you that was bigger than your head poorly wrapped with colorful wrapping paper. The clown stepped out and made sure to stalk out to try to cause fear but you didn’t seem to be scared.

You more saw him as a saint than a killer.

“What do you want child?” The clown asked.

“Well I came here to give you this!” You explained holding out the box.

The clown took it and easily tore the wrapping paper off watching your excited face. He opened it and reached inside revealing a small stuffed animal. From Pennywise’s knowledge it was a (favorite animal).

“I hope you like it. It’s my favorite so please be good with it. You can name him or her whatever you like!” The girl explained bouncing in place.

“How generous of you child.” The clown grinned, “I have something for you as well.”

“Ooh ooh I wanna see! Can I see it now? Please, please, please, Mr. Clown?”

“Close your eyes.” The clown grinned.

You giggled and closed your eyes continuing to bounce on the balls of your feet awaiting for your surprise. Penny grinned and stepped forward about to take a bite of your neck but for some reason he stopped when you said, “I’m so happy Mr. Clown that we can be friends!”


The clown pulled away surprised by that. Friends? Many kids we’re usually afraid of him or were too stupid and innocent to understand. He had been asked if they were friends from his good plenty of times before but it never affected him quite like this. This child was certainly different. He went to bite again but found he couldn’t.

“Mr. Clown are you done yet?” You asked politely still keeping your eyes closed.

Pennywise knew it was hopeless and decided to just let you off the hook until he figured things out. With quick thinking he blew up a ballon and shaped and twisted it until he made a ballon animal of your favorite one.

“You may open your eyes now, child.” The clown said.

You slowly opened your eyes and blinked until you saw the ballon animal being held out to you. Anyone who knew the animal would easily guess it was a (favorite animal). You squealed and took it before nearly tackling the clown in another tight hug. That feeling returned again and the clown wanted to rip you off by your neck and taste your internal organs. Yet he couldn’t.

His hands were hovering over your shoulders tempted to dig his sharp nails into your flesh. But he couldn’t. His hands were shaking. Why was this happening?!

“Are you okay Mr. Clown?” You asked looking up at him with those adorable puppy eyes.

God prey should not be so cute! Especially this one! He had more than enough chances to kill you yet he didn't—couldn’t! Why?!

“Mr. Clown? Do you have a name?”

The clown cleared his frustration and knelt down to gently boop your nose, “Pennywise the Dancing Clown.”

“Pennywise? Can I call you Penny?”

“Whatever you wish child…”

‘Afterall it won’t be long until your dead!’

"I’m (Name)! I don’t really have friends so you can just call me whatever you want Mr.-um, Penny.”

Whatever I want? Like breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, livestock, food, prey—Pennywise’s train of thought stopped when you wrapped your arms around his neck. This was a new experience; he could feel your heart beating…and it wasn’t in his hand.

“Mr. Pennywise?” You asked pulling away. Yet you were so close he could stick his neck out an inch or two more and bit your nose off.

“Yes kiddo?” He asked.

“How come I can’t feel your heart beating? Or your chest breathing?” You asked a worried and curious look in your eyes instead of fear.

“It’s a trick my dear. I am able to stop my heart and lungs for a long time. I’m currently practicing it.” He lied.

’“Oh.” You giggled, “I have never been to the circus or a carnival. I hear there’s cotton candy and you can win prizes and all these fun rides I wanna go on! Maybe if I ask my nana enough she can take me! Oh no! My nana thinks I’m home cleaning my room! I gotta go Mr. Pennywise.”

You ran off and the clown felt cold again. When you were no longer in his sights Pennywise growled and ripped apart the stuffed animal you gave him watching as the stuffing fell. That’s what he wanted to do to you but he couldn’t! At least, that’s what he kept telling himself.

He stormed back into his sewer drain hungry for more human flesh.

Late at night Pennywise followed you to your house where your “nana” was. He used a ballon to bend reality and bring himself onto the overhang where your bedroom was. The light was off and sure enough you were sleeping soundly in your bed. Your room was surprisingly clean with only a few dolls laying around and an open castle for your princess dolls.

