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No offense, but I’m tired of people saying that comic characters can’t be OOC because they have a bunch of writers. That’s not true.

A huge part of Batman’s character is his hatred of guns a his no killing rule, so him murdering someone or using a gun is OOC.

Mister Freeze only committees criminal acts to save his wife, Nora. Him committing any crime that doesn’t help Nora is OOC.

Poison Ivy loves plants over anything else. He not protecting her babies at at any cost, even human life, is OOC.

As Robin and Red Hood, it’s canon that Jason Todd hates rapists, abusers, people who deal to children, and people who hurt those weaker than them, especially children. Him committing any of those acts is OOC.

Catwoman has only ever killed someone in self defense or the defense of others. Her becoming a serial killer is OOC.

Billy Batson (Captain Marvel/Shazam) is canonical the DCU’s purest soul. (Check out Underworld Unleashed if you need proof.) Him acting like a jerk or not caring about literally everyone is OOC.

I can think of a thousand other examples, but I don’t what this post to be to long. The point is, regardless of how many writers they’ve had, Comic Character’s still have core personalities and principles. They can be OOC, even if they’re written by one of DC’s writers.


                 Gotham: This is Your Brain on Drugs

1. Season One: Dr. Crane invents his “fear serum” and uses himself and his son Jonathan as test subjects. Dr. Crane dies in a shoot out with Jim and Harvey. Dr. Hugo Strange later uses a modified version of the drug when conditioning Oswald with shock treatments.

2. Season One: Stan Potolsky invents “Viper” for Wellzyn, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. The drug creates super strength and mania, then causes the victim’s bones to disintegrate, resulting in death. Stan dies while trying to expose the truth to the public, and we hear no more about Wellzyn.

3. Season Two: Victor Fries perfects his formula for agents that can be used to put a person into cryogenic sleep, and later revived. Both he and his wife, Nora, commit suicide, but Fries lives on as Mr. Freeze. Dr. Strange obtains Victor’s  cryo-formula and uses it in his own research.

4.Season Three: Alice Tetch escapes Arkham with Fish Mooney. Alice’s blood is infected with a virus that affects everyone differently, bringing out their worst traits. In Mario Falcone and Captain Barnes, it produces super strength and homicidal rage; but doesn’t seem to impair intelligence. Her brother, Jervis Tetch, uses the Tetch Virus as a weapon for revenge.

We know Dr. Strange had access to Crane’s fear serum, Victor’s cryo-formula, and the Tetch Virus. Since Viper was produced by Wayne Enterprises, which also ran Indian Hill, we can assume he had access to it as well; and therefore, The Court of Owls has possession of all four. I wonder what they plan to do with them?

Mr. Freeze fan art finished! I’ve always liked Mr. Freeze as a character, his story is a tragic one. I don’t really see him as a villain, more like an anti-hero. Because all the things he does is for the restoration of his beloved wife, Nora. Even if it makes him do all those villainy stuff. Anyway, I hope you guys like it! Stay tuned for more villains~ :D

Ren and Nora as teachers

Okay so in my new Fic “FADE Legacy” Ren and Nora are both going to be teachers, Ren is a history teacher and Nora is a combat instructor.

I’m just trying to get a feel for how they’d approach their jobs.

  • Ren I can see as being a genuinely brilliant teacher. He knows the facts, he understands the facts, he’s approachable and he can get the students hooked on the material….especially when it pertains to battles he and Nora were there for (Because Ren never misses a chance to let the world know how amazing his wife is)
  • Nora rambles like Oobleck (Sweet fuck can she ramble, see Vol.1) she can match Port story for story, she’s the most supportive teacher a student could ever ask for, she occasionally brings popcorn to lessons and makes a spectacle out of commentating on sparring matches as if they were tournament fights, she thinks homework is a sin. She makes studying Pyrrha Nikos a required part of her class.

Fic: Once Bitten, Twice Shy (ao3 link)
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends (characterization)
Pairing: gen; some background hints of Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Leonard Snart doesn’t trust easy, but his aunt Noga - who some people call Nora - assures him that the man she married, Henry Allen, is a good one.

So when Len sees in the newspaper that Henry Allen has been arrested for killing his wife, he has only one thought.

“I’m going to kill him.”

A/N: For @oneiriad, who requested this to be cheered up from the season finale. I…tried?


When Len was very small, he liked to play tag with his aunt Noga. She was his mother’s half-sister – much, much younger than his mom, more of an elder sister than an aunt, a product of an affair which a rich white man who’d adopted Noga for his own when he found out.

He called her Nora, not Noga, because he said it was more “American”, but Len’s mother and grandmother cheerfully ignored him and continued to call her the name of her birth, though they permitted him to take her away so she could have what they called a better life.

Len figured it was because she was rich now. Respectable. But she was still his aunt.

When Len got a little older, and his dad went to prison and came back different, things changed. The rich man didn’t like his baby girl associating with criminals, so Noga couldn’t come around anymore.

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too much, too fast - it was exactly the ‘nora wood’ way of life. the once BURNING liquid felt more like water at that point, the neck of her bottle hanging dangerously loose from her fingers as she danced to the music. a dazed, but happy-go-lucky smile adorned her lips as she turned, soon bumping into someone and dousing them with her drink.  ❛ oh no, ❜ her hand flew up to cover her mouth, although the chime of her giggle still hung in the air, ❛ s’pose that’s my bad, innit ? ❜

Before walking into his home, Jameson held onto Felix’s hand as he looked at the male. “I should warn you, they’re still not used to me dating. Alright that’s a lie, Saxon isn’t used to me dating because she still has the idea of her Mum in her head. Nora is only three so she doesn’t really know what’s going on, but I know they’ll love you.” He told Felix as he opened the door to his home.

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   It never came to mind that maybe he should asked Avery if he could fix up the dock of Far Habor’s main town. the old boards are creaky with splinters poking up here and there, and the wood was damaged by years of cold fog speckled with radiation and sea-salt. The worst of it all were the parts that were no longer even, nails and bolts either extremely loose, too weak to do their job, or take apart for other parts. With one careless step, Faraday had fallen prey and the tip of his boot had hit the flat end of a board jutting up.

  Ready to brace his arms up to take the blunt part of impact, Faraday never got chance to do that before he hit something else. He hadn’t even seen her be so near, but her arms were now around his back and waist, catching his broad chest against her own. Her strength was better than he would have thought, and her firm muscles held him tight; he looked into her eyes, face flushing with the close proximity. It was when he tried to right himself that he lost balance and ended up changing their position from him being in her arms, to her holding his back up from falling flat on the floor.

Nora held him in a dip, as if they had just finished a dance, and Faraday could hear the ocean’s roar in his red ears.

❝ Wow….you’re really…strong. ❞ He was at a lost of words as he gazed up towards her.