Penny was once again able to bend reality and passed through the window until he was on the other side. You were sleeping soundly on your bed surrounded by stuffed animals well holding a stuffed duck in your arms. Your chest was rising up and down at a steady pace. Penny stepped closer until he noticed the drawings on the wall over your bed.

They were scribbled on with crayons but he could easily tell most of them had him drawn on. Some were of you too. Penny ignored you for the moment scanning every one. There was one of him giving you the ballon, you giving him the present, and even a drawing of him with a cape with messy writing that said “My Hero”.

Hero?! An alien human flesh eating clown?! Penny wanted to laugh hysterically but instead lightly chuckled at it. He was rather amused than angry or anything else. The clown heard you stir and froze looking down to see you were awakening.

“Mr. Penny. I had a bad dream.” You said softly.

The clown sat down on the end your bed and you crawled out from under your blankets to curl up on the clown’s lap leaning against his chest. The clown put his hand on your back noticing tears forming in your doe like eyes.

“What was your dream about child?”

“You had disappeared and I was alone again.” You choked.

“I would never leave you my dear.” The clown chuckled trying to make himself believe he was putting on an act.

He didn’t understand why he even brushed a tear off your cheek with his finger. You smiled and curled up closer letting your eyes drift shut. For once, Pennywise didn’t feel the urge to kill you. After a few minutes you were fast asleep leaning on him heavily. Penny never wanted to let you go but he could hear footsteps coming down the hallway. The clown gently but quickly, put you back in bed and pulled the blankets up to your chin before hurrying out the window and closing it shut softly as the door knob twisted.

Your nana poked her head in and smiled when she saw you were sleeping soundly. The woman was very old and fragile looking like she was turning into dust. She sighed sadly and closed the door before heading back to her office.

Laying on the desk was a will form.

The new couple of weeks everyday you’d meet Pennywise who more and more lost the urge to eat you with each visit. He’d give you a ballon or show you a magic trick and even made your favorite ice cream appear out of thin air! The number of kids disappearing slowly dwindled and you gradually began to make friends. It was nice for once.

Then one day you were doing another drawing of Pennywise and you until you heard a loud thud coming from upstairs. You jumped surprised and ran to where you heard the noise. You finally arrived to your nana’s bedroom where she was laying on the floor having a heart attack.

“Nana!” You screamed.

You knew what to do and ran to the phone calling 911. A few minutes later the ambulance arrived and you watched sadly as your nana was wheeled away on a stretcher. A police woman was trying to ask you questions but you couldn’t stop crying and asking if your nana was okay.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I don’t know.” She said sadly.

That night you stayed at the hospital wishing you could talk to Pennywise. Your nana was stable but she had to stay in the hospital from now on. No other relatives were in Maine except her so she and a man was talking in hushed voices about sending you to the closest relative.

You were in a corner of them room playing halfheartedly with your stuffed animal when you heard about it. The closest relative who could take care of you was your Aunt Sam in the southern portion of New Hampshire. How could you tell Pennywise this? Were you even going to have a chance to?

There was a hard lump in your throat choking you. Maybe you should just run away. However your nana called you over and you came taking her bony hand. She sighed and said, “I’m sorry sweet pea. I’m getting old so your Aunt Sam is going to come up tomorrow and take you to the house to grab all your belongings.”

“B-But what about Penny?”

Your nana smiled thinking Pennywise was just a figment of your imagination, but he wasn’t. How was he going to react? He was your bestest friend! After a long sleepless night at the hospital your Aunt Sam came. Your nana overnight had gone into a coma so you kissed her cheek and whispered goodbye before your aunt picked you up and took you to her car.

“A-Auntie Sam?” You said timidly.

“Yes sweetie?” She asked.

“I was wondering if I could visit my friend Penny before we leave.” You said softly.

“Of course. Where does she live?”

“A-Actually he and I can walk there by myself. He doesn’t feel comfortable around other people.” You replied.

“Oh. Well okay then. Let’s stop at the house and grab our things first then I’ll let you go say goodbye.”

You nodded feeling your heart sink. Your Aunt brought a bunch of boxes and helped you put stuffed animals, clothes, and any other belongings into the boxes before labeling them with sharpies. In an hour your room was stripped bare till at that was left was your mattress, bed post, night stand, and empty closet.

Eventually everything was packed into your aunts car and your heart broke realizing this was going to be the hardest part. Saying goodbye to your closest friend. You said goodbye to your other friends already by phone but now came the hardest one to say goodbye to.

You eventually convinced your aunt to let you walk alone to where you usually found Pennywise but for some reason he wasn’t there. You called for him but he never came out. With tears streaming down your face you shouted, “I’m really sorry Penny! I promise I’ll come back and see you soon! I swear I will! Please don’t be mad…”

You looked down at the ground sobbing until you felt something raise your chin. You looked up to see Pennywise was looking down at you with a frown. You held out the last drawing you did. It was you at a carnival with the clown, riding a ferris wheel.

“I’ll miss you.” You said giving him a tight hug.

“It’ll miss you too.” He replied back before disappearing.

You wiped your eyes with your sleeve knowing it was useless before heading back to your house where your Aunt was waiting by the car. She didn’t say anything since there was nothing she really could do.

“Goodbye Mr. Pennywise.” You muttered at the window as you passed by the Derry, Maine sign.

Epilogue: I know I’m a horrible person I’m sorry. After I edit the next chapter a little hopefully things will be more happy. Thanx for reading! =3!

Holtz rolls her eyes as she opens the box, upending its contents into her palm. To her surprise, it’s not a knife that falls out, but a single silver ring. Holtz forgets how to breathe.

“Dr. Jillian Holtzmann, will you be my Swiss Army Wife?”

Holtz looks down at Erin, who is kneeling in front of her, on one knee.

Oh my god.

I hope we all decide to use this same joke for this prompt.

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North Carolina man says he took too much cold medicine and woke up to find his wife dead

Matthew Phelps, 28, called 911 and told the operator that he took too much cold medicine, and when he woke up he found his wife dead on the floor. He said he had been dreaming that he killed his wife, and when he woke up there was a knife in their bed and blood everywhere. He told the operator:

“I think I did it. I can’t believe this”

He told police that he took more of the Coricidin Cough & Cold than he should have. He said he has trouble sleeping at night. When police arrived at the home they found Lauren Phelps, 29, suffering from multiple stab wounds. She was transported to the hospital where she later died. 

Matthew has been charged with murder, and is being held without bond. He will be arraigned on Tuesday, September 5th. 

homestuck NCIS au

-roxy and dirk, the flirty undercover agent with bouncy hair and bouncy demeanor and the stoic, shy, shaded robotics genius with his recent smartass AI project that runs the forensics lab

-sollux, the master tech tracker, gifted programmer, and cynical theorist with 3D glasses permanently affixed to straggly bangs and a clicking keyboard

-calliope, the tiny police sketch artist with bright green eyes and stiletto heels that punctuate with sound as much as her ivory revolver punctuates with a bullet

-jade, the lanky forensics scientist with dragonfly glasses and a suspiciously stained lab coat who’d sooner fling hydrochloric acid into her own eyes than allow her colleages to be hurt

-dave, the badge-flaunting, movie-quoting agent with a 9-millimeter pistol burning a hole in his pocket behind shiny ray-bans and a glittering smirk

-john, jane’s cheerful cousin with perpetually mussed-up hair and buck teeth that morphs into a master interrogator at the drop of a hat

-jake, the glock-toting ex-coast guard officer with dented glasses and a leather belt who actually DOES manage to ditch the shorts for a homicide investigation

-calliope’s brother caliborn, the cranky senior interrogator with a disproportionate love for cryptic cold cases and suspects that play mind games

-jane, the Boss whos always decked in red suit jackets and crystal eyeglasses accompanied by a cheeky smile, painted nails, and a razor sharp butterfly knife

-terezi, jane’s lawyer wife with too many teeth jammed in her gums and eyes, though unseeing, that can burn twin holes into guilty men’s skin as a cigarette dangle from her lips

-rose, jane’s french assistant with hair like gold and lips like the night who’ll have her pearl-handled revolver to your forehead before you can comment on her slinky violet dress


homestuck NCIS au

You Don’t Want Me To Get Angry

Title: You Don’t Want Me To Get Angry
Requested? No.
Plot: A king captured you and is doing his best to make you weak, so you would be even more of a leverage to make sure Ivar doesn’t kill any more of his men, but your husband is not taking it so nicely.
Warnings: None.
Word count: 1492


You struggled to open your eyes, your head pounding like it was trying to detach from your body to escape the pain it was under. The last time you ate properly was around five days ago, and if it wasn’t for a miniscule piece of bread and half a cup of water you were given each day, you would have surely died. Your foggy mind knew what was going on and why you were there, but due to how tired you were, falling in and out of consciousness, you couldn’t get all of your thoughts rounded in one, so every time you were awake, you thought about one of the events that led up to your current state. You have been in this dungeon for around a week, and you were starting to think he was not coming. He was just gonna leave you to die.

You had met the youngest Ragnarsson, Ivar, when you stumbled upon Kattegat one rainy day. You were left in the woods by the man you were supposed to marry as soon as he heard the roar of a bear. You ran as fast as you could and you looked back to notice a large brown bear chasing you. You thanked the Gods once you noticed a settlement and you didn’t think twice before you ran straight through the gates and into someone, knocking them down from a log they were sitting on. You look down and your eyes meet a pair of icy blues of the man you were on top of. Coming to your senses, as the roar of the bear stil rang through your ears as clear as day, you jumped up and closed the door, soon being assisted by the man with icy blue eyes. You noticed he was sitting with his back against the door, instead of standing up, but you noticed soon enough who you were dealing with.

Someone even more terrifying than that bear, the son of Ragnar Lothbrook, Ivar. You had heard a lot about him through others, but never once saw him in person. He looked more shocked about everything than scared. Compared to the poor excuse of a man that left you for dead to save himself. After you heard the bear was running in the opposite direction, after something else that caught its attention, you let out a sigh of relief. You thanked Ivar for his  help and opened the door to peek your head out.
“What are you doing?”
He asked, confused. You explained how you couldn’t just stay here, now knowing the place and the people. He replied telling you not to be stupid and to follow him into the great hall. You listened to him and soon you two were sitting in front of the fire, both of you still in your wet clothes, while the slaves found some dry clothes for you to change into. After that you two drank ale and talked.

You left the next day to see your parents and tell them what happened, but you knew you would be coming back. And you did, Ivar and you soon falling for each other, meeting in the woods before telling both your parents you were in love. Queen Aslaug didn’t really like you, and no matter how much you tried, you never seemed to be good enough for her son. Your parents took a liking in Ivar, after he had convinced them he would protect you no matter the cost, but your mother still told you to be safe. Your love growing each day, soon enough Ivar and you were married, and you loved him not even caring about what anyone said. You were always there when he felt bad, due to not being able to walk, and not being able to please a woman, or so he tought. With you it went just fine, and that’s one of the reasons he knew you were the one. But right now you didn’t know what was keeping him so long. Did he not want to save you?

Unknown to you, he was holding back his urge to just slaughter everyone to get to you, but knew his brothers were right when they said just what he thought, that there was a lot to do before going there. To check the area, and see how many guards they have and so on. And not to mention they didn’t know where the king had hidden you. Soon enough he couldn’t take it anymore and got into his carriage that Floki had made for him and with a few vikings at his side, he rushed to the castle. 
“Y-your useless God won’t h-help you when m-my husband arrives.”
You managed to say, but the king just laughed at your face.
“Are you sure? He has not come yet, could it be he forgot?”
The king teased you, and you couldn’t help but feel a little sting in your heart. You never wanted to doubt Ivar, but in this moment you didn’t know what to think. Until you heard the words from a guards mouth, immediately cursing yourself for even taking a second to think he would not be coming for you.

“My king, the heathens are here.”
The king smirked at you and you leaned against a rock in the center of your cell to be able to notice your husband if he enters the room himself. 
“Welcome Ivar, if you would please come in-”
The king started, but was cut off by Ivar.
“I came to get my wife.”
Was all he said, not moving an inch. After the king tried once again to invite him in and try to negotiate something in return for letting you go, Ivar smirked, sliding his tongue to poke his right cheek. Annoyance was filing his blue eyes, as he once again refused.
“I don’t think you understand me. I said I came here to get my wife. No negotiation, just get me my wife. You don’t want me to get angry.”
Annoyance soon switched to rage as he tilted his head to the side. The king knew he had a limited amount of time, and so he tried another tactic, letting Ivar find you on his own, and hoping to get to talk to him on the way. But all Ivar could see was you. Once he entered the dungeon area, he noticed fragile frame and felt the urge to kill everyone immediately, but the look in your eyes, begging for him to be by your side was pulling him stronger and soon enough, he was in front of your cell.
“I have an entire army coming to destroy every single soul in your kingdom, I sent one of my vikings to get them, so if you don’t want to die today you will let me inside and let me get my wife out.” 
Ivar gestured to the two big men at the door who were gonna be carrying you out.

Having no other choice, fear filling his heart at the mere sight of Ivar’s eyes, the king ordered they let Ivar into your cell. He crawled to you and rested his arm on the rock, looking at your tired face trying to muster a smile. You heart filling with joy as you stared at the man you loved, knowing you will never doubt him again, not even for a second. His eyes scanned every inch of you, to see how much damage they caused you, his heart breaking at the sight of your blood covered clothes and messy hair.

“I will never let anyone do this to you again, my love. Or anything. Nobody is going to hurt you ever again. I am going to make sure of it.”
He said, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead, his lips being the thing you needed and craved all this time. You calmed down, not needing to be on high alert anymore. Ivar motioned for one of the two vikings with him to take you in his arms and out of the castle, while the other one held down the king in his chair.
“This is for hurting my wife.”
Ivar said before he thrusted a knife directly into the kings heart, hurting him right where he was hurting by being depraved of you for so long. He stayed by your side as you were recovering, and kept repeating how much he loved you and how much you mean to him.
“You are my reason to live, I don’t know what I would do without you Y/N.”
He frowned, but smirked as you tried to reply with your voice low and groggy.
“I love you s-so much Ivar, y-you are my life.”
He knew you meant what you said and lied next to you, wrapping his arm around you, whispering in your ear to get some rest, as he stared at you with adoring eyes.

I know I said it would be up earlier, but my internet broke so here it is now, hope you like it :D <3 it took me so long to figure out a plot for Ivar I liked. This is the one I liked the best in my crazy mind. IF YOU GUYS WANT ME TO MAKE IT LONGER LET ME KNOW! (2000 words here we come :D Just say it and I’ll do it)

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Word Count: 4519

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Mentions of suicide (Not major character), Deaths

A/N: Written for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ‘s trope challenge. My trope was pretend marriage. This is also my first long fic in…awhile. So I apologize for the horribleness of it in advance. 

Thanks to @nichelle-my-belle for being my awesome beta and extra extra special thanks to @chaos-and-the-calm67 for helping me come up with a plot. There would literally be no fic without her. 

You pulled up in the scrapyard next to the black Impala and threw your black ‘65 Challenger in park. You were half hoping that Sam would have come alone to work this case, but no such luck. If that car was here Sam definitely wasn’t alone. You’d have to deal with him. “Thanks for comin’ so quick, kid.” Bobby opened your door and pulled you out and into a hug.

“Anything for you, old man. You know that.” You giggled, breaking the hug and letting Bobby lead you to the door. “So I take it Dean’s here?”

“Yeah…we need to talk about that.” Bobby hesitated, opening the door and letting you in. As soon as you saw Sam propped up on the couch with his leg in a cast you spun around.

“No. No fucking way, Bobby!”


“No! The deal was I’m supposed to be fake married to Sam and he clearly is in no condition to work this case and I know what you’re about to say! Can’t we find someone else?”

“Come on, Y/N, I’m not that bad.” Dean rounded the corner, staring at you with that stupid smirk on his face. “Besides, it’s not like I really wanna be fake married to you either. Living in a house with you for as long as this case takes?”

“Excuse me?” Your voice increased in pitch as you whipped around to glare at Dean.

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